What is a penalty for riding without CTP for individuals in 2020?

What is a penalty for riding without CTP for individuals in 2020?

In the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, several articles are contained, according to which in 2020, a fine is imposed on the lack of the OSAGO policy when driving its car, because This type of insurance is mandatory. The law is determined by the payment limit: for damage to property (car, cargo surrounding objects), insurance companies pay no more than 400 thousand rubles, and for the application of harm to people - up to 500 thousand rubles.

It is important to understand that insurers compensate for funds only in the case when an accident provokes a person on which the OSAGO policy is issued (if it is limited), since in open insurance it does not matter who is driving during the incident.

Forgot the houses polis

For forgetful citizens, in 2020, a fine for riding a car without insurance, but sometimes traffic police are limited to warning only. If the inspector cannot check the presence of the policy of a stopped driver on the basis of Rs, it has the right to appoint a fine 500 rubles.

Important! Today, money recovery is the only measure of the impact on motorists who forget the policy of the house or do not make it at all. Simply put, the guards of the road order now do not have the right to shoot the license plates from vehicles or send cars to the penalty area.

Those who periodically forget the "autocartery" form at home is recommended to issue an electronic policy and make several printouts. One of them should be stored in the car to avoid fines and unpleasant conversations with DPS workers.

If the policy is overdue?

So, what kind of fine is provided for the individuality, if the term of its insurance of the CTP ended and the extension did not take place? According to the Administrative Violation Code, in this case motorists are punishable by monetary recovery in the amount of 800 rubles. They are also prohibited to use the vehicle until the new policy is received.

I must say, earlier it was possible to arrange a new insurance of the CTP within 30 days after the completion of the previous time. And during this period, drivers could not be afraid of fines, as the delay was legalized. But the situation has long changed, and at the moment it is necessary to contact the insurers in advance to get a fresh document.

A small magnitude of the fine for the delay in Osago is a reason for many drivers to believe that it is cheaper sometimes spent on cash recovery than paying insurance completely for a year or for a certain period. However, the absence of the policy is fraught with large problems that will not make themselves waiting for an accident. If the driver pumped the "autocarter" and became the culprit of the accident, he will have to compensate for damages by victims from his pocket. And the amount may turn out to be impressive.

Penalty for a nonbedrical driver

There are situations where the car owner or other driver included in the OSAGO policy trusts the control of an unnecessary physical person that does not have any relation to the CU. The law does not approve it, so the traffic police inspectors in such cases are discharged by a fine of 500 rubles. If the insurance is missing at all, another 800 rubles is added to this amount.

The only situation in which the lack of insurance does not entail the punishment - buying a car. A new owner is given exactly 10 days, during which he must acquire it. Throughout this time, the inspectors impose a fine cannot, but at an accident from compensation for damage it is not released.

Road chambers

It is important to note that in the near future, getting a fine for riding without OSAGO (with its complete absence) will be possible and if you did not stop the traffic police officer. The fact is that in some regions of the country in 2020 (in particular, in Moscow) pilot projects relating to the definition of vehicles without insurance using road cameras were launched.

At the first stage, the receipt of a fine for the passage without insurance of the CTP under the cameras does not cause a finance. However, if such an experiment is recognized as successful, it will be common to all regions of the Russian Federation and in this case, the receipt of a fine for each passage under the road chamber will be quite real.

In order to check whether the offense recorded is recorded by the camera, one of the following ways can be made. So, you can register on the portal of public services and tie the number of your mobile phone in your personal account. In this case, all fines notifications will come to the specified phone number. The second option is periodically (at least once a few days) to check the presence of a penalty imposed on special services in a global network, such as a traffic police check service on the official website of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

Is it possible to save on fines?

If you close a discarded penalty for 20 days, you can get a discount of 50%. Consequently, instead of the appointed 500 or 800 rubles, only 250 and 400 rubles will be required. However, such a crossway is possible only in situations "without complications." The latter refer to the control of the vehicle in a drunken state, speeding and similar offenses.

In 2020, it is planned to introduce an automatic penalty for managing the machine without a decorated CTP agreement in the amount of 800 rubles, but the exact amount can be adjusted. The fact is that the State Duma for consideration received a bill, the author of which insists on raising a fine to 5,000 rubles. The deputies promised that they would pay due attention as soon as additional data from the traffic police about the situation with accidents on Russian roads would receive. And if their statistics are impressed, the drivers will have to pay for the lack of "autocarter" much more.

How many times can you finf in the day?

In accordance with Law No. 196-FZ dated 10.12.1995, the use of the vehicle without the CTP is prohibited. And according to article 4.1, the Administrative Code, the double responsibility for one administrative offense can not be.

But you can get a repeated penalty for the lack of CTP during the day countless times. This is allowed, since the place and time of the administrative offense will be changed in the new protocol. That is, it will be about a new violation.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the insurance of autocarted liability is a mandatory type of insurance that allows you to compensate for possible material damage that you like a motorist can apply other drivers cars.


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Роман s*a*i*1*@mail.ru

Я помню, когда только появились электронные полисы ОСАГО, часто говорил ДПСникам, что у меня именно такой и они. как правило, не проверяли его, а я уезжал без штрафа, соответсвенно) Потому что у меня быль жигуль и я не хотел на нем страховаться, т.к. скоро собирался его менять. На новой машине такая схема уже не прокатывала и поэтому на третьем штрафе я решил все-таки застраховаться) Оплачивал все в первые 20 дней, по 250 рублей. Платить потом в два раза больше совсем не было желания)

Екатерина n*c*r*u*2*1*@yandex.ru

Да, на самом деле я однажды нарвалась в 2020 году на штраф, когда полис забыла дома. Я в машине убиралась и выложили эти документы. Оказывается надо электронный делать и возить распечатки с собой.

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