Porsche Cayman and novelties Porsche 2020-2021

Porsche Cayman and novelties Porsche 2020-2021

The Porsche Cayman coupe debuted and replenished the family back in 2005 and is now one of the oldest sports cars in the market. Formally, the model uses the same chassis and motors as a mid-tier Roger Boxster, but positioned on the step above. Its closed and more rigid body has a positive effect on manageability and aerodynamics. As a result, the speed on the circle top Cayman S is practically not inferior to a heavily basic Porsche 911 Carrera with a capacity of 345 hp And recently, Porsche prepared lightweight and at the same time more powerful Cayman R, which should be ahead of the 911st.

To make it easier to make it easier for the already sports car, the Germans saved literally on grams. For example, they abandoned the salon door handles in favor of weightless straps, the air conditioner and radio tape recorder were removed, installed a lighter battery, aluminum doors and a hood, and the chairs were eliminated from the "extra" adjustments. Total mass savings - 55 kg. Add a 330-stroke engine of 3.4 liters to this and it turns out that 254.8 hp is located on the energy transportation "Erca" per ton of weight, and in the 911st - only 243.8. And although by the time of overclocking to "hundreds" and the maximum speed of 911 faster, the situation should be inversely on the track.

Cayman comparison with other models

Rate what is a new Cayman on the go, and compare it with other Porsche models in combat conditions, we went to the newly built racing track near St. Petersburg. In truth, the track can be called only with some reservation. While this is only a project. The asphalt of a given configuration is already lying, but instead of the security bands, the mountains of sand, crushed stone and soil are welcome. I don't even want to fly out in them even on a fully insured car, so the instructors were stationed by the track cones with braking points and the correct trajectory. Time agreed not to block, but to concentrate on their own emotions. Boxster s and 911 Carrera took the starting point.

911 Carrera.

The first circles behind the wheel of the rear trainer are forced to remember the special piloting technique characteristic only for Porsche. Before entering the turn, the most important thing is to load controlled wheels as much as possible when braking, otherwise the light front barns fails to float out. But as soon as the car turned his nose on apex, you can smoothly open the gas, not even waiting for the top of the rotation. Well-loaded wide rear wheels allow you to literally shoot from aging, absolutely no fear of drift. The 3.6-liter motor in a pair with a 7-speed PDK box with two clutches works as soon as possible. Never had to think about the need to manually switch gear. In Sport Plus mode, the transmission works flawlessly, giving the motor to unwind to maximum revolutions, and in a timely manner switches down when braking.

Boxister S.

Rerep from the 911st to Boxster S, at the first moment they will be surprised at asceticism and a significantly closer cabin. Although everything you need in the car is. On the track, the roadster does not give out its somewhat reduced body rigidity - rides on the highway accurately and less demanding on the loading of the front axle. To lead such a car in the running turn - great pleasure: neutral handling allows the wheel or gas to control slip and not be afraid of them. And in Sport Plus mode, the stabilization system enters work only with a sufficiently rough driver error.

Panamera 2021.

In addition to acquaintance with the Porsche sports ruler, we managed to try on the ring and the Panamera family. Moreover, both TURBO top models and basic versions were available. According to seniority, the most powerful version was chosen first. However, to be honest, after sports cars, a large sedan-hechtbak sedan looks on the track is not too expressive. The informative steering wheel allows you to control the machine, but only to a specified limit: I moved a little in the turn - and the heavy nose suddenly floats from the trajectory. The only thing that left a truly bright impression is carbon-ceramic brakes. It seems they do not know fatigue and are not completely afraid of heating. Especially their advantage has become noticeable after we have moved to a similar Panamera Turbo, but with ordinary brakes. From intensive operation, they were thoroughly led, and when braking, the steering wheel jerges in his hands. But the pair of substitution of such disks is just a single set of carbon.

Rerep into the Basic Panamera, it was expected that this model would become an outsider of all races, but it was not there. Such a Porsche with rear-wheel drive is noticeably easier and, although it does not reach the characteristics of sports cars, for its mass and dimensions looks at the race track surprisingly cheerfully and confidently. On informative on the steering wheel, even a family sedan still remains real Porsche. And if you turn off the insuring electronics, it can even be slightly stunned on it, sending a car into a drift or provocative countertoping, but in our test drive, during such a maneuvers, the car was made, and the nearest tow truck in Kharkov helped it from the cuvette. According to the results of the test check-in, it is possible to draw conclusions that the basic version would not prevent carbon brakes - steel beaten and overheat after several laps.

Cayman R.

After such a car, we expect Cayman to be even better, extremely difficult. And here we are looking at this white little reptile. So I want to ask: "You can't bite me?" In Cayman Static, as laid by amphibian, absolutely cold-blooded, even distinguishing it from the usual "eska" without a signboard is extremely difficult. Unless to look into the salon and look at the inner handles-loops and the absence of a visor above the instruments.

Salon of the new Cayman.

By the stock of space over the head of Cayman, there are a few more boxster, although the rest of the interior is the same. Moreover, the "Ermque" has no air conditioning and music, but they can be installed free of charge, thereby returning comfort and saved kilograms. If it were about the roadster, then the refusal to climate installation was still possible to discuss, but in the case of the coupe, it seems to me that it is nothing more than marketing games. Not sure that there will be at least units of customers who are ready to sacrifice the comfort for 0.1 from overclocking to "hundreds". But the addition of dozens of "horses" is quite palpable. In comparison with the roadster, the motor is easier to be easier, the box is slightly tougher, and sometimes even with the impetus.

Effort on the steering wheel below and at the same time more transparent and accurate. Shock absorbers here are ordinary, without adjustments, but somewhat tougher and thicker stabilizers. On the track all this is perceived as granted. Surprisingly, in the turns, we sometimes managed to impose the struggle even 911 Turbo, although there was no single chance on direct 500-housing turbo engine. And the usual 911 Cayman R catches it very confident - thanks to low mass and more balanced rave. Next, it all rests on the driver's qualifications. Pilot, before never driving Porsche, Midnoor Cayman is clearer and easier. It is easier to spend in turn on the verge. The 911th requires other pilot techniques, and if it is seized, it turns out very quickly. It is necessary to slow down harder before turning, but you can accelerate a little earlier and more efficient.

Test drives

Even between two instructors of the German driver's skills of Porsche, we did not find a clear answer. One of them, younger, said I prefers Cayman, and the second convinced that the real 911st still faster ...

As for me, a person, alas, has not yet earned even on the most affordable Porsche, I would choose Cayman or even Boxster. And not only because they are accessible, and also for their more fun and gambling drive. While the 911st for me remains a thing in itself - his layout is a hostage of history, which began with VW Beeetle, and to move away from it now would be the destruction of a long-standing tradition. The skills obtained at the wheel of the 911th cannot be applied to any other sports car, although the very fact of possessing the real Porsche is also expensive.

And do the values ​​in real life have tenths of a second? The most important thing is the pleasure of driving, and its Porsche sports cars are guaranteed in any performance!


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