Ridesharing and Delivery With A Chevy Bolt EV: A Guide

Ridesharing and Delivery With A Chevy Bolt EV: A Guide

Today in 2021, the gig economy is becoming less and less than gig and more complete employment for many people. Do you live in the city or rural city with less than 100 thousand people. Driving for Uber, Lyft, DoOrdash, Grubhub, Extends and many others has become a profit (when committing the right).

What I would like to talk to you how you can do it in an electric car and may save a lot of money in the process. In particular, I will talk about the first generation of Chevy Bolt EV (mine is the 2017 model).

Before the bolt EV I drove a regular gas car, and it worked fine. After I understand, like a cheap bolt E.V. Was released and exchanged in my old car for a model bolt in 2017. Along 1000 miles a week I still do, I learned how to control the electric car against the gas, which I had earlier.

There is definitely there is a learning curve to do this. In this post, let me share with you my experience.

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Before You RideShare or Deliver ...

#one. Map Out Charge Locations

If you do not live in a big metropolitan city, you can have a difficult time matching fast charger. Use the application plugin to find all quick charging options in your area. If you visit them all (or at least some), try them so that they are not foreign to you. Some of the most popular charging networks are electrified America and EVGO. EV bolt uses PCS (combined charging system), which should have most level 3 charging stations.

In case you have no fast chargers in your area, consider finding the nearest city or city where there is work there. Thus, as soon as you finish working, you can quickly recharge and return home.

Note: Mostly driving a city with an EV bolt can give you 200+ miles range for charge

# 2. Prep for Tomorrow by Charging Overnight

If you do not like to wait from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to charge the EV bolt, go on the Internet and buy a home-based level charger that can add juice to your Chevy Bolt to a maximum of 32 amps. It will equate 7.0-7.7 kW / h (or about 7-8 hours to 100%).

I hope you have a release of 220 W, where you are going to charge your car. If not, you can install it yourself (it is recommended only if you are confident in your own electricity skills) or hire an electrician, and the outlet setting should cost you no more than a few hundred dollars.

From the point of view of value, in my area in the northern part of Virginia, it costs $ 0.11 / kW. Approximately 6.00-100 US dollars for full charge 238 miles. Not bad, but!?

# 3. Pick Your Lowest Charging Threshold

If you are traveling to Uber, Lyft, or any other RideSharing service, you want to have some assortment, in case someone has to go further than you usually drive. With Uber, you get a notification during the query, if it is long (45+ minutes). Although you can easily abandon Super Long Pire Off-the-Bat, some others that can be 10-25 miles can simply be labeled as "Premium, most likely" with Uber.

As the EV bolt gets 200+ miles on a complete charge, my threshold "Stop and recharge" is 50 miles to empty (40, if I feel risky). The worst script, not only you want you to have a reliable place, but also enough range to get there.

#4. Track Your Miles & Efficiency

Despite the fact that these are not tax tips, but it is important that you keep track of your workers miles. At the moment there is nothing that I could not find that I would free up from writing depreciation for Mile.

In Bologt, EV you can track how much miles for kilowatts are you traveling. Although the default option is set for 3.9 mi / kwh, it would be for mixed driving conditions.

Expect a bolt to get 3.5-4.0 m / kWh into warm mixed driving, 4.0-5.0 m / kWh in warm low-speed driving and 3.1-3.5 mm / kWh in warm motion. Cold weather will reduce your range, as well as the power cabin heater.

In the long run, taking more slowly, and sometimes "more pictorial" routes can save you quite a lot of money.

#5. Take More Efficient Routes

When you lead your Chevy Bolt EV (or any EV for this), you almost always use more energy on the highway at 65-75 miles per hour (EST). While you will be understood by 25-40% to get to the destination, it gives much faster.

If you can find a route that can deliver you somewhere on 45-55 miles per hour, and add a few more minutes on the trip, try to take these roads. When you are going more and more in your area, you will know where all the roads.

NOTE. In my opinion, take a longer route to save the range, is only a good idea if you are delivered, and not the Uber & Lyft. While some passengers will take care of my experience, most interestingly, why I took a "long" path to the destination ... often leading to less than a 5-star rating.

Why The Bolt Ev Is The Perfect Choice!

In the video above, I outlined my main reasons why Chevy Bolt will make a great car for entry and delivery purposes. In short, I will pop up what I covered below (I will find out more by watching all the video).

Livable Range.

Chevy Bolt EV was the first EV, which was reasonable at a price with 200+ miles for a charge, even when completely new to a large extent partially partly for state tax benefits. After 2-3 years later, the car lost 40% of its value, which makes it theft of the transaction.

When performing supplies of Grubhub and Doodash, you can expect to do anywhere with 10-15 full deliveries before you are critical at a distance. Drive for Uber and Lyft, and you can also do anywhere between 10-15 trips. As mentioned above, do not forget to have your own charging threshold, so you do not finish it to be short at a distance to make it on the charging station.

Big Touch Screen.

While your mobile phones are currently quite large 6 "inches +, as soon as you used Google Maps or call for something at least 10" inches ", returning to your mobile phone, it looks like a downgrade (for a good reason) .

Each Chevy Bolt EV comes with Android Auto and apply the enable car game, which allows you to transfer navigation requests from your phone directly to a large 10.2 inch touch screen. When you oriented, you can put navigation applications in the background and have something else, running (yt, audible, film ... etc.).

USED ​​market)

Driving a few thousand miles per month can put a serious wear on the car. The most expensive wear aspects are applied to engines and transmission. When parts begin to wear out and rebuild, everyone can get quite expensive.

Tell me the truth, you can get a decent car with small miles for 13 thousand dollars by 15 thousand dollars.

Take any ice vehicle after one year of driving and 60 thousand miles later, and you will begin to notice a few things:

  • Vehicle Does Not Idle AS Smooth AS IT Used To.
  • More "ODD" Rattles, Escecially Under the Hood.

For 13 thousand dollars - 15 thousand dollars, you can get low EV mileage, which even after 60 thousand miles not stops, will feel smooth oil.

* Considering the car makes good care about how bearings and suspension takes care.

Spacious Front and Rear

You would not think that there is a lot of space for high people in Chevy Bolt EV, but you are mistaken. Based on the guy, which is 6.0 feet and 190 pounds, in front two places are convenient, and when the front seats move a little, the rear seats come up with me without problems. Many heads, and also saved.

Small Car, Big Trunk

With all the space, what about the rear hatch? Is there a place while remaining for products or tank storage of goods or airport?

Good news - yes, you have a room. If you go to Costco and fill in the whole basket, full of things, chances are high that you come to her inside the trunk.

In fact, the EV bolt has more storage space (in cubic feet) than in 2017 Honda Accord (16.9 versus 16.7). If you fold the seat down, you can get up to 56.6 cubic storage feet.

The Bottom Line.

There is no doubt that Chevy Bolt becomes a solid choice for RideShare service drivers and delivery. Over time, the price will only be cheaper from here. Think about looking at one, giving him a test drive at the local dealer center or finding one by the tour and rent it within a few days (they are not expensive).

See you in the following post!


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