15 New Volkswagen 2021-2022

15 New Volkswagen 2021-2022

Despite the fact that this year has become much more difficult for this year than, the economy and technology would not stand still. The car market has prepared many unexpected and interesting projects. And the novelties of Volkswagen 2021-2022 deserve separate attention.

1. Tiguan.

The new body Volkswagen Tiguan 2021 model year has undergone restyling input of which received an updated appearance in the style of the last VW Golf of the 8th generation. The crossover acquired new optics and bumpers, the interior architecture remained the same, but a new dashboard, steering wheel and multimedia appeared. Also for the first time, the "charged" version of Tiguan R, which not only received more aggressive appearance, but also an aggregate with a capacity of 320 horsepower and 420 HM torque.

Body length 4511 mm, width - 1589 mm, height - 1675 mm. Wheel base 2678-2679 mm (depends on the type of drive). Curb weight, depending on the modification and configuration, 1469 kg - 1659 kg. The basic motor is 1.4-liter with TSI turbocharging. There are two options for forsing - 125 and 150 hp. With 5000 revolutions per minute. Torque, respectively, 200 and 250 nm, develops in the range of 1400 - 1500 rpm. The weakest motor is combined only with front-wheel drive and 6-speed "mechanics". The 150-strong version can be combined with the front (automatic ") and a full drive with manual and automatic box.

2. VW Taos.

Very soon selling a new compact crossover - Volkswagen TAOS 2021 model year, the Russian specification almost completely repeats its czech twin - Skoda Karoq. We have a parquetnik will be available with two well-familiar power units: 1.6 liters of gasoline (110 hp) and 1.4 TSI gasoline (150 hp).

The place for this parkettail in the model hierarchy is below the new Tiguana with a long wheelbase, but above the subcompact Volkswagen T-Cross. The 2690-millimeter wheelbase and 4465 mm body lengths include Volkswagen Taos 2021 in a compact SUV-segment, and one of the main advantages of the machine becomes an innovative MQB A1 platform, which is also used on Skoda Karoq and Seat Ateca.

3. T-ROC R

Volkswagen Ti-Rock R is a more "captured" version of the crossover with a complete drive from the K1 class. It is distinguished by more aggressive external features. The new body looks like "muscular", and powerful driving quality emphasize new discs, additional air intakes and double exhaust pipes.

The interior level corresponds to all R modifications: modern seats, improved three-spin steering wheel and sports decor elements. There are features that remain without interfering:

  • Access without keys.
  • Climate control with two zones.
  • Heated chairs.
  • Standard electronic dashboard.
  • Audio system from "Beats".
  • Multimedia system (display 8 inches).
  • Apple CarPlay / Android AUTO support.
  • System of monitoring of dead zones, emergency braking, "car parkper", etc.

Under the hood of the car hides a two-liter engine with 4 turbines and three hundred horsepower. Included - 7-speed "robot", a powerful brake system and adaptive shock absorbers.

4. ID.4.

The compact electric crossover from Volkswagen recently should go into the series already in 2021. The new SUV ID.4 will form a VW MEB platform.

The electric crossover will be presented in two trim:

  • Rear-wheel drive with 1 motor power 204 hp (150 kW) and accumulator 77 kWh.
  • All-wheel drive with 2 motors with a total capacity of 302 hp (225 kW) and 82 kW battery;

In the maximum configuration, the car will receive a stroke reserve up to 520 km.

Version with a total capacity of 302 liters. with. It will be available by the end of 2021. Volkswagen declares that, although the first models ID.4 will be collected in Germany, the model for the American market will be made at the factory of the company in Chattanuga, Tennessee, starting from 2022. Created for competition with sports SUVs, such as Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E, ID.4 will be supplied with a three-year-old fast charging. The expected cost from $ 39,995 to $ 43,695.

5. ID. Life.

Another concept, which in the future necessarily received a serial embodiment - a compact crossover Volkswagen ID. Life. It is expected that the prices for the commercial car will begin from 20,000 euros (1.73 million rubles). In the company itself. Life is called a "urban car with off-road character." Indeed, the road clearance is an impressive 190 millimeters. Conceptual City-Car equipped with a single electromotor with a capacity of 234 hp and 290 nm of torque. Before the "hundred" car accelerates in 6.9 seconds, and the stroke reserve is 400 kilometers.

