New Audi 2018-2019

New Audi 2018-2019

Audi intends to seriously update its model range in 2019 and build several new models. The German automaker annually releases cars that become among the most high-tech and demanded on the market.

The German Troika Mercedes, BMW and AUDI automakers are leaders of sales of premium cars in our country. This leadership is ensured by the quality, comfort and reliability of the produced cars. In 2017, the largest sales amounted to Mercedes, the smallest "Audi" company.

In the conditions of a decrease in demand for their cars (not only in our country), the "Audi" concern planned in the near future to update a significant number of its models. Already in 2019, new products from AUDI will be available for buyers.


The AUDI company is produced by the AUDI index of A1 by the A1 index of A1.

In addition to its size, the model stands out:

  • design;
  • reliability;
  • economy;
  • Comfort.

Restyling was made in 2014 and the expected appearance in 2019 the updated version A1 is the predicted decision of the firm. Currently, the car passes traffic tests. According to the information submitted by a number of automotive publications, the small trap will be made only in the 5-tidn the bodies of the hatchback. The greatest changes will occur in the interior A1. This is due to the desire of the manufacturer to increase the premium model. For this purpose, premium materials in the interior decoration will be added and modern systems are installed for comfort.

At the initial stage of the issue, the force aggregates of the machine will remain unchanged. Traditionally, small-scale sales will begin in Europe, tentatively at the beginning of 2019 with an initial price of 21.0 thousand euros. Deliveries to our country of this model are still not scheduled.


For a dynamic sedan "Audi", it was the next year to make modifications in the front part (to carry out Facelifting).

For this purpose will be used:

  • radiator grille with double longitudinal guides;
  • Additional embossed lines on the hood;
  • trapezoid head optics;
  • The increased form of lateral air intakes.

The remaining changes in the form of the model are associated with increased flanges of the rear lights and the rapid lines of frontal climbing.

Other innovations should be noted a multifunctional complex and improved noise insulating materials. The start of sales of the updated version is scheduled for the end of 2018. In this case, the increase in the value of the model is not planned.


For the Audi A4 compact sedan, which is manufactured since 2015, next year means the time of execution of the first restyling.

When conducting an update, the Company does not outlines revolutionary innovations in an external image, and with the help of point solutions, increased dynamic traits will form for small tramps.

The main changes for A4 are associated with the addition of 475 liters in the motor line of a powerful motor. p., as well as with the inclusion in the equipment of the options previously available only for the "top" firms. On the sale of the sedan will go in the winter of 2018, and the cost will increase only by the rich sets of Audi A4.


Sports coupe A5 2019 model year will receive a new body with better aerodynamic properties.

Changes in appearance will add a vehicle dynamism and elegance. For the formation of such qualities, the designers applied:

  • elongated hood;
  • enlarged wheelbase;
  • reduced sinks;
  • Extended radiator grille;
  • Skinny head optics.

To enhance comfort, except for equipping additional modern equipment, adjustable shock absorbers are used in the suspension. A5 is equipped with 190 and 285 forces engines. The maximum speed of the coupe is limited to 250 km / h.

The model has retained two options for configuration, while the cost of the initial in domestic car dealerships Audi will begin from 2.75 million rubles, and the sales themselves will start in the middle of next year.


In 2019, the next full generation of sedan A6 will be released. The car received a completely new design, resembling the flagship A8 and a new salon, created in the style of the Sportback A7 model.

At once, seven different engines with a capacity of 150 to 325 forces are intended at once, with which the various options of KP are aggregating:

  1. machine;
  2. Mechanics;
  3. robot.

The initial cost of A6 in Europe will be 39.0 thousand euros, and sales will begin at the end of 2018. In Russian car dealerships, the new version will arrive at the beginning of 2019 with the initial cost of about 2.75 million rubles.


The second full-fledged generation of Sportback Audi A7 is made on a common platform with A8, but it has a much smaller road lumen.

To reduce the weight of the car and improve the dynamic parameters in the body structure, a significant number of aluminum parts are used. Salon A7 resembles a sports car where anatomical chairs with side support and wide head restraints are distinguished.

The basic for equipment will be a six-cylinder engine with a power of 340 forces. Machine speed is limited to 250 km / h. The price "Sportbek" will begin with 68.0 thousand euros, and sales start in 3-kV. 2018.


Among the new models "Audi" 2019, an updated version of the flagship sedan is allocated. "Eight" received a solid, even a little conservative external image.

The flagship sedan Audi A8 is one of the oldest models among its peers. The updated version of the car was previously shown in July at a special event in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Then the model debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The new fourth generation A8 should appear in 2018 as the 2019 model. Although his appearance and seems a bit conservative, inside the technology is a real breakthrough.

Among the new technological capabilities should be particularly allocated to Audi AI. This software system made on the basis of artificial intelligence. It controls the autonomous functions of the car, and also acts as an electronic assistant. Audi AI is the first system of autonomous movement, which entered into production with the possibility of independent driving of the 3rd level.

The most common system of self-service level of the 2nd level, requiring constant control by the driver, which should instantly take on the emergency in the event of an emergency.

