Nissan GTR 50 2019-2020

Nissan GTR 50 2019-2020

Nissan has shown the version of the new supercar Nissan GT-R 2019-2020 model year with the prefix in the title 50 by ItalDesign. The conceptual model would be represented in the summer of 2018, but only now it was decided to establish the release of the finished model.

It will be a serial sports car, made almost completely based on the concept. However, the novelty is going to produce a very limited edition, which consists of only 50 cars, which is why the model received the GTR50 marking.

The new GT-R50 was developed in conjunction with the famous Italian design studio ItalDesign. The exclusive anniversary model has a price of 990 thousand euros, or $ 1,110,000 or 73,398,000 rubles. This incredible transcendent value dictates exactly the exclusivity of this model. Nissanovs began to accept orders immediately after the serial version of the sports coupe 2019-2020 model year was approved.

The first new GTR 50 will go to their masters, immediately after reaching the conveyor 2019. However, according to the company, the construction of these cars will not hurry, and the release of the entire party from fifty copies may last until the end of the 2020. An interesting fact is that this supercar was designed in connection with two anniversaries: with a small margin - 50 years old is performed by the studio ItalDesign and the legendary Nissan GT-R series.

Review of the new Nissan GT-R50

According to the developers from Itadesign and Nissan, they did everything that the serial version would bring closer to the concept as possible, and the finished modification would almost not differ from it. The exterior of the car was completely "drawn" and is designed in italdesign with almost zero.

The appearance of the "release" GTR 50 almost completely repeats the body body, with the exception of some nuances. For example, first of all, a new diffuser can be noted, which is almost completely converted. Also, the new Nissan GT-R 2019-2020 model year is distinguished by the modified side wings, the renewal of the center of the central part was updated, and, of course, an area for accommodating a number of license plates appeared.

Continuing the review of the differences, it can be said that the most noticeable of them is larger outer mirrors. The prototype color has a gray and gold gamut of shades, but for serial models, the buyer can choose any desired combination of colors, both for body and for interior design.

Interior Salon

The design of the anniversary Nissan GTR 50 salon is made in a chic futuristic style. The central panel and doors are decorated with elegant inserts from 2 types of carbon fiber.

The steering wheel is made of carbon fiber and covered with black material called Alcatra, which gives pleasant feelings with the hands when driving. The Nissan GT-R50 2019-2020 interior complement the elements of gold color design, they are available on the door panels, on the control console and the handle of the gearbox, which resembles a lever of a racing car.

A high-quality italian leather was used as a sewing seats and driver, and their base was made of carbon.

"As for the reaction of adherents of the popular GT-R series, and the brand itself is Nissan from around the world, and also new potential customers GTR 50, it turned out to be much higher than the most bold expectations!" - tells Bob Lisha, the main boss department of the sale of sports car brand worldwide.

According to Bob, these fifty sports accumulations, which are confined to the 50th anniversary of the GT-R series and Atelier ItalDesign, will still have a very long time to testify to the technical superiority of this series of supercars. This once again emphasizes the traditions of Nissan to create first-class sports cars that are constantly developing and rich in new ideas of the automotive industry.


Nissan "GTR 50" 2019-2020 has elevated dynamic parameters and created on the basis of Nissan GT-R Nismo. The developers and engineers of the company made a refinement and improvement of the 3.8-liter power unit VR38DETT V6 and squeezed out of it with 720 horses with a torque of 780 nm. In addition, the forced motor received two steep turbocharger and more resistant to high parts parts, such as pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, bearings, etc.

A strengthened six-speed gearbox with a four-wheel drive transmission, which, in turn, is enhanced by drive shafts and differentials, is due to their effective work, it turned out to increase the torque.

Overall dimensions Nissan GT-R 50:

Wheel base, mm 2780.
Length, mm. 4784.
Height, mm. 1316.
Width, mm. 1992.

It is worth noting that before that, Nissan GT-R also had another once legendary name - Skyline. And with two names, the basic and "medium" versions were produced (just powerful, for example 155-250 hp, but not sports cars), and actually supercars. Modifications could have different body. After all, in addition to the coupe, there were also sedans and universals (though, the latter had their own name Stagea).

After 2002, when the last Nissan Skyline GTR in the excellent body R34 left the conveyor, then starting from the V35 series, only models with a capacity of up to 405 forces are produced under this title. Their top six-cylinder motors are either a new three-liter bitburg, as well as a 3.7-liter atmospheric motor. A series R35, which debuted in 2008 and has a capacity of 486-608 hp With a 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine, survived two restyling and is still released.

GT-R50 video:

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