Rating of the most beautiful roads in the world

Rating of the most beautiful roads in the world

Sometimes the charm and delight in the journey arises not from contemplation of attractions in the final point, but for the path itself. This review presents the 15 most beautiful roads in the world, a trip for which is already an exciting unforgettable adventure.

Travelers manage to see such delightful things that many have not seen even in the pictures. Just ride one of the roads from this list with an open window, removing the surrounding view of the camera is already a huge joy and the highest measure of aesthetic pleasure. One can only guess what bright and positive emotions are obtained by people passing along these roads.

The aesthetics of the tracks lies directly in the natural environment. Many paths are laid in the mountainous area, captured ring ridges. Here beauty is closely conjugated with danger, and speed - with recklessness. However, the moments carried out on the way will not be sorry about the selected route.

If you are going on a trip to these countries, do not forget to ride the breeze in an amazing road from this rating. And if you are not going anywhere, then just look and enjoy! We present to your attention the rating of the most beautiful roads in the world in photos.

1. Florida-Kisa (USA)

The legendary bridge from Florida Kis, stretches right above the Atlantic Ocean. It is difficult to refuse the pleasure to ride through the beautiful Florida Florida Road in the United States, and do not need to refuse if you were lucky enough to be here.

The road called The Overseas Highway in the literal sense means the "track on the surface of the seas." This is not the case when the road exists to deliver a person to some place - it can exist for the sake of pleasure and the path itself.

What is this road? Just imagine - the length of the track is 203 km, includes 40 bridges, blue ocean water, endless space, coral reefs, tropical incredible landscapes!

An interesting fact: the scenes from Hollywood films were filmed on the bridge: "murder license", "truthful lies" and others.

2. TianMen (China)

The road TianMen, which is located in China - this is something incredible! Asphalt tape in length 11 km. It rises to a mark at 1300 m. On the way 99 turns are performed, which is symbolic for the Chinese. This test can be withstanding not all, so people with panic attacks and elevation fear are better to refrain from the trip.

It is easy to ride on this road, for this you need to visit the Tianmene National Park and purchase a ticket. Chinese driver ride down on the rabid speed of all fearless tourists! It is best to sit down from the window - this trip will never forget.

An interesting fact: on this road never happened accidents, because all drivers are professionals of their work.

3. Gorge Verdon (France)

To date, Verdon Gorge is the largest canyon in Europe. Its depth comes to 800 m, and in length it takes 25 km of picturesque square. Despite the fact that the scale of the canyon of France is inferior to Arizona Canyon, one can say, surpasses him in beauty.

Before the gaze of passing motorists, wonders of nature open: lavender fields, mountains, clean air. Being in Provence, this gorge must be visited. On the way, you can stay in the village of Moistiers Sainte Marie and eat there in one of the restaurants.

Interesting fact: In 1905, Speleologist Edward Alfred Martel headed the expedition to study this area, which no one previously knew.

4. Pass Stelvio (Italy)

Pass Stelvio is located in Italy at an altitude of 2,758 m, is the highest asphalted pass in the eastern part of the Alps. In height (for only 12 m!) It is inferior only to the Alpine Pass-de-L'isran Pass, which is located in France.

This road is attractive not only by picturesque species, but also with their tolerance. Driving along the road, experiencing mixed feelings - on the one hand, admiration, and with another disconnection from horror ... Scary from awareness that you are going on a narrow road literally above the precipice.

5. Chuy tract (Russia)

The Chuy tract is ancient way from Siberia to Asia and the most picturesque road of Russia. The road, a length of 968 km. Starts in Novosibirsk, and ends on the border with Mongolia.

Drive on this bridge - I don't care what to cross the whole of Russia. On the way there is a lot of interesting to the gaze: Teletsk Lake (if you turn left), the foot of the Beluhi (right), and if you do not turn and go straight, then you will definitely see the Kurayaya Steppe at the foot of the North Chui Range.

The Chuy tract is in demand among motorists - this is caused not only by picturesque landscapes, but also a large number of remarkable places located near the route.

6. Pamir Tract (Tajikistan)

The Pamir tract is the most high mountain road connecting the Kyrgyz City - Osh, Tajikistan - Khorog and Dushanbe.

