Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2021

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2021

Mercedes Sprinter is a multidisciplinary car in the "van", "minibus" and "universal chassis".

This year, the Mercedes-Benz brand at the highest level implemented the restyling of a small -coming commercial car Sprinter, which will be available in several major modifications. In the new generation, Mercedes Sprinter 2021 will also offer several versions of technical and electronic equipment.

In the design features of the new model range:

  • Compact, standard and elongated base;
  • front-or all-wheel drive chassis;
  • Increased lifting capacity of commercial and increased road comfort commissions.

Future car owners will delight the starting, speed and consumables component of the motor range. The novelty on the functionality and efficiency of the content meets the requests of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, which allows the experts to predict a significant increase in demand.


Along with the practicality and functionality, the Sample Sprinter 2021 is distinguished by a sporty-style exclusive appearance. According to the current tradition, the characteristic details of the decor are made on the facade part of the body. The new model demonstrates:

  • black matte rim of large-format windshield;
  • Ventilation grilles and ribbed short hood ves;
  • slightly advanced radiator cladding with a branded logo;
  • Supplemented by bright boomerangs of running lights wedge-shaped blocks of xenon optics.

In the configuration of the lower part of the front - the wave profiles perform the bumper, separated by a wide vertical rack of the ventilation duct grille and recessed in the sidewalls round fog lights.

In the lateral profile projection, the Mercedes Sprinter 2021 commercial van attracts the classical body configuration, an even roof line, the correct geometry of spacious doorways, a width of a plastic protective and decorative lining that connects the wheel arches.

To a lesser extent, the upgrade marked himself in the modernization of the back side of the body. In stock:

  • bivalve doors;
  • put on the side racks vertical feet;
  • Equipped with fog lights and a step. Compact bumper.

The body decor is represented by figured firewalls, a small number of step-up relief and chrome nameplates.

Interior Salon

Depending on the cost and level of equipment, the cabin interior will receive a tissue or leather upholstery, the corresponding list of technical and form the comfort of options. In the new version of Mercedes Benz series Sprinter 2021 is completed with modern electronics and active safety systems.

In an extended version:

  • Video monitoring of the rear hemisphere with an image output on the rearview mirrors;
  • effective characteristics of the multimedia complex and electronic assistants;
  • parking bag;
  • salon climate control;
  • Navigation and other useful options.

A three-spoke design equipped with two blocks of the command buttons Multiculor provides a complete overview of the combined analog-to-digital dashboard.

The top floor of the central console includes a widescreen monitor of the standard multimedia complex and a pair set of ventilation deflectors.

At the bottom there is a small panel with an elements of activation of on-board systems, a technical platform with a mechanical switching lever or automatic power transmission.

The driver's chairs and side passenger are equipped with a comfortable headrest, soft filler, side support elements and another list of service functional, which is determined by the package.

Already in the basic version there is an expanded range of electrified operational adjustments, heating contours and seat ventilation.


In the new embodiment, Mercedes Sprinter 2021 offers a large body dimensions in several versions, respectively, 5261-6961 x 1993 mm and 2415-2720 mm. The new body with a capacity of 14 to 17 m³ is completed with a platform, a carrying capacity of up to three or more tons.

Buyers will also access options for choosing a classic spring-spring or more comfortable pneumatic suspension. The optimal chassis and off-road chassis parameters form the length of the inter-axis base of 3250 mm and the height of the road lumen in 190 mm.

  • At the initial stage, the base sprinter is equipped with a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine with an output of 129 k.sack. / 305 nm and 6-speed mechanical gearbox. The pair provides good start time and maximum speed up to 160 km / h. The test drive showed heavy fuel consumption on different movements in an amount of from 6.5 to 7.7 liters.
  • In the forced analogue, the power is increased to 163 ks, and the torque up to 360 k.sek.

The power unit is equipped with an automated transmission, which significantly increased the power and improved the speed and consumables of the new sprinter.

Configuration and prices

New Mercedes Sprinter 2021 model year declared in a large number of different sets and modifications. Prices in the domestic market and a detailed description of the packages can be found on the website of the official dealer:


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