The effect of coronavirus in the automotive market. WHERE WILL BE EFFECTS?

The effect of coronavirus in the automotive market. WHERE WILL BE EFFECTS?

"Coronavirus" affects us for the automotive market!

According to the automotive research center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, sales of cars in America, one of the largest automotive markets in the world, can be seriously affected by Corionavirus. By the end of 2020, it was predicted that the market would lose almost 3 percent of sales at best.

According to Christina Jeschzek, the Vice-President of the Industry, Labor and Economy of the Center for the Automotive Research Research Company, the US economy will lose 94,400 employees and a total income of 7.3 billion dollars in each sevennese period that consumers refused to buy cars refusing except Togo, the tax revenues of the state will decrease by 2 billion dollars!

Jidlek also noted that restriction of people's movements to prevent the proliferation of coronavirus and that there will be a serious loss of demand in the coming days in the already additional trends in the purchase of cars. Dzidlek also stated that the automotive industry could be slower to return to their old days after this crisis was overcome. The reason for this is that expensive products, such as car ranks lower in the priority rating of consumers.

"It bothers," said Christine Dzichtsek in the automotive news. We are confronted with serious violations on demand and delivery due to coronavirus. If people living elsewhere do not want to buy cars, we have a serious problem. "Said.

Experts predict that the sale of cars will suffer from an effective reduction. LMC Automotive announced its assessment that the US automotive market sales fell by 300 thousand compared with 2019. This figure means 3 percent of the loss compared to last year.

LMC Automotive Executive Jeff Schuster stated: "Community reaction to the COVID-19 epidemic, that is, means a serious medical crisis. We cannot ignore the negative crisis, it will lead to the economy and the automotive industry. "Said.

Even if the economy returns rapidly due to the coronavirus epidemic, the total number of the US market will be reduced by 2.9 percent and will complete 2020 from 16.4 million units, according to the ALG project.

Factories in America, which stopped production, also affect the effect of coronavirus in the US car market. For example, Volkswagen put his plant in Chattanooga for service to clean on Monday. They work to save objects as long as possible in Detroit. But Jidlek said that this situation is inevitable.

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