The Best Plug-in Hybrid Cars: TOP 18 TO BUY IN 2021

The Best Plug-in Hybrid Cars: TOP 18 TO BUY IN 2021

When it comes to choosing the best plug-in hybrids, it comes down to your driving needs. Will it be only for everyday driving in the city? Or maybe it is for your switch to work.

Whatever your driving need, I have surely held the 18 best hybrid plugins in 2021. Most of them are from several years ago, but I also decided to include some of the newest models.

Finally, most of them are within the price range of the average person (with the exception of Karma, Bentley and Polestar). The only major criteria that I had was to include only vehicles that were able to drive at least 20 miles on net electricity. Look, maybe there is a vehicle for you.

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Here's The Top 18 Phev's:

18. Lincoln Aviator Phev

We began to see a wide range of luxury SUVs, has become more economical. From 15 minutes of gas pigs, up to 25 + miles in the middle to large amounts on average to a large size (thanks to small coined induction engines). If you thought the electrical energy is reserved only for Tesla, you are mistaken.

Aviator Lincoln is one of the best hybrid plugins to purchase today. You must admit that it is pretty impressive to get a little more than 20 miles in the EV range for a car that weighs almost 3 tons.

Although some say it is simply a revalued Ford Expedition, but I ask you to be different. This car has many luxurious features and a reasonable base price of $ 70,000. Expect prices to significantly decrease in just a few years.


Spot Rating No. 17th - Mitsubishi Outlander Phev, Hidden Jewel in the world of the SUV. He is not only a good car, and its fuel and economically.

Mitsubishi's effectiveness equipment equipped Outlander with a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine that generates 110 hp. Add electric motors there, and you can get a total of 190 hp It can be towed 1500 pounds, the seat up to 5 has a four-wheel drive and can lead 22 miles in EV mode alone.

As far as I know, this is the only plugin hybrid, which occupies both J-1772, and a pile cap. The battery can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes. For such small ranges, quick charging options are not needed, but are valued.

16. Bentley Bentayga Phev

Although this car is outside the price range for the majority, if you are on the market for a truly luxurious SUV, see no further than Bentayga.

This thing weighs just over 3 tons, but still he still manage to get 24 miles for one charge with its impressive battery battery 17.3 kW. Most people, however, are not so cared about the electric range. For the price, you can get a model x that gets almost as much as the EV range, since Bentley can get on gasoline alone.

Personally, I love the appearance of Bentayga. Day when they produce a completely electric version, this is when I will love it even more!

15.Toyota Prius Prime.

Are you surprised that Toyota managed to raise the fuel efficiency of their legendary prius, again? If you do not. This time they reworked the body and added a large battery.

Like the original PRIUS plugin, Prius Prime receives the EV mode again. This time the machine comes with a battery of 8.8 kWh, which can get up to 25 miles per charge.

While in the back there is a sitting victim in the back (because of the greater battery), you can enjoy a cruise city, knowing that you burn with absolutely zero gas.

14. Kia Niro Phev

Prius Prime is an excellent car, but Hyundai and Kia kill it with hybrid car plugins. In particular, Kia Niro Phev is better than Prius Prime for many reasons.

NIRO PHEV has a universal range of 26 miles (against 25), despite the fact that more weighing several hundred pounds. Kia has done a great job with the internal space, it is unlikely that any space was sacrificed for the PHEV option. You can accommodate up to 5 people and still get to where you need to go.

Although he may be absent AWD aspect, it is still a fenamine vehicle that can get 51mpg in the city.


In 2018, Hyundai and Kia refreshed the look of their flagship family sedans (Sonata and Optima). These beautiful mid-size family sedans were also available in plug-in hybrid variants.
While they both are identical twins, they do have some differences. The Sonata is viewed as the more affordable of the two and Optima the more premium.
Their mpg figures are respectable in both city and highway driving. Equipped with 9.8khW battery packs, a full charge can take you 27-29 miles. Often times, you can get more if you are easy on the throttle.
One thing that some plug-in hybrids don’t have, is the ability to recharge the battery with the car’s engine. There’s a “Charge Mode” button that which lets you put at least 50% back into the battery after some time. It may not be very efficient in this mode, but its there if you need it.


Hyundai did it again with their Ioniq. Although regular hybrid Ioniq is a solid competitor Prius, their plugin is a hybrid version even better.

