Sempert Master-Grip 2 - Tires for safe driving on snow-covered and iced roads

Sempert Master-Grip 2 - Tires for safe driving on snow-covered and iced roads

SemPerit is a tire brand supplying high-quality rubber to the markets of Europe and Asia. SEMPERIT MASTER-GRIP 2 Winter tires with a directional pattern of tread. The model is designed for daily use on passenger cars and crossovers, both within the city and out of it. Tires are certified and meet all standards of safe operation.

Exclusive protector drawing

The exclusion of slip and slip - the main priority that the developers of the SEMPERIT MASTER-Grip bus were put for themselves. They increased the number of lamellae and added sharp cutting edges. The minimum distance between the elements provides a reliable clutch with a road surface, contributing to a confident ride in the winter.

Rubber has two types of lamellas: straight and wavy. They are located in such a way as to reveal in different directions. As a result, overclocking and braking the car is fully stabilized, due to an increase in the contact area between the road and the wheel. Maneuvering and entering the turn also become more accurate due to the innovative protector pattern.

Individual characteristics

Tires elastic and resistant to the negative effects of low temperatures. The symmetric protector pattern and the V-shaped location of the blocks provides the operational reaction of the wheel to the steering movement. Wide shoulder tires help quickly gain speed and, if necessary, provoke an emergency stop. The complex and branched system of drainage channels prevents aquaplaning and sledplan.

Snow and moisture are removed from the surface of the tire along two volume gutters and deep grooves, which are located across the products at a low angle. As a result, the contact spot remains clean and dry, and the car rides without driving and slipping. The Infoshina store has a large selection of tires with TWI indicators, which determine the degree of wear of rubber. This feature allows you to notice the worsening state of the tread on time, and it is promptly replaced. The presence of a large amount of silica in the rubber mixture, enhances the adhesion and resistance to the negative effects of low temperatures. High fuel efficiency of the tire is due to a minor rolling resistance.

Comfort while driving

SEMPERIT MASTER-GRIP 2 Rubber will enable the driver to enjoy a trip regardless of the quality of the road surface. Smooth move and full noise absorption in uneven road conditions - the norm, if using these innovative tires. SEMPERIT MASTER-GRIP 2 can be purchased at quite an affordable price. The products are located in an average price segment, and the high degree of wear resistance is another factor affecting the efficiency of the operation of this tire model.


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