Popular automotive organizations around the world

Popular automotive organizations around the world

Popular car racing organizations in the world.

Machines are organized with many different names in the world. Like thousands of different local races, there are international organizations that follow almost the whole world. Of course, the types of races that love in accordance with the cultures of countries are also changing.

For example, North American mainly prefer race tracks, European Favorites Rally Races. Nevertheless, there are types of races, such as Formula 1, which is loved by the whole world. Here are the most popular automotive organizations.

Car Races: Nascar

NASCAR has been working since 1947. NASCAR races are not so popular in other countries, as in America, as it, because it is North American origin. Nascar riders are also very popular in America.

NASCAR consists of three episodes, a sprint cup, nationwide and master. In addition, there is some kind of local and small series. Sprint, the most prestigious series, consists of 36 races and 43 pilots compete.

Since 2004, a reproducible system has been implemented, called a chase for a sprint cup. According to the system, the rates of pilots in the TOP-12 in the last 10 stages are aligned and compete for trophy. Thus, the excitement in the last stages and the chances of winning pilots in the first places.

Across the country is preferable to those who cannot join a cup of sprint or novice in the NASCAR series.

Craftsman is an intermanal race.

NASCAR cars from American producers, such as Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford and Far Eastern manufacturers, such as Toyota and Honda, change and are used.

Car Races: Formula 1

This is a series of Track Race organized by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) since 1950. Currently, it is held on 21 different tracks worldwide.

There are sudden bends in the city, like Monaco, or as a British Grand Prix. Formula 1, in which 10 different commands participated, includes 20 drivers, 2 cars from each brand.

Glasses earned at the end of each race are collected at the end of the year. According to the system, pilots and brands receive awards in certain categories. However, the brand, whose pilot is usually the champion, becomes a smiling party at the end of the year.

There are 21 different races for the calendar 2020 Formula 1. Cars of formula 1 have a very different position in terms of technical characteristics than cars used in other races.

Car has special fuels, cabins, steering wheels and wheels. Most of these systems are changed when the vehicle comes into each pit, that is, in the area of ​​repair.

In addition, there are races in different formats, such as Formula 2 and Formula 3. Weaker engines, are used in Formula 2 cars and Formula 3. Formula 3, 2018 and Formula 3, 2019 are very popular in recent years.

Drivers who want to compete in Formula 1 are generally compete in formula 2 and formula 3.


WRC, which is the World Rally Championship, was organized since 1973, and 12 different teams participate in the championship. In WRC, which is very popular with the stages of different countries, the vehicles that we are used to view the street are used.

Rally cars are obtained by modifying vehicles, such as Ford Fiesta, Yaris WRC and Volkswagen Polo on different topics such as safety. Vehicles can produce forces such as 300 horsepower.

Drag Racing

Many films about cars racing about dragging the car, that is, take-off. In this popular type of race in recent years, a certain distance is covered in a short time. Different costs are carried out in almost every country. Rules may vary depending on countries or races.

Often drags racing cars to participate in dragging races without changes. The most famous resistance organization is currently NHRA. Many young drivers sleep - to be a precious racer one day. Nowadays, we also see the models of electric drag-free cars in splitting.

Drift Racing

In fact, the drift, which is the style of driving, is known worldwide movies about cars. DRFIT, which is obtained from the English word "slip in one direction", allows the car to slip in the corners with a specific style.

The driver gets more points in accordance with the sliding angle from behind. Racing drift is usually held with transportation such as Honda S2000, the Evolution of Mitsubishi Lancer and Mazda MX5. Drift is one of the most popular automotive organizations.

Rally Race: Dakar Rally

Rally Dakar, one of the most popular autogon organizations in the world, is also manifested among extreme sports. Because a significant part of the road passes in mountain, sandy or swamp areas, stamina is becoming more important than speed.

The course of this race, which is one of the most dangerous automotive organizations, changed many times and was organized at the South American continent since 2009.

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