Jaguar biography (short story about Jaguar Cars, owners, stories)

Jaguar biography (short story about Jaguar Cars, owners, stories)

If you are interested in the biographies of Jaguar, the next story will give you everything you need.

Jaguar Biography: Company

Jaguar is a car company that begins with sports cars in the 60s, which has become a symbol of luxury, and which we often met in magazines and newspapers. The brand that kept the impulse of the automotive industry for almost 90 years, is a symbol of power and vanity.

Founded in the early 20s called Swallow Sidecar Company, Jaguar signed some of the most popular cars of the 20th and 21st century. In the first years, the company released models in the form of the environment in the style we know and managed to prove their leadership in comfort and sportiness in every car.

James Bond, edited Lan Fleming in the 50s, adapted the character to cinemas, and Jaguar was known to everyone today. Since cars of the famous British agent were special Jaguar models at the time.

Jaguar Biography: Owner

In the UK, Jaguar now belongs to TATA, one of the largest automotive companies in India. But brand owners changed many times. The company that was conducted by Ford until 2008, never broke its quality from the moment of its creation.

Jaguar, the righteous pride of the British, although more famous for old classic models, we must say that new models are also very popular. Jaguar was sold to the Indian engine Giant Tata Motors in 2008, although he had close connections with the UK and were among the symbols of the British sports car since the 1950s.

Volkswagen Group Net stands

Tata also owns automotive companies such as Land Rover and Daewoo. And now the Jaguar biography continues with TATA. In fact, the presence of any car company means that you are luxury and show, without separating the model. Think about it when you ask someone's question, what is your car brand? If the answer to this question is: "Jaguar", after that the answer to the following questions does not matter.

Jaguar Car Logo

Until 1945, Jaguar was known as Shallow Sidecar, where SS was used in most car names. Thanks to the German Nazi SS clients sought to approach the company. Consequently, shareholders decided to change the company name.

In this case, Hawk and Gazelle, including the names of several interesting proposals. In the end, shareholders decided that the name "Jaguar", which was unique and not associated with any foreign name, no one confuses. This is one of the main parts of the Jaguar biography.

Jaguar Car Models

Jaguar, which we now know with the best sports and luxurious cars, made it a mark in 1940 and 1990 with the fastest cars in the world. II. Leaving after World War II, the XK120 was the fastest car in the world 203 km / h. Designed for races and daily use, they built this car in 1948, and then stopped in 1954. 40 years later, Jaguar once again prepared the fastest car in the world.

Introduced in 1992, the XJ220 became the fastest in the world by the car until he lost his title on the McLaren F1 car, was produced next year. Jaguar E-Type was one of the cultural exports of Great Britain along with Beatlemania and James Bond in the 1960s, described as a British cultural occupation.

Since such a beautiful car was not made earlier, he was investigated by many people. Enzo Ferrari, one of the founders of Ferrari, having seen a new E-type XKE Engine; "The most beautiful car ever is done."

Jaguar Car Speed

Over the years, Jaguar has developed some of the fastest machines. However, none of them even approached the maximum speed of 1260 kilometers per hour. Nevertheless, the company's engineers came out to 1260 km / h to measure vibration and noise, even for testing and modeling cars built at high speed.

High speed will affect low-speed driving quality; Used to understand noise, vibration and problems. High-speed testing is important both for low-temperature tests, as well as part of Jaguar quality control.

Jaguar Bike

Before Jaguar began producing sports and luxurious cars, it was known for the production of motorcycle baskets. Founded as Shallow Sider, Jaguar produced high-quality motorcycles during the first five years.

In 1927, the company moved to another area, producing a double coupe. Over time, the company began to produce sports and luxurious cars, currently serve as a high-quality car brand.

In addition to the rapid mass production in the world of its time, Jaguar XK120 became popular with many stars in the 1940s and the 50s of Altın Golden Age of Hollywood. Clark Gable, "King Hollywood" was one of the most famous fans of this car. The car is currently on display in Switzerland.

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