Lexus GX 460 2018

Lexus GX 460 2018

Already in 2018, a new version of the GX 460 model will be available to lovers of the Lexus, the premiere of which has not yet taken place. Like previous modifications, the car will be assembled on the chassis Prado 150. On numerous photos, the SUV looks modern and expensive. From the previous generation, a novelty is distinguished by an increased amount of broken sharp lines on the housing.


Judging by the photo, the next restyling model of Lexus GX 460 2018 entailed a number of changes:

  • The lower lip of the front bumper - raised, thanks to this, the engine protection is well visible, which speaks of off-road qualities of the car;
  • Fog lights - vertical, which are directed to the Lexus logo;
  • Headlight headlights - LED and are in the inclined position, their contour emphasizes neon highlighting DRL;
  • Considerable width of the hood with firewalls in its edges speaks of significant power of the power unit, located under it;
  • Finishing with a large number of chrome elements.

Thanks to the use of durable attic structures of the SUV body, it has become easier, it added maneuverability and manageability to a car, which is very important for movement in a dense urban stream.

Compared to the model number of past years, the wheels have become more, and the fodder part of the car has not changed.

Body parameters:

  • 4805 mm long;
  • 1885 mm wide:
  • Height: 1845 mm;
  • Wheel base: 2790 mm.

The thresholds are made in the form of one curved line, which is divided by wheel arches.

Interior Features GX 460 2018

The car is modern and exquisite. According to some reports, buyers will offer several options for coloring finishing materials: brown, black, beige and gray brown.

Looking at the manifold of the control buttons placed on the torpedo, doors and steering wheel, the feeling is created that you are not in the car, but in the cabin of the cosmolete. But to deal with many functions is easy, since the controls are convenient and intuitive.


The model is equipped with Mark Levinson multimedia system, which, depending on the configuration, can have from 9 to 17 speakers and an 8-inch monitor.

In each passenger and driver's seat now there is heating, ventilation and spectrum of electrically regulatory memory. On each row of seats there is a separate climate installation. Passengers of the second row available multimedia system with displays mounted in front headrests.

Dashboard - bunk, segments are separated using a horizontal beam with a dial and ventilation system.

In the basic configuration of Lexus GX 460 2018 in the new body design, it is equipped with:

  • climate control system in the cabin;
  • Heated seats
  • ventilation of the front armchairs;
  • electrically regulating not only of all seats, but also steering, and pedals;
  • Ten AIR BAG;
  • Parking radars in front and rear;
  • Electric hatch and other options.

In the interior bundles designed for seven passengers, the rear row is not very practical. At best, two teenagers will be able to accommodate there, and adults will be closed.

And what under the hood?

Technical characteristics of the GX 460 model are practically no different from the previous version. The car is equipped with a V-shaped eight-cylinder 4.6 liter with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 297 forces and 6-automatic transmission. The maximum speed of the new GX is 175 km / h. The full drive system distributes the torque between the axes in the 40/60 ratio (before-ass).

Japanese engineers declare a decrease in fuel consumption at a new car by 7-10% compared with the predecessor.

Body design - frame. The driver is available to various modes of off-road driving, switch which it can be on the steering wheel. These innovations came out quite successful, compared with models, whose transmission controls are located between the seats.

Specifications GX 2018

What will be the dimensions of the updated SUV, are unknown. Only information about reducing its mass is reliable: the use of innovative materials will make it easier to make the car without deteriorating the strength characteristics.

This characteristic will benefit on driving comfort and increase car handling in the range of high speeds.

The technical equipment of the GX 2018 should impress even most picky connoisseurs:

  • The SUV is offered with an eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 297 hp, equipped with a system with adjustable gas distribution phases.
  • The dynamic capabilities of the machine are impressive: overclocking up to 100 km / h for 8.3 s. The limit speed is 175 km / h.
  • The transmission, of course, is a four-wheel drive in the 40/60 proportion.
  • Body with a rigid frame structure, which is customized to equip all-wheel drive machines.
  • Switching off-road modes - automatic or driver selection - is carried out with buttons located on the steering wheel, which increases the convenience of operation.
  • Optionally, the installation of an adaptation system will be available, which will automatically adapt the car to the driving style and specific road conditions.
  • GX 2018 will be offered both in the five-seater configuration and in the seven-seed version. The second row of seats is full-size, in the third row - two chairs.

It can be concluded that, despite the new design of the body, the car's radical changes did not make it possible, although 2018 for other LEXUS models will be a decisive update.

It seems that the developers are trying to gently specify the potential buyer on the advantages of the elder in the LX SUV line, the design of which is updated significantly stronger.

Detailed video Review and description Lexus GX 2018

Prices Lexus GX 460 2018

As for the start date of sales, Russia should immediately be at Japan: Lexus GX 460 2018 can be used for autumn 2017. So it is quite possible to sign up for a test drive to official dealers.

The configuration is presented for every taste: from standard, minimal to maximum suite. Intermediate options - Comfort, exclusive and premium will allow you to choose a car with any necessary set of options.

The price of Lexus GX 460 in the minimum configuration is 3.1 million rubles. The maximum will cost 5 million.

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