Mercedes-AMG G63 2020-2021

Mercedes-AMG G63 2020-2021

The last generation of G63 is still relatively young, which means that in 2021, improvements will not be substantial. There is a new set of AMG with an additional power and an updated design of the spare wheel cover. Wireless charging panel has become standard. As for the average consumer, the most significant change is the wider range of customization capabilities.


The G-class goes on its roots in 1972, and Mercedes retained its design more or less unchanged over the years. As a result, this is one of the most successful upgraded retro cars in history.

The total form is still square, without any concessions for the best windshield coefficient. This is a brick with a double turbocharger, with all the sophistication and grace of the phallic base. It rolls on 20-inch wheels, which, of course, can be upgraded to even larger wheels.

Some modern additions to this legendary "box" include LED headlights with a high-light help system, a massive radiator grille and lower air intakes, as well as a hatch with enhanced glass. Square appearance may seem familiar, but body panels are very new compared to the previous generation.


The previous generation G63 was a fairly fast car. The current generation G63 is a very fast machine outstanding acceleration figures that we associated with supercars ten years ago. Mercedes-AMG argues that it accelerates with a speed of 0-60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds, but we know exactly that it is faster.

Double side exhaust pipes are installed on both sides of the car, so if you overtake the slow driver, they get a complete outlet soundtrack right in the face. G63 is so loud that makes people nervous. More than once we saw someone dived to the ground when "Ji" accelerates.

Engine and transmission

One of the best V8 in modern history is supplied as standard - compact 4.0-liter BB turbo V8 hand assembly. Due to its hot V-shaped configuration, the turbochargers are gently fit into the V-shaped production capacity reaching satisfactory 577 liters. with. and 627 pound-foot torque. This powerful amount of energy is transmitted to the full drive system through a nine-speed AMG SpeedShift gearbox.

Although power is impressive, the torque surprises doubly - this is 2500 revolutions per minute, and the gearbox is perfectly coping when the G63 is in motion. Higher transmissions are reserved for silent motorway traffic. No matter how we love this glorious Soundtrack of the V8 motor, it will drive you crazy after an hour or so.


While the external style was largely similar to the very first model, the interior of AMG G63 is a modern Mercedes-Benz. The interior can be found to the car, which costs more than $ 150,000. It is not only possible as materials or finishing machinery.

There are so much attention to detail. Buttons for control of three differential locks are located where they have always been. Beautifully made handle in front of the passenger seat - another tribute to previous models.

Turbine ventilation holes are stunned as a massive digital cluster / information and entertainment screen. Outside, it may look like a box, but inside it is as modern as any other high-class Mercedes-Benz.

Trunk and cargo space

The G-class in the trunk has a full-sized spare tire. It would be good if there was some kind of power support, but alas.

The cargo space is enough to easily load three large suitcases and several small bags. Rear seats G can be folded in section 60/40 to free up even more space to increase the carrying capacity. Also, the internal storage in the cabin is enough due to the average size of the glove, door pockets and armrest with storage compartments between the driver and the front passenger.

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