Ford Galaxy 2020-2021.

Ford Galaxy 2020-2021.

Ford Galaxy car is a 7-seater 5-door minivan. It was launched in 1995 by Ford and Volkswagen in 1995. This car turned out to be a completely successful model of the vehicle. However, in 2000, the company decided to upgrade it. Modernization led to the emergence of the second generation of the Ford Galaxy car. It lasted on the conveyor of 6 years. In 2006, a third generation appeared, which is in serial production and soynet.

With the advent of each new generation of the Ford Galaxy car, its appearance changed noticeably. And if the car of the first generation was very similar to Volkswagen Sharan, then the following generations acquired individual traits that are inherent only by Ford cars. These individual traits gave a car not only attractiveness, but also played a positive role on the dynamics of the vehicle. Body forms Manufacturers designed not bad, so minivan received excellent dynamic characteristics.

As for the differences between the two generations of the car, the auto-configuration of GHIA has a on-board computer, external heated mirrors and electric drive. Power windows are also equipped with an electric drive. Trend equipment, besides this accessory, there is also a rain sensor, also an additional air conditioning and 2-zone climates control.


Ford Galaxy Power Gamma Agregates Gamma. There are engines that work on diesel fuel, there are gasoline models. Specifications are quite diverse to increase and optimize them, it is worth using a special Ford tuning chip for this car brand. The most common power units are 2 liters. Of these, two gasoline and two diesels. Their working volume is even the same, but the specifications differ markedly from each other. The power of diesel engines is 140-163 liters. with. Power of gasoline - somewhat higher - 145-203 hp

Some things in the car drivers are called shortcomings, namely: a dual front rack and lack of grid between passenger and luggage compartments. But this is only at first glance such things can be considered shortcomings. With a further and more attentive review, it becomes obvious that it is more advantageous.

Of course, immediately after buying a car, the driver will be very uncomfortable to look out from behind the racks to consider the situation on the road. But then you can adapt and get used to looking into the window between the racks. Just this addiction will need time. Therefore, such a lack cannot be considered a disadvantage.

As for the lack of a grid, this is a serious drawback. If you download the trunk to the top, it may lead to the fact that the upper things with a sharp braking will fly to the front passengers, causing injuries and injury. Therefore, load the trunk to the top is not recommended.


The Ford Galaxy chassis is the suspensions that are designed to move the car along the road with a good level of comfort without vibrations and oscillations. These details, among other things, are designed to reduce vibrations and combustion. However, whatever good car suspension was, the driver and passengers feel vibrations and body fluctuations.

The details of the Ford Galaxy chassis are the following elements:

  • Front wheel suspension; rear wheel suspension; Wheels, tires.


Over safety manufacturers have worked well. They equipped the car with family airbags. Already only this displays the safety of the car for decent positions. In addition to the back row there are fasteners for children's seats ISOFIX.

Thanks to all its passive and active security systems, the Ford Galaxy crash tests received high marks - 5 stars.


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