Volkswagen Group Net stands

Volkswagen Group Net stands

Volkswagen is a German company founded in 1937, which means "the car of the people" in German, was founded by the National Socialist German Party. Volkvagen group net value continued from the first years so far.

Volkswagen Group brands

Some of the brands belonging to Volkswagen are Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, Seat, Lamborghini, Skoda, And Scania and Volkswagen Net, which should continue to increase.

As of 2008, he began producing trucks and buses to Brazil. The motto of the company is "DAS AUTO". The main goal of this slogan is to show that the company of German origin. Today Volkswagen Group Net is number 2 in the world.

Volkswagen Net Cost (Cost VW Net) has changed over the past two years more than% 20. Volkswagen The net value of 2018 amounted to about 85 billion dollars. Since then, the environment has become a company sales motto.

As the need for war in the 1940s, Volkswagen produces rockets and vehicles for the army. Slokswagen slogan at that time was "We produce and apply technology." Volkswagen became the world's first air-cooled engine manufacturer.

The reason for this product is the failure of water-cooled engines on the Russian front. Water cooling engines frozen in extreme cold and still functioning. By 1953, Volkswagen was the most automotive manufacturing company in Germany.

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Volkswagen owner

Volkswagen Auto Group is a publicly traded company with the Piëch-Porsche family, which possess the share of the majority in business.

The Volkswagen project is the biggest breakthrough Adolf Hitler made to make the German people owner by the car. The best-selling model of the brand was golf. Increased its investment in the ecological environmental brain in 1983, Volkswagen presented the second generation golf modes into the system that we call the filtering of exhaust gases.

Last year, the net value of Volkswagen continued to increase, and the cost of 2019 Volkswagen has 100 billion dollars.

The German company plans to sell more than 1 m Volkswagen Electric Cars in 2023.

This means that Volkswagen Net worth 2020 will continue to grow.

Interesting facts Volkswagen.


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