PHEV comes with a battery for 8.9 kWh, which can give you 29 miles to one charge. It is 4 miles more than Prius Prime, and it is not even the best part.

If you want to get Ioniq Phev, it is cheaper than most of its competitors. Brand new, it starts just over 26,000 dollars. However, now you can get them less than 20 thousand dollars.

11. Cadillac CT6 PHEV

If you at all drew attention to Cadillac, you probably did not see the Hybrid CT6 plugin, which was in production for 2018. Starting with the basic price of everything for more than $ 66,000, it is on a par with a series of BMW 5 Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class.

The great thing in this car is victims, there are no luxurious functions to be more economical. It still has a worthy 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder, but this time there is a battery of 18.4 kWh. Being a luxurious sedan, weight takes a fee and gives you only 31 miles on one charge.

If you are mostly driving a city, I think that the figure of the range can be increased by another 20-30%.

10. Chrysler Pacifica Phev

The crazy props for Chrysler for the fact that he is the first who will offer a hybrid minivan plugin. Chrysler Pacifica Phev is one of the most luxurious and well-equipped minivans that you can find today. It can sit up to 7 people and get an impressive 33 miles of the range for one charge.

Of all the cars I listed, the minivan will be the most likely to drive the city. If you think that 33 miles are impressive, you probably get a little more if you save the speed below 40 miles per hour.

Nevertheless, today Pacifaa Phev holds its price with more than 20 thousand dollars. If you want a hybrid minivan, at the moment there is no other option ... If Toyota does not make Sienna Prime (perhaps).

9. Fisker Karma.

To be honest, Fisker Karma had several polarized for the mass audience. Most do not have, how the car works, and why it is so special. Do not get me wrong, karma quickly, made of good quality material, and the seat up to 4. Visively, Fisker Karma reminds Chevy Volt for its inner layout. After further inspection, it's all but.

The car has 20.1 kWh-dough, which gives him 33-37 miles of the band for one charge. For a car that cost 100 thousand. Brand new (back in 2012), you will have to be a fan for smart cruel, or damage to the environment. Today you can get one of them in less than 50 thousand dollars.

Seeing one, and then actually sits at the wheel of one - a completely different story. I feel as if you are sitting in a spacecraft, accurate.

8. Cadillac Elr.

Cadillac ELR may not be for everyone, but it serves goals. When ELR was first presented, it was a unique car that reminded the old XLR. Two doors, leather seats, smooth style and chrome on everything.

ELR shares the same warning as the 1st General Volt. A small 1.4-liter engine is just over 100 horsepower. For complete charge, you can get 35-40 miles from a package of 17.1 kWh.

When you get inside, you will see what you expect from any Cadillac (leather, glossy black finish, etc.). For a split second, you might think that you are sitting in Gen 2 Volt when you look at the digital dash.

7. Chevrolet Volt Gen 1

At the moment, Volt of the 1st generation is the best blow to the Tank Fub, which you can buy is definitely. I went for this car several times and let me tell you, you get a lot for money.

Volt 1 level can get 35-38 miles per charge. In many cases, you can get more if you are doing mainly urban driving.

What makes this car excellent, this is not a mud. When you drive, electric motors add enough torque to get you speed limit in seconds.

If you want to buy the best model year to buy, go from 2013+. The car not only leads 3 additional miles for the charge, but you also get a mountain mode. This allows you to hold the charge and save it for later.

6. Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid

Ford has not taken the ever-growing electrification of automobiles too seriously for many years. Yes, they have their Fusion and C-Max Energi PHEV models, but that’s about it. In 2020, they stepped it up by a large margin. 
Without mentioning their super cool Ford Mustang Mach-E (which is amazing btw), they introduced a redesigned Ford Escape that is now a plug-in hybrid. The range figures are quite impressive. Being a small crossover, it still manages to get 37 miles of range on a single charge. 
If you hypermile it, there’s no doubt in my mind you can reach 40-50 miles.  The Escape PHEV is a direct competitor to the car I’ll be mentioning below. 

5. Toyota RAV4 Prime

One of the most popular cars of all Toyota times is RAV4. Since EV has become popular around the world, the rock reliability Toyota is a big attribute why they position themselves to become one of the most popular brands in the market.