One of the most exciting spirit of stops on the way is the lake of the Karakul, which is located in Tajikistan. It is located at an altitude of 3914 m. Above sea level. It is from this point that begins a steep rise to the rigor of the Big Pamir.

It is worth considering that the Pamir tract is open for travel only in warmth time, and that is, the reason - in winter, the likely to get under the gathering of avalante. Travelers will see a truly Martian landscape stretching to the descent to the valley in the Tajik side: Otara Sheep, rocks and gorges, lack of vegetation.

7. Tunnel Golian (China)

I want to go through the tunnel of Golian to many, but not everyone is solved for it ... The road is high in the mountains of Henan Province, in China. On this tunnel, only a few decades will drive, but Golian has become the most famous dear due to specific species, interesting location and design. It is located in rocks.

Three tens of villagers worked on the construction of Goliant, and their persistence created an unimaginable, which once again confirms the fact that the Chinese are a very hardworking and patient people. Thanks to the persistence, they managed to cut a tunnel in a length of 1200 m in rock! Now this place is a wonder, and tourists seem to come here.

8. Big Circle (USA)

The United States is an amazing country that is famous for natural beauty and occupies one of the best places in the world in the entertainment and tourism championships. All travelers and collectors of impressions, of course, should turn their attention to the big circle! In the way, so many exciting places that will definitely be that telling friends.

The theme of the Wild West of Some leaves not indifferent - the lands of a large circle extend west of rocky mountains. Initially, the bus tour was called a large circle, from which the area name occurred.

Crossing a large circle, you can capture four states: Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado, in which you will definitely find what to see. But you have to allocate for this not one day, because here is the most national parks of the United States, which will not work quickly.

9. Atlantic Road (Norway)

If you are afraid of water, then the path around the Atlantic Road is likely to cause you a panic, because the road goes almost across the Ocean itself, jumping from one island to another.

This is a truly unique structure - the route that takes only 8.5 km. Square, includes 6 bridges! The main bridge is called StorsEisundet, which means "Bridge to Heaven". The impression of the trip is enhanced, if you go through the bridge in the fall in the Storm Season - the raging waves rolled to the islands and crashing the supports of the structure. Fasten the belts better when you get together!

An interesting fact: StorsEisundet - the main attraction of Norway, stands unevenly like the rest of the bridges, and wriggles. If you look at it from a certain angle, then it seems that passing machines take off up (or fall into the ocean ...)

10. Kohl de Turini (France)

In the desire to see the most beautiful planet roads you can not get around the side in the literal and figurative sense, the cunning serpentine Kohl de Turini, which is in the mountainous area in the south of France. This road was noted by many tests of sports high-speed cars and participants of the Monte Carlo rally.

This is a kind of connecting link, by passing that can be reached from Nice to Monaco. Serpentine is literally carved into the rock. Route 30 km is covered by forests. Motion participants prefer to move in each other, every turn - the risk to be in the accident, because on the one hand the steep wall, on the other, is a cool break.

11. Gottard Pass (Switzerland)

One of the most complex and picturesque trails laid in the Alps is within Switzerland. At the highest point, the distance to the sea level is 2.1 km away. The road is actively used by motorists and cyclists. For the latter there is a separate bar. There is also a railway tunnel with the same name of 15 km long. Only 1000 meters exceeded this indicator of the tunnel for cars. The total length of the pass does not exceed 48 km. For Russian citizens, the pass is of historical importance, it was he who was overcome by the commander Suvorov in 1799.

Winding directions, unexpected turns, steep descents and lifting, fascinating landscapes - this is what travelers awaits, whose way runs through the most beautiful roads in the world. The natural perfection of the nature and the celebration of the engineering thought of man connected here.

12. Great Ocean Road (Australia)

The Great Ocean Road of 243 kilometer long runs along the Pacific coast of Australia. The road has no practical value - it was built by the soldiers returned from the First World War as a monument to victims of battles. After opening in the 1932th, the road became the largest military memorial of the world, and thirty years later, she was recognized as one of the most picturesque on the planet.