6. Touareg R.

The most powerful modification from the Touareg series is a new model R 2022. It is distinguished by the original design and presence of a powerful hybrid unit. The start of sales in Russia should be expected at the end of 2021.

This model has an original appearance and a specific interior trim than and different from other generations of this family. But the main difference lies in the hybrid power plant, which consists of a v6 TFSI turbotroot, with a capacity of 340 "horses", and an electric motor with a generation of 136 horsepower. The system has a pair with an automatic 8-speed gearbox.

The salon is richly decorated with silvery and black elements, all used materials used, for example, such as Vienna leather. Body colors are very diverse and optional. Standard complete set of cars is equipped with 20-inch BRAGA discs.


Tharu is not only derived from English the words "reliability" and "endurance", this is also an unusual nationalist inhabiting in Nepal. Both aspects personify the fundamental features of the model. Built a car based on Skoda Karoq and declared as a reliable and durable car "for the people." The new base influenced the project is very beneficial and it can be traced primarily in the appearance. The proportions have become more harmonious, so the crossover Tar has already been highly appreciated in the circle of experts.

Inside the cabin there is a cutting of expensive materials and decorative elements, so everything looks somewhat budget. But this does not mean that the model looks bad and does not match modernity: on-site digital flap with devices, a beautiful panoramic roof, a bulk trunk with a maximum volume of 1,543 liters.

Due to the fact that restyling has been needed modification, the number of complete sets is limited. In the basic version, a 1.4 liter motor is installed, with a capacity of 150 liters. with. The second version of the two-liter generating 186 "horses".

8. Golf 8.

Volkswagen Golf developed 45 years ago the best specialists of the company. He had to be interested in people at no less than bestsellers of those years, such as Käfer. And Golf succeeded: the car became the favorite of many motorists because of its economy, long service life, affordable prices and reliability. New models create on the same principles. This model is ahead of time and surprises the coherence of all elements.

The eighth generation has become slightly different from the previous extern. The body has become a few millimeters longer and lower, and the axes are somewhat further from each other. The image has become more streamlined and ergonomic. The luggage compartment remains unchanged - everything also accommodates 380 liters.

Auto equipped with various electronic assistants. All of them are grouped into a semi-autonomous driving system IQ.Drive. Car2x allows the new "golf" to share information with other participants of DD. Advanced power plants include not only standard petrol and diesel modifications, but also five varieties of hybrids. Equipped with transmissions with 6 and 7 steps.

9. Passat.

Volkswagen Passat updated both externally and technically. The exterior gained a lot of fine individual traits that allow you to unmistakably recognize it in the stream of other cars. Especially much attention, the manufacturer paid bumpers. The front has played renewed optics and large air intakes. In the rear bumper, the differences are less, but here the headlights have gained new features that remotely resemble Touareg.

The automaker will also offer the choice of three engines: 1.4, 2.0 and more powerful 2.0. All of them have the TSI brand system and are equipped with turbocharging. From the return will be 150, 186 and 220 horsepower, respectively. Transmission is a robotic DSG box for seven steps with two clutches. Drive in all cases of front.

10. Passat AllTrack

During the restyling, the updated Volkswagen Passat Alltrack has acquired a different design of bumpers, revised head optics, a radiator grille on which the updated brand logo is located, as well as the other in the design of alloy wheels by 18 inches.

The novelty of 2021 is offered with a 2-liter turbo engine, the maximum return of which is 220 horsepower. Together with him, the developer involved 7-speed robotic checkpoints and a constant four-wheel drive.

11. Atlas (Teramont)

Among the innovations you can see a strong restyling of the front bumper. Changes made it more like ATLAS CROS Sport. Already not a small three-row crossover became even longer. The new optics "refreshing" image, and the radiator grille added the appearance of sportiness.

The salon became more technological. A new steering wheel appeared, as well as a multimedia system with an 8 inches display. Optional modifications ranked a premium acoustic system Fender, climate control with 3 zones, ventilation and heated chairs, wireless charging for phones, as well as much more.

