Ford History (short models and legends of Ford models)

Ford History (short models and legends of Ford models)

We compiled for you interesting parts and models of cars from the story of the Ford brand, which has many models such as Mustang, Fiesta and Focus.

Ford Motor Company History

The history of the Motor company Ford, or Ford, which can be said that it is quite successful, produces a vehicle for almost any category of cars begins 100 years ago. Founded in 1903 in Michigan, United States, Ford Motor Company takes its name from its founder Henry Ford.

The launch of its first car on the year market was founded, Henry Ford understands that he should wait 5 years for the first breakthrough. Wanting to find a way that cars can quickly produce, Henry Ford examines the method of production "Fordist", which will remember many years later by his own name.

With the help of a system that mainly has a production line, an iron stack, which carries out of one end of the plant, goes like a car from the other end. With this method, which provides production 5 times faster than usual, Ford manages to be one of the largest US manufacturers.

Ford Model T: 1920s ford model t

When it comes to the "first mass production of the car", undoubtedly, Ford and the legendary car model T come to mind. Ford Model T, which is one of the most religious cars produced by the Ford Motor Company and the world today, is a very interesting car with its history and durability.

Released from 1908 to 1927, the car supports the title of "3rd best selling a car in the world" as of 2018. It is made with different options, such as 2, 3 and 4 doors, well-preserved can work today. Despite the front engine, Ford Model T has a rear-wheel drive and has a rather large engine of 2.9 liters.

However, although the engine sounds quite large, it can produce only 20 horsepower. However, due to the high durable and long Ford engine amounted to almost half of the cars, which were in the United States in the 1920s.

Ford Taunus

Taking your name from Taunus Mountains in Germany, the car was produced from 1939 to 1994 and is still among the longest cars produced. Ford Ford, intended for Europe, creates the impression of North America only from the point of view of its measurements.

Despite the fact that it looks like an old car, when to look from today, Taunus is one of the legendary cars that managed to drag hundreds of thousands of people with their technologies, comfort and powerful engines outside the period that it was produced. The car is made with different engine variants, such as 1.6 and 2.0; It has a lot of versions, such as G, M and TC.

Ford Mustang History

Mustang, which Ford is produced as a sports car and has its own logo, draws a pop star image. Mustang, which began to produce in the 1960s, met with his 6th generation since 2015. The car, which is among the models that managed to get the brands, has a very interesting story.

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The Ford brand considers the name of a powerful sports car, and as a result of a long struggle there are dozens of names. Among the names, the decision is carried out under the name "Mustang" used for wild horses wandering in the US countryside. The car manages to "split" when he first came out.

Mustang, which was used in thousands of films since 1964, is one of the stars of the brand. After the 5th generation of the car, which was proposed with many engine and colors from the moment of its launch, users did not see new cars of the series of 10 years. From the 6th generation, which was published in 2015, he managed to conquer the hearts again.

Offered in 2015 and Ford Mustang MK. The last member of the series, which is called 6, is impressive of his details that make the driver feel special. The car that has made minor changes with makeup in 2018, has hard and sharp lines. The design in which the icon appearance is saved, offers today's technology with a 12-inch digital display when switching to the cabin.

Aims at the youth in the 1960s, Ford is trying to attract users with small details, such as Mustang logo and forged aluminum wheels, which are reflected on the ground with the help of light when the car door opens. Ford Mustang 2018 offers the selection of 2,3-liter EcoBoost engines that can produce 310 horsepower.

Ford Kuga

Ford is one of the brands that early recognized interest in the SUV and crossed vehicles in recent years. With the help of the KUGA model, it began to produce in 2008, he manages to enter a list of bestsellers. A model that takes many safety technologies, as well as comfort, is very popular with its double grille. Vehicle that can be parked with peace of mind at any time with an automatic parking system, also includes a special security technology called an active urban security system that can apply sudden brakes instead of the driver when it is below 50 km / h. Ford Kuga Available with 1.5 and 2.0-liter TDCI diesel engines, in addition to a 1.5-liter gas-based gasoline engine.

Ford Galaxy: Family Car

Designed in such a way that families of 5 people can easily meet and benefit from low fuel consumption in the city, Ford Galaxy has an important place in the brand history in terms of the cost, which he gives families. The model that was launched for the first time in 1995, it is possible to be a functional and universal tool designed to meet all families that may be needed in large cities.

As in the case of Kuga, a car where EcoBoost and TDCI transport engines are preferred, offers its users good performance and perfect experience. A vehicle that has a very large interior offers an impressive head and knee a distance even with 5 adult passengers.

Ford Bronco 2020

Ford Owner

Ford pursues a strategy that has invested in different countries or directly buy car manufacturers from the moment of its creation. Dozens of manufacturing companies in different countries, including Turkey, currently holds Lincoln Brand Luxury, to respond to demand in the United States.

Ford also had brands such as Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar in the past; But passed some in the Indian group TATA and the other to the Chinese Geely Group. Brands, such as Mercury, Edsel and Monarch in Ford, were discontinued.

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