The route passes near the coast itself, overlooking the endless water expanses and quiet secluded lagoon. Among the main attractions found on the way, the Mysterious Store of Shipwrecks (ShipWreck Coast), which broke 638 ships. And the "twelve apostles" is a group of limestone cliffs close in the ocean, up to 45 meters high. In fact, the rocks here are only eight, and until recently they were called no other than the "pig and piglets".

The uniqueness of the Great Ocean Road is that the coastline changes so quickly - tomorrow you can no longer see what was today. It is worth going here not only to admire landscapes, sip on the beach or conquer the wave. This is also the route of the Australian Safari: you can observe the migration of southern whales in Warrenambule, and in the hunting reserve Tower Hill stroll along with Kangaroo and Ema and look at the Koal and Sea Birds.

13. Dalton-Highway (USA)

Dalton-Highway is 666 kilometers of a dirt road crossing Alaska almost in the middle of the north to south. The track was built in 1974 for the delivery of goods to the Pradho bay oil fields and the maintenance of the Transisaleskin oil pipeline. And the name was in honor of the James Dalton engineer, a specialist in arctic construction.

On a motorcycle or some kind of voracious car, it is necessary to see here with caution: on all Highwema between Fairbank, 100 kilometers from which it begins, and Dedhorsis, where it ends, there are only two refills: on a crossing through the river Yukon and in Koldfut (400 KM from Fairbenx), so the necessary supply of gasoline, as well as tires, tools, food and other items, it is better to immediately take with you. Medical care can also be obtained only in Koldy or in Grandfather. This is Alaska, gentlemen! Save and at first glance, the unfriendly land, which only the prepared and responsible traveler will give an unforgettable impression and will open its wealth.

To share Alaska and the truth is there anything: the largest state of the United States is still almost corrupted by civilization, 23 (!) National Park and Reserve are located on its territory. Through some of them: "White Mountains", the National Reserve of the Wild Arctic Nature, Reserves on the banks of the Yukon River, the reserve "Gate of the Arctic" - just passes Dalton-Highway, then lost in a smooth snow-covered or disinterested plain, then looping between oversight From all sides by wooded mountains. Another mandatory ritual of all travelers passing on Highway is to take a picture against the background of a sign denoting the northern polar circle.

14. Route 40 (Argentina)

The NO 40 (Ruta 40) route crosses almost all Argentina from north to south and goes along the high Andean ridges. This is one of the longest roads in the world: 5,000 kilometers - no joke! Especially if they pass through several climatic belts. Landscape around is constantly changing: forests, rocks, lakes, fields, meadows, deserts, almost not populated pampas, asphalt and gravel, dust and red sand, sun and beating the wind, 27 mountain passes, 18 large rivers, finally 20 national Parks, in each of which you can spend a few days.

For example, in the Los Gosyareas Park, which made UNESCO to the World Natural Heritage List, you can visit the Perito-Moreno Glacier, where the third largest fresh water supply is concentrated in the world. Its area is fully comparable to the area of ​​all Buenos Aires, while the glacier is in constant movement, every day changing the location on average by 2 meters. You can admire it from sightseeing sites, as well as going for a walk directly on the ice crumb, accompanied by a climbers. The same road will lead to the famous "Cure hand" (Cueva de Las Manos), where all the walls are made by prints of human palms and images of scenes of hunting, the oldest of which are dating ninth millennium to our era.

Separate attention deserves the second in size of the National Park of Argentina - "Calchack Valley" (Calchaqi Walley), in which you can get from the mountain deserts in the subtropical forest in one day - the climate on one relatively small plot of land is changing. And, of course, it is worth going through Ruta 40 to impress the "Martian" landscapes of the desert and look at the flamingo living on the lakes of Patagonia.

15. Transfregarash highway (Romania)

The picturesque narrow road is recognized as one of the most beautiful roads around the world. For incomplete 40 years of its existence, she managed to become a business card Romania.

The transfregarash highway is really impressive - a lot of natural and historical attractions are located along the mountain road, so many tourists come here here.

Driving through the most beautiful roads of the world - fabulous species are opened from the windows of the car: waterfalls, rivers, picturesque valleys, fields with a perfiding wheat, rocky mountainside, etc. This is perhaps the best sights of our planet for the motorist!


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