Tesla Biography of the Company: Interesting Facts about Tesla Motors

Tesla Biography of the Company: Interesting Facts about Tesla Motors

How did Tesla Company become number one in the world?

Tesla Company Story begins with the number of numbers in the world, Elon Musk, is known for its achievements in Spacex and Tesla. Spacex is a cosmic aviation company, and Tesla is the most important company in the electric automotive sector. Reusing Spacex Rocket Salcon 9 rocket, which plans to travel to Mars, can return to the Earth thousand miles from the atmosphere. Tesla Roadster Tesla of the second generation, represented by Tesla, is the number one in the world with its ability to reach the limit of 0-100 km / h in 1.9 seconds.

Tesla Company: Who is the Founder of Tesla?

If you think that the founder of Tesla is Elon Musk, like millions of people, you are wrong, and you will learn the answer from Tesla's automotive biography. Musk, the current general director of the company is not one of the founders of Tesla. The founders of Tesla or Tesla Motors are Eric Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning.

Founded in 2003, one of the first and most important investors Tesla Motors in 2004 was Elon Musk, known from PayPal. Formed by the views of Elon Muscisk over the years, Tesla Motors changed their name in 2017 and took the name, Tesla.

Tesla Company: Elon Musk Tesla

Muscus, which gave rise to $ 180 million to PAYPAL revenue, did not object to silence, opening large and small enterprises in the field of software, where he had a second level of entrepreneurial career. From the very beginning, his goal was to surpass the borders in the technologies that will lead the future. With confidence in myself, which does not allow him to interrogate himself even in the second and its favorable energies with every detail, he quickly began to realize his goals. At first he founded Spacex in 2002 and Tesla engines in 2004.

Tesla Motors was launched in $ 6.3 million. The United States and made his first production in the garage, which was once a Chevrolet dealer in Menlo Park, California. The details made from the outside were collected here, but for mass production it took a large plant. Musk's Nummi plant that swept it in those days, cost 1 billion dollars.

First Tesla Model

Although Tesla was worried about impossible, he successfully completed his early years. In 2008, the first roadster was launched, and by the end of 2010, 1300 cars were sold. The Tesla S model is fascinated, the US government agreed to provide loans for 4 US dollars. A four-door sedan, working on 7,000 lithium-ion batteries, was good design outside the year, which he belonged. In 2009, Tesla was able to become a niche, producing a total of 800 high-performance electric vehicles.

The Nummi plant in Fremont, California was as an industrial city by itself. The object that covers 510,000 square kilometers includes plastic processing of the plant, two vegetable plants, a 5-kilometer molding line and a 50 MW power plant. The remedy that Toyota and General Motors has been used since 1984 and produced 450,000 cars every year, it seemed that I would like to witness a new era in the car.

Musk, who was planted, received permission to the plant from Toyota's President Aiko Toyoda in March. After the bankruptcy of the Laman brothers in 2009, general engines have already left the factory, and Toyota decided to stop production at the end of April. Wear a blue jacket, a hat and goggles to avoid recognition, Musk made an incredible offer: $ 42 million. A month later, his proposal was made.

tesla car biography

Tesla was proposed before the public in five weeks after receiving a huge plant and formed 238 million dollars of income. After the initial public offer of Ford in 1956, Tesla became the second American automaker for the sale of all its shares. At some point, Tesla was ready to fly. The process has so far been a unique experience for the company and made it an unbreakable foundation.

Tesla Company: Tesla Car Battery

Muscus was determined to put the end of the revolution of the combustion engine in the automotive sector and revolutionize electric vehicles. According to him, the technology that was insisted on insistenceing from the 19th century, exhausted the resources of the sector and refueling climate change, as if it were not enough. With 1 gallon (3.78 liters) of gasoline, the electric vehicle could drive hundreds of kilometers.

Volkswagen Group Net stands

Tesla engineers were highly motivated by the determination of muscovski to solve the real problem. The durable and powerful battery was made using lithium-ion batteries. The cooling system was designed to propagate water and antifreeze through the battery to prevent its explosion from overheating. Added warning system that deactivates the battery in milliseconds in the event of a leakage of moisture, smoke or fluid. Lithium-ion engine 200 kW (equivalent to 288 horsepower) allowed the rhodster to get to 0-100 km / h in less than four seconds.

elon musk net worth

Tesla and Daimler partnership

Musk had an idea to shoot the Germans in the heart: the electric motor is smart. Although Muskus hesitated, Tesla asked her Tsto, JB Straubel to postpone work on the roadster. Since Daimler did not sell smart to the United States, it was necessary to send someone to Tijuana, where the nearest dealer is located. The Spanish girlfriend engineer was transferred in cash in the amount of $ 20,000 and sent to Mexico.

Everyone thought that a person who was sent to buy a car fled to a five-star hotel in CANCUN, but after three days he came up with Smart. The first step of the risky plan was successfully completed. There were many problems that need to overcome. After five weeks, the lithium-ion battery is fully compatible with smart and quietly worked. Straubel called Muscus and said they were ready. Daimler managers met with Tesla Motors on January 16, 2008.

tesla net worth

The fact that they wanted to hear was that Tesla put a series of batteries for smart. After the meeting, Musk invited Daimler leaders in the garage where I was waiting for smart. At first, Musk did not believe him when he told him that the car was electric. He was then surprised that he saw when he saw the battery under the hood. After test drive, he suggested a musk partnership.

Following the agreement with Daimler, Tesla will overcome past problems and began selling a roadster one by one with a sale price of $ 109,000 (the tax amounted to $ 7,500) and quickly moved to the second part of the master plan: model s

Tesla engineers reduced the cost of mining roads to $ 95,000, but Musk did not save hundreds of pre-sales from $ 92,000, which Musk set a discount in the previous year. The cost was to be reduced, and by the end of 2008, the company has only 500,000 dollars in the repository. Three months after the introduction of the model S, the US government agreed to give Tesla 465 million US dollars as part of a credit program for the production of advanced technologies. Ford's help was $ 5.9 billion, and 1.6 billion Ningsan. For musk, his share of money was enough to start mass production.

After agreements with Daimler and Toyota, Tesla's business was completely on the track. The company introduced Beta Model S Beta in October 2011. The car that received 3000 pre-orders can drive 500 kilometers per charge. Duration 0-100 km / h amounted to 4.5 seconds. In February 2012, the Tesla X model was presented. Proceeds from pre-orders of the car amounted to 40 million dollars.

The model S was presented in the market at the end of June 2012. Exactly two years later, Tesla company received an interesting decision and made his open source patents. Muscus announced that he would not accept legal actions against companies wishing to use their patents for the production of electric vehicles. Although he sought to the stability of the sector, he knew that not everyone had the opportunity to use the technology that his patents. Tesla car biography will continue in our future posts. For recent prices for the TESLA car, you can read more on the website "Tesla Company".

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