While no word in a clean EV, which is coming from Toyota (for now), they introduced all the new New Toyota Rav4 Prime in 2020. Unlike Prius Prime, where you can get 25 miles for the prosecution, Prime Rav4 is 42. This is a significant jump!

The word on the street says that Toyota is working on solitary-law batteries that will be changed by them ... who knows? I put my bets on Toyota for victory in the future.

Oh, and the glaze on the cake is that the federal government has a tax discount.


When I first saw clarity, my thoughts ... "It seems that the Robocop car will ride." Strange looks aside, the fact that most of them do not know is that clarity is pretty good, especially inside.

You would have thought because it can get up to 47 miles per charge, the battery will be on the way and interfere with the space for the passengers of the rear strength. It's not like that at all.

Honda Cliete Phev can be viewed as a full-sized family car that simply has an excellent plug-in hybrid car. Not only is the car enough power up to 60 miles per hour in 7.6 seconds, but it also gets a great gas mileage.

3. Chevrolet Volt Gen 2

If you thought that the 1st General Volt could not get better, think again. Volt 2nd level is much more. Cheapest Volt Options in the 2nd Volt General is not much more expensive than the 1st General, making it a wise option for potential buyers.

Looking at it outside, the car looks much more elegant. There are less sharp corners and instead, far smooth lines throughout the body of the car. When you get inside, you will feel modern Chevy Design and its use of premium materials around (especially on premium finish).

The car gets a spacing 53 miles per charge. This number is enough to make most things daily. In fact, if you get the 2019 model, the car will charge up to 100% in less than 3 hours.

Volt since 2017-2019. It will still become one of the best hybrid car plugins in the market when it comes to cost.

2. Polestar 1.

In my opinion, this car is one of the coolest plug-in hybrids on the market today. The Polestar 1 is the brother of Polestar 2 (which is fully electric). 
Most people are familiar with Volvo and their Polestar variants of high performing vehicles. Since not very long ago, Polestar started to make their own vehicles (much like how Acuras are premium Hondas). Unlike with Lexus, Acura or even Infinity, Polestar has aimed at top-notch vehicles that aren’t cheap. The Polestar 1 costs $130K+.
The car has impressive performance specs, but the most impressive thing of all is the range. In pure electric driving, the car can go 60 miles on a single charge. If you don’t treat it like a race car, I would imagine it would surpass 70 miles.

1. Karma Revero GT

When Fisker released the Karma, they expected a BIG hit. However, it ended up being a flop and forced them to go out of production for a few years.
During that time, the Fisker Karma depreciated  a lot and can be had for less than half of what it was brand new. In 2017, Fisker was rebranded as Karma and did a slight “refresh” for their first ever production car. While looking very identical to the old Fisker Karma, its now called the Karma Revero GT.
The Karma Revero started out with 37 miles of range from 2018-2019. In 2020, they installed a much bigger battery and bumped up the PHEV range to a whopping 80 miles
If you want a car with one of the most futuristic interiors, look no further!

Top Plug-in Hybrids Picks:

Here’s a list of my picks for which PHEV to get under each category. ***As more PHEV’s become available, this list will continue to be updated.

LARGE SUV (Lincoln Aviator Phev)

For an SUV that can seat up to 7 people and get 21 miles of electric range, it deserves a spot in the list. 
An honorable mention that was not on the list would be the Land Rover Range Rover HSE PHEV.

MIDSIZE SUV (Mitsubishi Outlander Phev)

While there’s plenty of plug-in hybrid SUV’s like the Mercedes GLC 350e and the BMW X5 eDrive, they aren’t as good. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the best midsized plug-in hybrid SUV. It has reasonable EV range, takes a CHAdeMO plug, and comes from a reliable brand.

Small SUV (Toyota Rav4 Prime)

The RAV4’s superior reliability, coupled with a big battery makes it a highly desirable little crossover. The fact that you can now drive this car in town in EV mode only for 42 miles is a step in the right direction!

Minivan (Chrysler Pacifica Phev)

For now, the Chrylser Pacifica Hybrid is the best plug-in hybrid minivan on the market. Aside from actually being a GOOD vehicle, there’s nothing else to compare it to. By default, its the best until it has some solid competition.

Family Sedan (Honda Clarity Phev)


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