GEELY COOLRAY 2021 Overview

GEELY COOLRAY 2021 Overview

The development of Geely Coolray has left for more than four years, and it is based on the global modular architecture of the GEELY B-segment (BMA). It boasts high flexibility to use the latest advances in technology, connecting and transmission.

Guy Burgoin, head of Geely Design Shanghai, said that Coolray is a car designed "for a new generation of young consumers who need sports dynamic cars with a premium standard option."


Outside the Coolray 2021 looks like a sports European compact SUV. Since Geely Holdings acquired Volvo, the influence of the Swedish automaker on the design was reflected on the Coolray model. In this case, we are talking about the front wings that make a crossover wider than it really is.

There are folds on the hood and barely noticeable ledge to make it clearer. The trapezoidal front grille of the radiator is emphasized by a streamlined red overlay, which is combined with red brake calipers. On both sides of the lattice there are full LED headlights with daytime running lights in the form of a boomeranga. The lower part of the bumper has a massive air damper with an anterior splitter for aerodynamics to complete the sporty look.

The rear is located quadrangular exhaust pipes and accents from artificial carbon fiber, who gives him a youth atmosphere. Massive rear spoiler complements the appearance of the SUV. Coolray travels on 18-inch two-color alloy wheels.

Interior Salon

Inside the cabin there are designer strokes that emphasize the effect of Volvo on the design. Air conditioner ventilation holes are finished with matte aluminum, capture knobs and gear switch are combined with burgundy and black skin for upholstery.

The dashboard looks very modern with a wide LED instrument panel, a multifunctional steering wheel and a central 10.25-inch console located at eye level from the main dashboard to reduce eye load. The console comes with the QDLink application mirroring system for Android.

Although Geely Coolray has a length of 4330 mm, a width of 1800 mm and a height of 1609 mm, the lounge does not seem close. There is a hatch in the roof that expands the space. The place for the legs of the second row is also not close. The cargo space is quite enough. Folding rear seats are lowered, so you can reconfigure them as needed.

Engine characteristics

Under the hood, Geely Coolray is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharger engine, which provides a maximum power of 175 liters. with. and peak torque 255 nm. The engine is equipped with an automatic wet seven-step transmission with double clutch (7DCT). Transmission was developed in the Chinese center of Eurotechnologies Geely in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is the industry leader with 97 percent transmission efficiency.

7DCT allows Coolray to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in just eight seconds with simultaneous fuel consumption in the city and 6.1 liters highway for every 100 km. Switches are located on the steering column in case you need manual control.

Another feature that adds the "coolness" of the Coolray model is three modes of driving changing the operation of the engine, steering and suspension so that they are more responsive for efficient driving in different conditions. The environmental regime is designed for effective driving, which holds back acceleration and come in handy for riding in the city. Sports regime gives more energy to raise steep areas or conquering uneven roads, but it will consume more fuel. Normal mode is a balance between them and is sufficiently adequate for both ride in the city and on the highway. The instrument panel changes the color to remind you which mode you have chosen. Yellow for normal mode, blue for eco and red for sports mode.

Security features

Since Coolray is created for technically savvy users, it is equipped with the latest driving technologies not only for the convenience of the driver, but also for additional security. For example, a fully automated parking (APA) help system (APA) with a 360-degree camera allows you to park in parallel or parking in the parking button with one click of the button.

In addition to the standard view from top view down in the camera system, there are other 3D viewing options and wide-angle views that are activated when the signal is applied to the turn, help when merging and remain active at speeds up to 30 km / h. There are also functions:

  • discovery of blind zones, guaranteeing the absence of a vehicle or obstacles during rebuilding or opening the door;
  • Automatic lighting and wipers;
  • six airbags;
  • ISOFIX fastenings for children's seats that are needed for family cars;
  • Intelligent Cruise control ICC;
  • Electronic parking brake EPB and automatic retention.

Price for Geely Coolray

Current prices and detailed characteristics can be found on the site of the official dealer Each car also comes with a standard warranty for 150,000 km of run or a five-year warranty, depending on what will come before.


The crossover Geely Coolray 2021 is although designed in China, but in design it is definitely European. Although other compact SUVs will correspond to productivity, characteristics and sophistication of Coolray, but they cannot match the price of Coolray. And thanks to the technologies and functions that this model possesses, it will like motorists prone to dynamic driving. Moreover, some car owners attach more importance to what can offer a car than its brand. And for those who are looking for value for money, then Geely Coolray - Chinese-made crossover with European design will be an excellent choice.


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