The model of 2021 was restyled, basically cosmetic changes, the crossover received LED optics, a different grille of the radiator and the bumper, and a new steering wheel, a virtual dashboard and an improved media system appeared in the cabin.

The basic version changes also included the security systems of the new generation responsible for:

  • Emergency braking.
  • Pedestrian recognition.
  • Monitoring blind zones.
  • Help at the entrance and travel from parking.

From the purchased amenities it is worth highlighting adaptive cruise control, parking assistant, motion control within the strip, DD sign recognition system.

Among the power units there is an option for 2 and 3.6 liters. The first can generate 238 horsepower, and the second - 280. The transmission is improved and complements the engines V6 "automata" with 8 bands.

12. Talagon.

This year, the German crossover "Volkswagen" of the Temogrant series lost the status of the largest branded car, which is automatically assigned to the new Volkswagen Talagon 2022 model. The genuine on the specifics of the Pengetic Market Market is not the next restyling of the predecessor, although it is created on its theoretical and technological database.

The design of the chassis with an inter-axis base of 2980 mm and clearance of more than 200 mm is identical to the model "Temogrant". Despite the increase in external body dimensions up to 5152 x 2002 and 1795 mm, Visually Volkswagen Talagon 2022 is perceived in a more compact format.

The new SUV will offer 2 types of power plants of the TSI series.

  1. The first basic option is a two-liter engine, a power capacity up to 180 liters. with.
  2. The second is a 2.5-liter engine, a double turbocharge system, with a double turbocharger, with a capacity of 295 horses and 500 Nm of torque.

13. Caddy.

Volkswagen Caddy received the fifth generation and completely reborn, becoming something big. The new "bead" gained a completely new design, following the latest conceptual design solutions of the brand. The front of the body has not changed so much, but it was made more smooth and neat. The front bumper traces the features of all modern company models, such as Golf 8 generation or ID.3. But here the back of the car looks absolutely different. Here, now the ball right is clearly smooth lines, the pronounced emblem of the company moved under the glass and its appearance is strongly eroded with the decorative elements of the entire design.

Among the power units, you can choose either diesel with a capacity of up to 122 liters. p., either turbo engine at 116 "horses". The model can also be equipped for gasoline and gas. The choice in terms of KP is small: a mechanical switch of switching to 6 steps or "robot" by 7.

Inside the car has become a bit more spacious and more careful. Modern control systems almost completely displaced analog buttons and switches. Optionally, you can choose the "tidy" diagonal, as well as an infotainment system. The second row is equipped with a double bench and a single chair. If necessary, you can supplement the Salon Third Near.

14. Multivan T7.

Absolutely new generation of Volkswagen Multivan T7 was presented on an official online presentation. The minibus received a fully exhaled appearance and an innovative salon that has many options for transformation, the seats are now located on the "rails", which allows passengers to easily change their positions. Technical filling has also been fully updated, Multiven is now based on the new MQB platform, and hybrid power plants will appear in the motor gamma.

Another important nuance concerning the new Multivine is a non-alternative transmission performed by the preselative "robot" DSG. The decision to abandon the "mechanics" made it possible to save the front console in the cabin of the car from the choosing tide, as well as replace the lever of the gearbox on a small joystick. There is also a completely electrical drive of the parking brake, which together gave the opportunity to make a smooth floor between the front chairs.

15. Endurance

The German concern Volkswagen presented a new minivan endurance at Chengdu Auto Show, which started on August 29. This model is completely different to another VW products. The fact is that the concern is known for producing minibuses rather utilitarian from the point of view of the appearance, which you can not say about the novelty.

The interior design of Ven is not very different from the other Volkswagen. All the same thoughtful ergonomics, fully digital instrument panel and multimedia system combined into one panel. Completes the picture a massive steering wheel with a swap in places of grip. Exactly the same is placed on the Russian Liftbak Polo, with amendment that in Endurance he will be caught by Alcantara. The technical part of the model is also already known. Under the hood there is a 2.5-liter V6 engine with a turbocharger for 299 horsepower and 500 N * m torque. Transmission is a well-familiar seven-step "robot" DSG with two clutches. Drive - full permanent.


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