10 Best Chevy Bolt EV MODS & Accessories: 2021 List

10 Best Chevy Bolt EV MODS & Accessories: 2021 List

When it comes to the world after-sales accessories for cars, it seems, is not an infinite margin of options. If you own an electric car, options are faded to next to it. Several options that we currently get can customize your car rather significantly. What I want to cover in this article is the best accessories for the owners of Chevrolet Bolt EV.

While some things here may seem a little overpriced price, I hope that it motivates some to go out and give the owners of the bolt with a large variety, as well as more accessibility. Let's start!

Table of Contents:

Top 10 Accessories:

# 1 Screen Protector for InfoTainment System

If you were not aware of the Bolt EV’s big touch screen, let me be the first to tell you, it’s nice. The 10.2″ touch screen is high resolution most importantly, needs to be protected. Like any smart phone that houses an expensive LCD screen that, it’s THAT much more expensive in the Bolt EV. Consider getting a plastic screen protector for the Chevy Bolt EV. They are not expensive and most importantly, will keep your infotainment in mint condition.

# 2 Cargo Net To Keep Things From Bouncing

If your bolt did not go with a cargo grid, think about getting one. Although it can be a simple accessory, it can serve a great goal if the hatch cannot close, you need something to keep things in the trunk from movement. This accessory is one of those "establish it and forget about it." The installation is as simple as one, two, three.

# 3 License Plate Holder Using Tow Hook Threads

If you live in the state (or country), where you must have a license license, consider obtaining a bracket of license plates attached directly where a tow hook will go.

If your front bumper was not forged, but you think about the drills of the hole to install the license plate bracket, stop ... Use a pre-existing hole that has already been done for you to set your license plate. This can increase the value of the resale of your tiny bit car, as well as appreciation for those who can buy your bolt from states where there are no requirements of the front plate.


It comes out, not to mention, if you want to keep the interior of your car, get a sunny day. Not only your bolt EV will remain better in the summer, it will also retain the interior from the damage to the sun's rays.

# 5 Weatherproof Mats For a Clean Carpet

You can do our best to keep your car clean, but at the moment when it becomes wet, dusty, snowy, dirty, or something else, except for a completely dry, carpet and your mats in the factory will be dirty and clean their refusal You can go to the cheapest route, and get Mats Universal-Fit, but why do it, when for a little more, you can get accurate suitable mats for your Chevy Bolt.

# 6 Key Fob Case to Keep Your Keys Protected

Your Chevy Bolt comes with decent FOB wireless keys. If you want to avoid damage to them in the long run, consider the possibility of obtaining the key FOB key. These rubber covers will make it like your keys are completely new. When you pass them to the next buyer of the car, they took care of keys well, put on a good impression that they get a vehicle that probably took care.

# 7 Rain Guards for Moisture-Free Ventilation

Imagine a hot summer day, and then he starts raining. You want to split the open window, but then the rain will start to leak. The solution is to set the rain to all windows. Not only you will be protected from rain, but you can even use them during the blisticlery hot summer day. To give a little pair of Cabin of your EV bolt, hack all the windows enough to start the cooling process.

You would even be protected, even if it started rain. We all know that hot summer days can be unpredictable (for example, Florida).

# 8 Coilovers for Stance and Handling

Coilover Springs not only for gas and diesel cars. In fact, there are several options for owners of EV bolts. The lowering of your bolt EV can make it look smoother and better.

Right now in 2021 (first quarter) EV bolt has several companies that make updated modification details. One of those companies is BC-Racing. This kit will send you through a thousand bucks, but if you want to stand out ... This is the price for payment.

# 9 Rims for Quicker Acceleration and Longer Range

Community Bolt EV is actively looking for a way to improve the range of EV bolt. One of the ways they managed to do this with the replacement of old wheels with those from Chevy Cruze Eco. All four wheels weighed 24 pounds less than OEM.

If you look at the market places used (Facebook, Craigslist, Ebay etc), you can find every rim for about $ 100 or even less.

# 10 OBD2 App for Tracking Vehicle Health

With electric cars, instead of tracking RPM engine, you can see the exact reading of your health status batteries, temperatures, if there are any codes, and much more. EV bolt has no specific applications for it, with the exception of the MyChevrolet application (which is doubtful at best).

One reliable application where you can count to get accurate characteristics is called Torque Pro (they also have a free version). Approximately 5 bucks you can make quite a lot of things to better understand how your EV bolt makes, regardless of conditions.

Did I Miss Any Accessories or Mods?

I entered this article as a clean owner of EV Chevy. After digging for what seemed, the clock was what I mentioned above are the most common addition, you can purchase. I personally can't buy all things, but the screen protector, the rain guards, weather-resistant floor mats and the Bluetooth OBD2 adapter are located in my Amazon Shopping basket, as we say.

Be sure to stay tuned, as I will make feedback on each and let you know my thoughts.

Thanks for sticking, and see you next!


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Great article,...

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Реально полезная статья. Много из этих аксессуаров я заказал, поскольку они показались мне полезными. Конечно, было бы намного лучше если бы автор оставлял ссылки на магазины где можно все это купить, ну да ладно, это уже придирки.

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