Level 3 implies full control from the car, but in some situations the presence of a driver, ready after a short warning to help autopilot, is still necessary. There is a self-propelled system at a speed of up to 60 km / h.

The manufacturer will offer two body options. Both are significantly increased compared to their predecessors. The standard model has a length of 517 cm, and the "stretched" version is 530 cm. Such a size implies a more spacious interior. The front of the cabin has a strictly horizontal orientation.

A new Audi interface appeared in the cockpit. This is a familiar swivel Gone button and a touch panel located on the center console. The developers removed most buttons and switches. Control is carried out through a 10.1-inch touch screen in the central stack, which in the off state is drained with a black console background and becomes almost invisible.

Also, the car will appear an advanced user interface. The driver can use the second touch screen on the center console to access the functions of air conditioning and ensuring comfort, as well as to enter text messages. When the driver activates the function on the top or bottom display, the confirmation is distributed. Similarly, the glasses control buttons are triggered.

The initial cost of the Audi A8 2019 model year will be 87.0 thousand euros.


The most compact crossover under the designation Q2 concern "Audi" released in 2016. The car is different:

  • safety;
  • design;
  • Comfort.

Thanks to the specified advantages, Q2 uses fairly stable demand. But, despite this, Audi planned in 2019 to start selling a modified crossover variant.

From its predecessor in appearance, the updated version will be different:

  • massive front bumper;
  • increased by the radiator grille;
  • large air intakes;
  • narrow headlights;
  • elongated top spoiler;
  • Additional lines of stamping doors of the trunk.

The novelty salon is characterized by high-quality architecture, use in the finishing of luxury materials and the presence of modern equipment for creating comfort.

Q2 has a complete and front-wheel drive, as power units, it is possible to choose from six motors with a capacity from 116 to 190 liters. from. A modified version will be on sale at the beginning of 2019 at the price of 30.0 thousand dollars. The German company did not provide information about the possibility of supplying the model to our country.


A premium compact crossover under the designation Q3 Concern Audi releases 2011. For the present period, active work is carried out on the refinement to the mass production of the 2019 car model.

Audi Q3 is a premium compact crossover, which is manufactured from 2011. At the moment, the new generation of 2019 model year is in full swing. This is confirmed by the latest spy shots.

It is expected that the German manufacturer will continue to amaze design. The car should be similar to the reduced version of the last Q5, albeit with a more dynamically distributed body.

The platform on which the body is installed is the usual MQB option, which is used by the Volkswagen Group for its compact cars and premium models of the middle class.

It is assumed that the new Q3 model will use mainly inline-4 engines with turbocharging, although a hybrid version can be offered.


The release of the new items in 2019 is associated with the desire of the company Audi to fill the segment of compact crossovers of its own production. Therefore, the small coupe-crossover Q4 will be a completely new model of the manufacturer.

Production should be held at the Audi Plant in Diere, Hungary. It will become part of the growing line of a new style car, headed by electric Q6 and luxurious Q8. This confirms that Audi can use a profile similar to a compartment, albeit on a high landing off-road.

A dashy five-seater car after its exit will compete with the upcoming models of BMW X2, Range Rover Evoque and Mercedes-Benz Gla. Q4 will be built on the same MQB basic platform as the Q3 second generation. Since the next generation Q3 will increase in size to provide a range of space for the newly represented Q2 model, the new Q4 should look like to surpass its nearest rivals.

Representatives of the Audi said that the total Q4 length will be at least 4500 mm, which is about 110 mm more than today's Q3, which is currently being built at the Martorell Seat factory, but production will move to Gyor in 2018. The plans for the construction of a new Q4 company Audi initially disclosed, showing at the Beijing Motor Show in 2014 conceptual model TT Offroad.

As in the case of this car, the Q4 production version includes a highly curved roof line and the rear door in the Liftback style.

The Q4 interior is made in such a way as to extract the maximum benefit from a number of developments already existing in the latest Audi models and the Maternal company Volkswagen.

These developments will also be used for the next generation models built on the MQB database. These are full-screen displays, gesture management functions, touch 9.2-inch display, inductive charging for the smartphone and the latest connectivity.


The second generation of a full-sized crossover is manufactured since 2015. Restylanging for Q7 should be called the company's planned solution.

The all-wheel drive crossover is characterized by the manufacturer as a model with sports temperament and premium quality. Therefore, to strengthen the specified properties of the car, the following solutions are designed:

  • smooth hood;
  • large radiator grille;
  • rectangular led optics;
  • sports kit;
  • Lower plastic protection;
  • Increased amount of smooth emptying.

Only luxury materials are used in the decoration, and new equipment has been added to enhance the safety and creating comfort.

As a basic engine capacity of 335 liters. from. Together with the 8-speed automatic transmission. The appearance of the domestic dealers of the new version Q7 is expected at the beginning of 2019. The cost of the novelty will begin from 4.0 million rubles.


Conducting updates for a significant number of its cars, as well as the release of new models indicates the plans of the German concern "Audi" not only to stop the decline in demand for its products, but also stabilize, in the coming period, own sales with the possibility of further increase in the implementation of passenger cars and crossovers.

Also in 2019, the company promises to provide a sports car Vision Gran Turismo, evaluate the exterior and the sporty character of which you can on the video:


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