Volkswagen Facts: 8 interesting facts that you probably do not know

Volkswagen Facts: 8 interesting facts that you probably do not know

Volkswagen produces the most preferred cars in the world with high quality and reliable vehicles. Founded in 1937, under the leadership of Germany, the National Socialist Workers Party, the company is now a manufacturer of numerous trucks, pickups and passenger cars exported to different parts of the world. Volkswagen, which means "folk car", is one of the largest car brands in the world today. We have listed a little well-known interesting Volkswagen facts about the second most valuable automotive company on our List of History of Volkswagen.

Let's see how much you know about the legend of Volkswagen facts?

1. Volkswagen’s first car – First VW beetle

Ferdinand Porsche is considered the legendary founder of Volkswagen. The German inventor took only ten months to develop a prototype with all the desired functions. Although the new car is called Volkswagen Type 1, it will be called Beeetle.

Volkswagen made his first car in 1938. Launched as Beeetle (Thy 60), the car was completed after four years of Ferdinand Porsche and 24 designers. Below was the first VOLKSWAGEN car in 1938, the first VW beetle.

2. Direct Sale from Volkswagen Factory

You can visit the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg and even buy any VW model that you want directly from the VW plant.

3. Between Senegal and Paris, held between Senegal and Paris. In the race, which was subsequently started in South America, thanks to security measures, Touareg Model Golkswagen Model managed to become a champion between 2009 and 2011.

4. VW Birth Certificate to Classic Volkswagen

If you have an old and classic Volkswagen car, you can get a birth certificate vw from the Volkswagen car museum about 50 euros. This is the number of four VOLKSWAGEN facts.

5. Giant Volkswagen Factory where Volkswagen Passats are produced

All Passats Volkswagen produced on Volkswagen New Factory, Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Cassation, which opened in April 2011. This new plant, built by Volkswagen for $ 1 billion, is the world's first platinum certified factory and large business using 2000 workers' Americans.

6. Volkswagen’s Football Team

There is a football team sponsored by Volkswagen. This command named VFL Wolfsburg is struggling in Bundesliga since 1997-98. It was the champion for the first time in the 2008-09 season, and in the Champions League next season the group was defeated in the quarterfinals in the UEFA Europa League in the 3rd. The team that had the right to participate in the Champions League in 2014-15, says goodbye to the tournament with a defeat in Spain.

7. Owner of Volkswagen

The company has a rule that no shareholder can own more than 20% Volkswagen. It shows that no one can own all Volkswagen. Unfortunately, even you have billions of dollars that you can not be the owner of Volkswagen.

8. Volkswagen logo

The VW logo is created with the initials of his name, which consists of 2 words. Although his form has changed to today, its foundation was saved. The figure V VW emblem expresses the word will. Figure W represents the word wagen. Since the 1930s, the Volkswagen logo has changed many times, but always saved V and W in all the designs of the VW VW logo.

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