BMW BIOGRAPHY - Bavarian Motor Works (BMW)

BMW BIOGRAPHY - Bavarian Motor Works (BMW)

BMW Biography: Bavarian Motor Works (BMW)

BMW Biography: Car foundation and logo

What is known that the BMW brand, which Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto, originally founded by two friends for the production of aircraft engines, will be one of the largest car manufacturers and motorcycles in the world? This is in BMW biography.

In fact, the foundations of growing growth were laid on March 7, 1916. From the moment of its creation, BMW has retained its logo unchanged, and in 1920 he registered his current logo. But the meaning of the logo was very different. BMW was born as a manufacturer of engine aircraft, blue in the sky logo, the white color of the propeller was intended. At the same time, these colors on the logo were the colors of the Bavarian flag.


After the BMW Factory of World War II in Munich was destroyed, BMW began to produce a garden and kitchen equipment for a while. This recovery time was very good for BMW, and BMW was ready to return to the sector. After his return to the sector in the 1950s, he managed to climb the top with cars, which he produced in the 1960s. Since its inception, BMW has reached many success for a moment, without sacrificing the foresight, perfectionism and clean quality.

BMW Launches Motorcycle Production 

bmw bike R32

One of the historical velas BMW is the transition to the production of motorcycles. BMW began to produce motorcycles for the first time in 1923 with R32 with an air-cooled engine. The R32 was first introduced on the Berlin Motor Show and was inspired by everyone. In addition, the R75 model, which was produced during World War II, was also part of the German army.

bmw bike R32

BMW Brand Produces Its First Car Dixi in 1929


As the main manufacturer, BMW quickly entered the automotive industry with the DIXI model. BMW bought a factory where Bruce McLaren seven racing car was released and Colin Chapman and continued to produce 748 CC 15 HP DIXI in this factory. This car sold 25,000 units and was discontinued in 1931. After the Dixi, the BMW kidney lattice, in recent years, has been first used in the 1933 model for the first time. BMW, with a 6-cylinder engine and technical equipment, designed in accordance with this period, model 303 began using users with luxury, high security and comfort.

Volkswagen Group Net stands

BMW biography: 328 winner of Millie Miglia

Millie Miglia winner 328

In 1940, BMW 328 in the tourist coupe competed in Mille Miglia, winning the first place.

After World War II, BMW 501, with its elegant and modern lines, brought a new measurement for the production of cars after the war. Of course, for the same period, the BMW 507 model appeared, appeared again. BMW 507 had a completely different design. Mastering this car Albrecht GRAF Goertz from this car, outstanding performance and exciting outdoor design as an impressive sports car. As a classic, BMW 507 is still a step forward in popularity compared to other BMW cars today.

BMW Isetta, with its 12 and 13 horsepower, which was introduced in May 1955 with 250 and 300 models, was the most-selling car at the time, because it was a car that met his vehicles well.

By the 1960s, BMW began to develop compact and sports cars. BMW 1500, which led to the appearance of a new class in 1962, was very sporty, compact and luxurious limousine, despite its middle class. BMW 2800 CS, which was released in the late 1960s and put on the Paris Motor Show, was highly appreciated. With the integration of the fuel injection engine arising in 1970, the vehicle has reached a peak in the initiation of international auto racing.

BMW: 1500

In the 1970s, the legendary BMW series debuted the legendary 3, 5 and 7. Who could say that these series will be popular and survive? Those who do not know the BMW history can only think about 3, 5 and 7 series as the first BMW cars. As these series have become classic BMW distinctive style characters. The BMW 3, 5 and 7 series is focused on the driver equipped with modern technologies and attractive for users looking for luxury and comfort, combined with sporting and dynamics, as well as high performance levels.

3.20 1970 model

In 1972, BMW presented the prototype of its first electric car 1602 for the first time in the Olympic Games of Munich. With this prototype it was believed that there may be an alternative driving option compared to other cars. BMW 1602 had 43 horsepower and had zero emissions. Over the same period, another design of Wonder Sports CAR BMW M1 appeared.

This car, which was produced for those who are looking for maximum performance, except for normal use, had the right to get to 310 km / h, and in 1979 a racing series called Pucar was created. In 1983, BRABHAM BMW BT52 with 4-cylinder turbocharging 600 horsepower forces of 4-cylinder turbocharging and Nelson Piquet, a famous car racer won the world championship 1. Thus, he put his name, as well as the name BMW in the history of gold letters. Subsequently, the BMW 635 CSI Coupe, which made a name for himself in SPA BMW in 1981, won the victory in 83, 85 and 86 years.

The 1990s were again the year of innovation for BMW. It should be noted that the concept of electricity, BMW, the E1 model, which works at the same time, should be noted by the total energy savings. BMW still continues to work on electricity.

bmw z3 goldeneye

American Z3, which appeared in the Gold Eye Film of James Bond, the character we lays were one of the most important cars with an attractive design. In 1999, BMW introduced a new class. The ultra-luxury four-component BMW X5 drive, which was designed according to the terrain, was put on Detroit Motor Show. And the X-series cars of the BMW began production with X5 and still produced in this series.

BMW Cars: High Technology Motors

BMW has made excellent introduction in the 2000s and BMW biography continues with this new technology. For the first time, H2R, the hydrogen car was produced. It is produced as another choice compared to fossil fuels, this car had 232 horsepower. In speed tests, he broke a record in 301.95 km / h. In 2006, another car was created, called hydrogen 7, which fed hydrogen. Hydrogen 7 was an environmentally friendly car with its combustion engine.

In addition to the production of cars, BMW manage to attract attention to its unique technologies. With the connected drive technology in 2010, BMW took the first steps towards use on the Internet in the car. A year after this technology, Vision Connected Drive Technology was introduced, trying to connect vehicles with each other, comfort and safety.

BMW, which continues to produce electric cars with cars I3 and I8, began to speed up their efforts to expand these cars to protect the environment. In particular, I8 i8 is a double hybrid car. With this mass production, BMW is the leader in the design and development of cars.

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