Cadillac CT6 2016

Cadillac CT6 2016

Cadillac CT6 - the flagship sedan 2016-2017 model year for the North American continent.

The high-tech novelty of the premium brand, represented in April 2015, at the New York Motor Show, is already going at the factory in Detroit and will soon begin its expansion to the markets of other countries.

Cadillac St6 2016-2017 promises its owners exquisite external design, the highest level of comfort, a bunch of new engineering developments and an impressive set of motors, including a hybrid power plant and turbocharged V8. All this should allow the new Cadillac model to feel more confident in the fight against traditional premium-segment leaders - BMW 7-Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8.

The base for the American sedan served as an advanced Omega platform, 64% percent consisting of aluminum alloys. Of these, it is made, for example, a hood, wings, doors and trunk lid. In addition to aluminum, the design includes up to eleven other materials, fastened with each other in various ways: welding, self-pressing, rivets, and even by the adhesive connection.

As a result, the Cadillac CT6 2016-2017 frame turned out to be very technological and, in particular, extremely easy. So easy that even the BMW 5-Series turned out to be a little more heavy, which is, to talk about "seven", which weighs the good 100-150 kg more.

Interior Cadillac CT6.

The interior of the flagship sedan Cadillac will provide all five passengers to the maximum comfort, pleaseing with high-quality finishing materials and advanced entertainment systems. In the cabin use several varieties of skin, valuable wood breeds, elements of carbon fiber. The location in the center of the console is reserved under the 10.2-inch screen of the Cue multimedia complex. The touchscreen display guarantees an excellent picture, possessing a good response and high resolution (1280x720 pixels).

Everyone without exception, the seat has a convenient profile and a wide range of adjustments that exclude the slightest fatigue during long trips. Especially carefully worked on the organization of the rear seats, providing up to 1027 mm free space in the knee zone.

The second-row chairs are equipped with a massage function, ventilation and heating, adjustable by a lumbar backup, the possibility of changing the angle of tilt the back. Plus, the rear seats are capable of moving along the cabin to a distance of 83 mm.

List the entire list of equipment available for the new CADILLAC CT6 2016-2017 does not make sense, since it is incredibly long. We will only pay attention to the most advanced options, which will take a four-zone climate control with air ionization, wireless telephone charging, a set of OnStar services with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi access point, Bose Panaray audio system with 34 speakers (including a subwoofer and trunk amplifier) , Rear view mirror with image projection from the camera, night vision system, a circular review system with the ability to recording video (front and back plan during motion or 360 degrees when arming).

Specifications Cadillac CT6

Cadillac Article 6 suggests the use of several different format engines. Basic will be the superior four-cylinder unit with a volume of 2.0 liters, outstanding 269 hp Power and 400 nm of torque. It will join two V-shaped "six" in atmospheric and turbocharged.

Both Motor, which are the next generation of the GM High Feature family, are actually "from scratch", which allowed them to seriously improve their characteristics.

The atmospheric V6 LGX of 3.6 liters is the engine with a direct injection, an aluminum block and pistons with a polymer coating. It works the quieter of its predecessor, while spending 9% less fuel.

The latter is ensured, among other things, the possibility of deactivating two cylinders and the presence of a start / stop system. Aggregate's return is 340 hp With 365 nm of torque. In a pair with an atmospheric "six", an eight-stage "automatic" Hydra-Matic 8L45, which, by the way, is also provided for the "junior" 2.0-liter motor.

The turbocharged V6 LGW unit is built on the basis of "atmospheric", however, while having a reduced to 3.0 liters. Two compressors create a pressing pressure of 1.25 bar, while the compression ratio is 9.8: 1. The power of "turbo shester" is 405 hp, and the peak torque is set at a mark of 543 nm. Together with the LGW, the automatic transmission of Hydra-Matic 8L90 will work with the same eight working bands.

Some time after the first showing of the sedan in New York, a hybrid Cadillac CT6 PHEV with a power plant recharged from the household network was demonstrated in Shanghai. The aggregate included 2.0-liter turbocharged "Four", a pair of electric motors and lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 18.4 kW * h. Such a scheme provides returns at 335 hp And the moment is 586 nm.

Hybrid Cadillac Stone can move in one of the three motion modes: Normal, Sport and Hold. To recharge the batteries, the Recovery Recovery feature is provided, which gives you the ability to replenish the power supply on certain modes of the vehicle. The accumulation of energy begins after pressing the podium petals when the gas pedal is released.

The new Cadillac CT6 2016-2017 will not cost and without a V8 motor, which is placed under the hood of the top modification of the sedan. Some details regarding this power unit appeared quite recently and not yet accurate information regarding the timing of the motor release.

It is known that the V-shaped "eight" of 4.2 liters will be performed using Twin Turbo technology, which will allow you to "remove" with more than 400 hp. Power. A pair of motor will install an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Price Cadillac CT6.

In the United States, the new Cadillac St6 will go on sale in March at a price of 54,490 dollars. The exact deadlines for the appearance of a prestigious sedan in Russia are not yet called.


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Просто шикарный автомобиль, особенно за свои деньги. Качество огонь, смотрится отлично. Выбирали вместе с супругой, ей, естественно, понравилась чисто из-за внешнего вида. Я же больше смотрел именно на технические характеристики. В этом плане все отлично, для нас самый подходящий вариант. Огромнейший для нас плюс - широкие и действительно удобнейшие сидения. Мы часто ездим в дальние поездки, естественно иногда приходится ночь в дороге проводить. Так вот на таких широких и удобных креслах устаешь в разы меньше, чем в других автомобилях. Так что могу только порекомендовать взять, машина супер.

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