10 Electric Car Apps To Download for Your Smartphone: 2021

10 Electric Car Apps To Download for Your Smartphone: 2021

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Must Have Electric Car Smart Phone Applications

You must confess, the growth of electric vehicles takes everything behind the storm. More and more electric and plugins of hybrid cars are full time. The problems for life with electric vehicles began a growing market for applications for smartphones, which can accommodate the owners of EV and PHEV.

Personally like HEVROLET BOLT EV Owner, I know just needs for quick and reliable charging, travel planning and even shopping for the next car.

From manufacturers, specific applications that give you a ton of life information about your car, to applications that find various locations by 110 volts, 220 volts and 440 volts. In this post I enclose 10 best power enterprises to check the download.

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plugshare app


One of the most popular applications for finding charging devices is called "Plugshare". This is my personal favorite and GO-TO application when traveling. Plugshare was created almost ten years ago to help the owners of EV and PHEV find the charges of charging everywhere, even at home found in the houses of nations. Unlike some applications that serve certain places, the plug-in is used throughout the world. Whether you want to find a level 3 charger in Dallas or Copenhagen, there is data for this.

You can use a travel planning option by creating a profile that has a valid selected car by choosing a range that you expect to get and create a trip between two locations (A & B). Plugshare creates the most efficient route that allows you to stay within the reach of the charging stations and get to the destination by the fastest.

The application is located in the Google Play, and Apple iOS.

Cost: Free compatibility with: Android and iOS

chargepoint app


Charging point was early in the game, they were greatly invested in their application interface and their charging infrastructure. Unlike the plugin, the charging point is an application that will help you find the specified charging chargers that can vary from the cost of something to be completely free.

Companypoint has a great layout that shows you a detailed map where there is a charge of charging, as far as they are, how many kilowatt speed you can get, and if they are used.

You need to register for their free account, but as soon as you are, you will be prompted to open the application and activate any session from your smartphone. It stores your payment details, so there is no scan / delivery (in most cases) so that it all starts.

You can download it from Apple iOS and Google Play Store.

Cost: Free and payment from: Android and iOS

a better routeplanner app


Some say that this is the best electricity application in the market, at least when it comes to the creation of the best routes.

The best RoutePlannner was originally created in Europe, but later became popular all over the world in order to be a reliable application for traveling from A to B. What sets this application from each other and makes it the "best" route scheduler - this is the possibility of filtering in Method:

Set your departure of your departure (SOC) Show you an estimate of the cost of charging (for the entire trip) shows how long you will be charged with each racks, you install the maximum range of your car, and which minimum range you want before the stop allows you to pre- Set the maximum charging speed that you can charge

And much more, seriously!

This is one of the best applications that you can get, it's 100% free. You can get a premium version that gives you some more filters and the opportunity to work with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

You can get this app in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Cost: Free and payment from: Android and iOS

electrify america app

Electrify America / Canada

One of the largest salvations in the United States and Canada is an unresolved charging network that is reliable. Volkswagen Group of America owns and works Everify America / Canada, and it gives regular EV owners the ability to travel not only 100-200 miles, but even throughout the country.

ElectrifiFy America has an application that gives access to their extensive level 3 charger, which is available in most places (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Western Virginia, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota). What makes this app is great that he shows you how much kilowatt it will cost you if the charger is busy, and if there are any questions with a charging station that may prevent you from initiate charge.

The application is free, but also has a paid option (4 dollars a month for premium membership, which includes a discount for kilowatt-hour).

This application is available on all devices.

Cost: Free and payment from: Android and iOS

evgo app


There are several companies that may truly assert that they produce 100% renewable electricity from sources, such as sun, water and air. EVGO is a charging network, such a charge and electrification point, but they are still in the expansion process. They are in 34 years (as of March 2021), but mostly can be found in metropolitan areas, such as Washington, DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and many others.

Not so long ago, the EVGO application was mediocre in terms of design. Although it was functionally, other applications, such as payment points, were more efficient and had a tendency to have less accidents.

Today, EVGO has a decent app, and they give you a map of places where you can charge. When registering, you register, you can choose to get a RFID card, which you can scan at most charges and activate the session without your mobile phone or credit card.

If you plan to do any serious trips or live in a big city, download the EVGO application.

Cost: Free and payment is compatible with: Android and iOS

tesla app


Tesla is undoubtedly one of the best applications for tracking statistical cars, from the range, the temperature of the cabin, the air flow, error codes and much more. In addition to this, this application allows you to find charging stations specifically for Teslas.

Tesla and is still a gold standard for reliable and uniformly broken charging stations, beautiful cars, an adequate range, great customer support and exclusive feel that other brands do not have.

You can download the application for your operating devices, but as soon as you do, you will need to enter information about your cars. The application is connected directly to your car through 3G or 4G Connectivity. In some of the newest models, you can remotely drive a car at very low speeds and call the car to you. If you are the owner of Tesla, this application must have.

Cost: free of charge (TESLA required) is compatible with: Android and iOS

mychevrolet app

Ure course

This application is intended for owners of Chevrolet, in particular, the bolt owners of EV and EUV.

The MyChevrolet application is the notorious, but dubious functional application that gives you "Tesla, how" the abilities with your Chevrolet Bolt EV for the price. The free version allows you to check things via Bluetooth (when in the range), but the paid version gives you access to your car through a mobile phone connection.

The application at best is decent with many important statistics. For one, you can check the range of your car, SOC batteries, error codes, car power on and off, pre-air conditioning and a few more things.

I do not recommend paying the application first, because there is not enough functions, and is not functional enough to make it price. Since there is a free option, it is better to have it.

Cost: Free and payment from: Android and iOS

chargehub app


I recently began to use Curedhub to help me find charger that can skip other applications. A few days later I use the application just as if I use the plugin. Cheadhub serves only in North America (USA and Canada). When you download the application (iOS or Android), it will look very familiar.

What I like to Curyhub is a very good user interface, from the application to even on the site. There must be more special adoption of this application to have proper competition against the plugin.

Cost: Free compatibility with: Android and iOS

ev hotels app

EV Hotels.

For any long distance, traveling in an electric vehicle, it is pleasant not only to know where to charge, but where to stay. Many hotels have installed charger at 2, which can give you a complete charge for the night. However, in applications, such as plugin, Curedhub, CompanyPoint and many others, can be difficult to accurately determine which charging pins are hotels, motels or airbnbs.

An application that will help you solve this problem is called EV Hotels. Loading this application in the App Store can give you knowledge of what the closest hotel has an electric vehicle charger.

This application costs $ 1.99, not a high price for payment, if you often stay in hotels.

Cost: Paid from: iOS

OpenChargeMap app


Some may say that this application is the bottom of the barrel charger application, but I would say that it is always free. Openchargemap (and online portal) Shows all registered charging stations online. Since this company is not commercial, it seems, there is not enough active effort to eliminate errors and glitches.

However, when you download the application, you can filter parameters and find either level 1, 2 or 3 charging stations.

Add it to your arsenal of the charging device applications, and you will probably be aware of all the latest places in the chargers.

Cost: FreeCompuitable with: Android & iOS

What's The Best App for People Outside of US and Canada?

People use electric vehicles around the world, from the USA, Europe, Russia, Taiwan and much more. Search for electric vehicles throughout the world can be done with multiple various applications. The application that I recommend you look at the most plugin. People upload photos of their cars, charging stations and leave comments (in different languages).

Believe me, or not, there are countries that have the best eV. Adoption than the United States. I wrote an article showing exactly what countries the electric vehicles are most of all (as% marketshare all cars sold in these countries).


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