Intrigue around the new model of Lada Grant, provoked by the statement by the executive vice-president of AvtoVAZ Harld Gruber on the preparation of the upgraded version, continues. The first swallows in a trendy style with additional options for comfort, control and modified engines are expected in 2018.

Before the release of the car to the domestic market, internal and external changes are carefully hidden. Let's try to build a probable champion's appearance by analyzing interviews with top managers, factory designers and previous innovations.

Features of external design

Coloring the architecture of the main designer of the Concern Steve Mattin is the investigator of the current X-style AvtoVAZ. Logic suggests that in the new body, grants will find the use of elements from Vesta and X-Ray. The 2018 Lada Lada Lada Lada Tizers and the 3D photo provide an idea of ​​the innovations of the facade and rear part, attached aggressive raid:

  • Bumper with a pronounced "x" structure;
  • Increased in height radiator lattice;
  • The elongated shape of the rear lights has improved the optical characteristics of the LEDs - clarity, gradation of the perception of light signals.

Regarding the lateral parts - the horizontal moldings will remain or change the body design in the direction of the "X" image - the information is not available. The mystery of the new "Figure" of the leader of sales of the domestic car industry is strictly protected. Bloggers and media have not placed no official statements or the slightest hint of the options under consideration. Only one thing is known - the company's management intends to preserve in 2018 the "People's" cost of the new Lada Grant, and the cardinal modernization of the body will lead to the appreciation.

Tip: presented on the Internet with computer pictures, issued for the hidden photo, it is impossible to trust. Fantasy free designers are endless and hardly coincide with the future exterior.

Ergonomics interior

The modesty of the budget model range Granta emphasizes a strict salon in plastic and tissue of neutral colors. Nicolas Mora's policy on the localization of suppliers from the Russian segment is positively reflected in the quality of the materials used:

  • Textile stability to biological, chemical-physical impacts (class of intensive operation) is the ease of cleaning, weak abrasibility and insalyption;
  • The softness of polymers, compliance with the specified geometric parameters - a guarantee of the absence of a violep, rattling.

Technical update affects passenger and driving chairs:

  • Design of an anatomical form;
  • Accounting range of human growth;
  • Elastic seats.

Slise information about improving the comfort of the head restraints, but reliable sources are silent about it.

The volume of the trunk, as before, will delight users with a capacity: 440 l (760 with a folded rear sofa); It has elefbecks up to 520 liters. Whether the design of its covers is not known.


In 2016, AvtoVAZ presented a telemetry system developed for the medium price segment to control the location of the car, obstacles to the hijacking, improving user functions. Features of an innovative device - perform the following actions at a distance:

  • Check door locks;
  • Open the trunk;
  • open, close the car;
  • manage starting, engine stop directly and with a timer;
  • Submit a sound, a visual signal, if the updated Lada Granta is within 200-300 m;
  • enable heating, air conditioning cabin;
  • Show on map location point;
  • transfer the message with external effects;
  • Conduct diagnostics.

The useful mechanism will be available to the luxury configuration.

Turbated engine for the new line of Lada Grant in 2018

Huge efforts are attached in their engineering activities AvtoVAZ designers to experience a new turbine engine for a new line of car Lada Granta (Lada Granta).

According to the existing information, the new engine must run into mass production at the end of 2017.

This is a sixteenthly populated four-cylindrical power unit that has turbo-supervision and is fully controlled by electronics. Such an engine complies with all international standards and ecological European standards of Euro 6.

The technical properties of the new Lada Granta engine are also interesting and attract car enthusiasts. The engine capacity is 1,400 cc. Movement of the piston movement 76 mm, the outer diameter of the cylinder is 76.5 mm. The trump card of the power plant is that the peak power is 150 hp, it is about (110 kW) at 5500 rpm, peak torque is 240 nm.

When creating a turbo video engine, the Lada Grant served as its predecessor, the atmospheric engine capacity of 1.4 liters (VAZ 11194) and the maximum capacity of 89 hp, which was completed by all models of Lada Kalina.

In the most powerful installation of Lada Granta (Lada Granta) a lot of improvements from its predecessor. So, in the new engine model, the crankshaft facilitated, improved some comments on the blocks of cylinders made from cast iron.

Also improved the gas distribution mechanism, which at one time did not reach the standards of reliability. Another designer was designed and modified the rod-piston group.

Also, in the new model of the power plant, additional nodes appeared, which in turn distribute the load on all parts of the engine, namely: the compressor with turbo-boost, the intake module, the replacement of oil and other pumps, nozzles ramp, etc.

All this in the complex and removed a number of lowered issues on the strength installation of a new generation of Lada Grant 2018. The gearbox from the Renault or Nissan Alliance will be pre-equipped with a new engine, since the manufacturer has no opportunities to make such gearboxes.

Accordingly, if you purchase a transmission, then the price of the engine will grow at times, which is very badly affected by the purchase ability of Lada Granta, so all these issues are in the discussion stage.

Lada Granta price (Lada Granta) in 2018

According to domestic experts, which, since the end of 2017, and before the beginning of 2018, the prices of Lada grant will significantly fall. According to experts and their calculations, prices for the popular model will fall twenty percent by 2018.

In early 2017, the price of a model fell by five percent, and according to the forecasts of the leadership of the Russian concern AvtoVAZ price for Lada Granta (Lada Granta) will decrease gradually. And so until the end of 2017, the price will fall another 11 percent.

In addition, experts say that there is an option to reduce the price of the entire range of Grant Lada. Officially, information is not confirmed that until 2018, Lada Grant chefes only twenty percent, so it remains only to wait for the price of a car will decrease.

The question of falling prices raised the head of AvtoVAZ Nicolas Ma at the International Car Exhibition in Moscow. He voiced that in 2018 there would be a huge opportunity to reduce the price of the Lada Granta model range due to the localization of components.

Accordingly, all dealerships offer this series according to the BUY BACK scheme, which involves the reverse purchase of the car. What makes it competitive and best in its style.

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