Audi A8 2018

Audi A8 2018

On the Austrian and German highways run the novelties of the car row, so you can already expect a new model from Audi in 2018. The new model has all the main signs of the fifth generation A8, so what features will be from her in 2018, learn from this article.

Intrigating facts about the updated Audi A8 2018

The fixed sedan has a number of differences from previous models:

  1. Elongated body;
  2. The roof line is located below the usual level, which gives the model additional grace;
  3. Front producers reinforced the radiator grille, it is now massive in the form of hexagons;
  4. Headlands are slightly more angular;
  5. The distance between the suspension and the earth is lower, which affects the clearance;
  6. Glass on the doors is less than in previous versions;
  7. All headlights are made of LEDs.

It is expected that the changes affected not only the appearance, but also internal content from LEDs to autopilot.

Stylish exterior design

At the presented photos taken in the Spanish Barcelona, ​​it is clearly seen that the Audi A8 of the 2018 model range did not change its overall parameters, but became elegant, gorgeous and attractive. According to experts, such a modern exterior style is the beginning of a new era in the design of the entire brand.

To enhance the sporting characteristics and safety parameters, the body rigidity was increased by 24% due to the use of magnesium and carbon fiber composite, innovative steel and aluminum alloys. Also to ensure technological reliability, various welding, rifle, screw and newest types of adhesive connections were used.

The A8 L model from Audi is an enlarged car with an extended wheelbase.

The front part with a very wide 6-coal radiator grille embodies sportiness and elegance, high quality and solid auto status. His HD Matrix LED headlights with Laser Light Audi are now functioning based on organic diodes (OLED technology). If the owner approaches the car from behind, it will greet it with a unique LED lighting strip, including the rear lights. Interestingly, the new Sedan Audi A8 2018 did not receive fog lights.

Changes in the control panel in the car Audi 2018

The concern seeks to keep up with modern trends and not to give earned position in the world market. Therefore, in the new model, you should expect the following frills:

  1. The powerful engine to which this German manufacturer is;
  2. The model will be Audi Virtual CockPit (digital multifunctional panel), which in the classic version displays the main characteristics of the car movement: tachometer, speedometer, gasoline, time and ambient temperature;
  3. MMI complex - option for modern people, where navigation is displayed, where you can choose music by simply pressing your finger on the screen;
  4. The electronic filling of the panel will recognize not only pressing the screen, but also hand gestures;
  5. The presence of artificial intelligence, which will manage the machine itself in some cases.

Such a car is a real electronic paradise for lovers of modern touch screens and smart techniques. The digital panels will be located not only on the dashboard, but also inside the cabin, replacing some buttons.

And autonomous driving will be available in traffic jams on the track and at the same time the car will develop speed without your participation not small - up to sixty kilometers per hour.

The head of the company noted that such trial steps are unmanned management in serial models - this is a qualitative intermediate stage of the transition to the technology of the future.

With such an electronic stuffing together with a powerful engine, you will receive not only a powerful modern machine, but also an economical assistant, since fuel consumption will decrease.

The main problems of the concern will be associated with the legal side, since not all countries of the world are willing to put autopilot on the general roads. While autopilot is used in places specially reserved for them.

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Engine power in restyled model A8

The desires of the company's engineers are directed not only to entering unmanned management to new models, but also to reduce the mass of the body itself. This will help them with a new MLB EVO platform, which is a model, from that more variable.

In past models A8, the engine was located longitudinally.

As it was written above, a two-bit powerful engine will be in the new model. His name W12, which is designed for 6 liters of fuel. This is a large number of internal cylinders in aggregate with small sizes.

Such engines have already been installed in Bentley Bentayga, so someone can already understand what the "beast" will fall into his hands if he acquires Audi A8 2018. Only imagine Bentley has reached power in six hundred horsepower.

In other configurations, the engine may be different, put TDI V8 (outstanding 435 horsepower), designed for four liters of fuel and having an E-Turbo system.

The choice of engines in the line of the concern depends on their suppliers and technological capabilities of the body and platform. In most part of the concern models, TSI and TDI V6 will be installed, as well as an E-TRON electrical engine.

With the latest option, the Audi manufacturers want to press electric vehicles from American lands - Tesla Model-S. It is not yet known what the capacity of batteries in Audi A8 will be, so that the wins in the electric car will depend on the buying demand.

In the sports version of the S8 Audi sedan, the V8 turboctor will be installed.

The cumulative use of the specified MLB EVO platform and alternative models of motors will help the manufacturer's engineers reduce the weight and improve the ergonomics of the salon of new models. So it is worth waiting for an increase in the luggage compartment.

Complete set and technical innovations

The fourth generation of A8 literally stuffed by miracles of technology. It is enough to say that the devices of automotive cybernetics are presented here for forty one unit, which is not in any other car. But in the cabin there are no familiar:

  • swivel lever
  • buttons
  • Joysticks and even
  • Touchpad of the previous version.

In the center of the instrument panel there is a 10.1-inch touchscreen display. In the disabled state it is almost not visible, because The screen merges with the rest of the shiny black surfaces of the cabin. But after opening the door, the novelty will delight the driver with activation of the user interface - the screen begins to glow.

The sensory information and entertainment system is configured with one touch of the finger. Similarly, the stroke control buttons are triggered. In addition, A8 can also participate in the intellectual conversation. The driver is available activation of most car functions when using a new voice control form.

The level of technical characteristics allows you to determine such a car already as Robomobil. Offline features available to him:

  • remote parking,
  • Independent entrance to the garage,
  • autopilot,
  • Traffic sign recognition and much more.

Multi-dimensional suspension with front and rear pneumatic suits instead of transverse stabilizers received the electromechanical system of the newest sample. Along with the front camera, circular sensors and onboard computer, it provides an unprecedented smoothness of the course. Electronic devices are lowered either lifting each of the wheels to smooth out the road irregularities. In the case of a probable lateral impact, they will be raised by 0.8 cm the desired side of the body so that the collision falls on the door, but on the reinforced thresholds and the floor.

It is assumed that the force aggregates will be installed on the A8 phased. First of all, the atmospheric and diesel motors will be introduced:

  • V6, 3 l, TFSI with a capacity of 340 hp;
  • V6, 3 L, TDI with a capacity of 286 hp

Following them, engines are expected with 8 cylinders and even turbocharged W12 6.0 with a capacity of 585 hp. The entire line of motors will be combined with 8-level automatic transmission.

Approximate cost of novelties

It is quite obvious that the prices of the new model Audi A8 2018 even in the minimum configuration will be very far. On the upcoming autumn auto show in Frankfurt, a representative sedan from Audi can cost from 84 thousand euros.

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