Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

Jeep Grand Cherokee L 2021

The American company Jeep has expanded its model range and presented the elongated 7-seater SUV Grand Cherokee L.

The release of the sevenstal version is explained by the increased demand for three-row crossovers and SUVs. Sales in the middle-size SUV segment amounted to about 70%. Of course, Jeep has long paid attention to this fact, and they are ready to offer a new Grand Cherokee 2021.

Design Exterior

The new Grand Cherokee 2021 in the new Body WL got rid of the Mercedes platform and moved to the "trolley" Giorgio, which had previously formed the basis of the latest Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio models. The integration of the third row of seats, of course, led to a significant increase in dimensions. Thus, the new Grand Cherokee L 2021 was 384 mm longer than the outgoing five-seater SUV, and his wheelbase increased by 175 mm. Also wider than steel front and rear gauges (38 and 33 mm). Final body sizes: 5204 x 1963 x 1816 mm, the distance between the axes is 3091 mm.

Interestingly, the angle of entry in the highest position of the body has become more: 30.1 degrees against 25.7 at the same model. Although the geometry does not deceive: the angle of the ramp and the angle of the congress with an increase in the wheelbase and the rear swell decreased. But the passport depth of the overcome fusion is now 610 mm against 510 at the old Grand.

In the design of the "fifth" Grand Cherokee, continuity with previous generations is clearly traced, but here you are clearly visible borrowing from the new concept of Wagoneer. Along with the classic radiator semiconduction grid and trapezoid wheel arches, a new model received a rather massive hood, solid bumpers, neat blocks of lighting equipment with thin diode strips of running lights. The hood and the fifth door are made of aluminum.

Top versions are affecting the alloy discs of the 21st size and the black glossy roof with the rails. Off-road modification Overland is highlighted by more aggressive body kit, towing hooks and 18 or 20 inches wheels with off-road rubber.

Interior Salon

Salon of the new Grand Cherokee subjected to a thorough restructuring. The front panel configuration is changed, and better finishing materials are used. Instrument and technical equipment is aligned with the requirements of time. Now there are completely virtual devices on the screen with a diagonal of 10.25 inches, there is a projection display, and instead of the gear control lever, a rotating washer is installed.

The UConnect 5 multimedia system can have a touchscreen diagonal of 8.4 or 10.1 inches (depending on the configuration), supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless protocols, Wi-Fi access point, induction charging immediately for two gadgets, 12 USB ports A and USB-C. In this case, the climate control remote control remained completely analog - with real buttons swing keys and a pair of twilight.

Among other options - the drive door of the trunk with contactless opening, ventilation and seating massage, advanced acoustics Mcintosh (19 speakers), camera for tracking the rear row passengers. The set of electronic assistants includes a night vision, driver's status monitoring, maintaining robes of movement, road sign recognition, interference detection when traveling from parking. There is also a second-level autopilot, which is capable of conducting a car in highways. By the end of 2021, its updated version will appear, which will allow you to clean your hands from the steering wheel.

Depending on the layout of the second row (Captain chairs or sofa on three), the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L has six or seven seats. The volume of the freight compartment over the last is 484 liters. With a sequential folding of the rear seats, the roomy of the trunk increases first up to 1328 liters, and then up to 2396 liters.


Despite the change of the platform, technically Grand Cherokee remained faithful to himself. It is still available with three versions of the full drive:

  • Quadra-Trac I is a single-stage dispensing box;
  • Quadra-Trac II is a two-stage dispensing box with reduction transmission;
  • Quadra-Drive II - rear differential with blocking function;

Store and rear-wheel drive versions. Pendant from the new Grand Cherokee L is fully independent multi-dimensional. Optionally, an adaptive chassis with an adjustable from 170 to 277 mm clearance is offered (standard road lumen is 216 mm). The SUV can overcome the water barrier to a depth of up to 610 mm.

In the motor gamma traditionally changes are almost no. A 3,6-liter V6 of 290 horsepower is already installed under the hood. It is also possible to establish a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 of the impact of 357 horsepower. In a pair with both engines, the same eight-speed automatic transmission works.

The default rear drive (the new Grand Cherokee L is built on the Giorgio's upgraded Giorgio platform from Alfa Romeo Stelvio), but for surcharge you can get one of the all-wheel drive transmissions. The basic quadratrac i is equipped with a clutch in the front wheel drive, Quadratrac II is characterized by a two-step dispensing box, and Quadra-Drive II is supplemented with electronic locking of the rear differential.

Price and Start Sales

From the start of sales Jeep Grand Cherokee L will be offered in four configurations - Limited, Overland, Summit and Summit Reserve. The initial price is projected in the area of ​​40,000 dollars (2.95 million rubles). The start of sales of the new Elki is scheduled for the second quarter of this year, while the Grand Cherokee of the two generations will be sold parallel to at least 2022. Later, not only the five-seater version will appear in the WL family, but also the familiar modifications of SRT, TrackHawk and Trailhawk, and the rechargeable hybrid.

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