Lawrence walking on the net (Canadian billionaire formula 1 boss)

Lawrence walking on the net (Canadian billionaire formula 1 boss)

Lavrence Walk is a successful businessman born in Canada in Canada in 1959. Lawrence Network Walking Cost of 2020 is published $ 2.6 billion at the beginning of this year. Walk is married for a walk Claire-Anne (Née Callens), which manages fashionable business called Callens. His son Lance-Walk is the driver of Formula 1, and the daughter of the walk of Lawrence is a walk along Chlolma.

He began his business life, bringing Pierre Cardin and Ralph Lauren Brands to Canada. He is also the Ferrari Boss Italy.

Lance, the son of Canadian billionaire Lawrence Lawrence, moved to Williams after his time at the Ferrari Academy and began to compete with Formula 1 with the English team. It is known that Lawrence paid 80 million US dollars in Williams for his walk for his son Lance.

He recently bought Aston Martin in 2020. And resistant to the net value of Lawrence, which is worth the suggestion at the end of the year.

Vidge Malla was known in a difficult situation due to the ongoing trial and debts, and the media media was not happy at all. Mallya is located in England and could not go anywhere. In addition, the arrest of Mallya due to debts exceeding $ 1 billion, was also on the agenda.

Purchase of Louuren's Forces in India at a reasonable price was considered good for both Mallya and for the future power of India. According to the Italian news, Lawrence considered the possibility of purchasing India so that his son Lance could move easier in Formula 1.

While the mass, returning to the F1, to pass the experience of the young pilot after Lance left the team, it is expected to resign, it was believed that Verlin was translated into Williams.

Finally, for any of the reasons in August 2018, the Walk headed a group of investors to buy a group group Formula One Racing India for £ 90 million. Plus a total of 15 million pounds.

Jacques Vilneoev said that Lown was walking, who bought the power of India, did it, led the last nail into the Coffin of Williams.

Canadian businessman invested in the Lance Lance invested in Williams for the development of his son, now directing the consortium to save India's strength.

During a walk, which brings big financial support to the team, will definitely go through India, Williams will lose the sponsorship of Martini at the end of the season, and the future of Williams is unclear.

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Lawrence Walk, buying Aston Martin

Lawrence Walk, buying Aston Martin


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