Lawrence Walk, buying Aston Martin

Lawrence Walk, buying Aston Martin

Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll is partnering with Aston Martin!

There was a lot of news selling about the British sports car Aston Martin lately. The brand needs cash for the production of a new SUV model. Louurens walk, Boss Formula 1, wants to pay Aston Martin £ 318 million in exchange for exchange by 16.7 percent.

Lawrence Stroll f1, Ferrari

Canadian Lavrence Walk is the Formula 1 Racing Point boss. It is also in serious partnerships with a textile giant walk Michael Cors and Tommy Hilfiger.

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Lawrence Stroll Aston Martin Story

The Aston Martin brand is one of the most important in the British Automotive Industry. The brand has serious experience and knowledge of motor racing and sports cars. Nevertheless, the automotive industry, which has changed in recent years, brings a lack of cash, especially in brands such as Aston Martin.

Given consumer trends, we all know that SUVs are the most preferred models in the global automotive industry. Aston Martin also stated that he began working on a new SUV model called DBX to get the share of this cake and celebrate 2020 when the car fell on the road.

Aston Martin boss will be Stroll Lawrence

The Board of Directors gathered together due to the financial conditions of the brand, assesses the proposals from investors. We have already mentioned that Geely, the owner of Volvo, also tries to buy shares from Aston Martin. This time, candidates include the Canadian business man Lawrence walks Aston Martin

After living announced that he was striving up to 16.7 percent, this amount increased to 318 million pounds. In a statement from the brand, "this type of investment improves the liquidity of the brand and reduces the material pressure on it." "The reason for this situation is the disappointing economic situation of the brand in the period up to 2019." In the case of this Agreement, the Racing Point Point Point Point Formula 1 team will start the season in 2021 as the Aston Martin F1 command.

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