Honda Collection Hall - Excellent Service from Japanese Honda

Honda Collection Hall - Excellent Service from Japanese Honda

Huge service for those who are bored at home from the Japanese brand!

The Japanese car manufacturer Honda provided a special service for those who stay at home because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Hall Collections Honda offers the opportunity to see all brand legends along with a virtual tour of 360 degrees ...

Honda lovers who do not leave their home within the COVID-19 measures that affect the whole world can explore important models in the history of the brand with a virtual tour in the Honda collection room.

The hall located on Twin Ring Motegi Track in Japan, employs more than 300 products developed by Honda and allows them to visit the 360-degree virtual tour.

Honda Collection Hall

Honda History at this exhibition

Open for virtual visits with a new approach Honda, Honda Collection Hall opened in 1998 in order to identify passion, which inspires mass models of mass products and racing machines.

Halle Honda, where the most religious products are exhibited, which mark the 70-year history Honda, have 3 separate floors. Participants in the virtual tour that can visit these floors without getting up from their places, have the opportunity to experience the history of the brand with video and photographs.

Honda lovers can see car divisions, motorcycles and electricity on the 2nd floor. Being the first "compact sports" model introduced in 1963, the S500 stands out as a star of this field.

In addition to the legendary brand models, such as Prelude, NSX and Civic, models such as Chei Cars, one of the micro cars that have an important place in the development of the Japanese car market.

In addition, some of the oldest Honda models, such as Honda N360, the first Micro Car Machore, launched in 1967, are on display.

Shallow two-wheeled cars on the display includes the world's first mass four-cylinder Motorcycle CB750 and Oval Piston Nr.

The 3rd floor of Honda Collection Hall displays the history of the Honda race. In this area, Honda is still competing today with a single racing car, GTS and motorcycles.

Biography Honda.


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