10 best-selling cars in the world 2020

10 best-selling cars in the world 2020

Henry Ford once told the phrase that became a winged, but in certain circles:

"The best car is new."

Indeed, the owner of the car, which has just come down from the conveyor, arises much less problems.

In the reporting period 2020 (first half of the year), 32 million people all over the world became the happy owners of the new car. This figure would be much more if not a coronavirus pandemic. Compared to the same period, 2019, it decreased by 27%.

What machines are very popular? Before you, the answer to this question is the ranking of the most sold cars in the world in 2020.

1. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla has become a sales leader in the 2020th. Released since 1966 (twelve generations). The car has repeatedly occupied the first line in the tops, and in 1974 he even got into the Guinness Book of Records. According to statistics, more than 45 million cars were sold for all the time.

The best sedan in its class: excellent handling and dynamism, first-class design, unique equipment, high level of comfort. This car is able to demonstrate the status of its owner, although the price of it is quite pleasant - from 1.3 million rubles.

  • In 2020, 503 thousand purchases were committed, 15% less than in 2019.

2. Ford F-Series

Pickup is produced since 1948 and is in demand for 70 years. A total of 13 generations are represented. The last model and at all became a cult due to its versatility.

The car appropriate looks like in the city stream, and away from civilization. There is one "but" - there are very few of them in Russia, and most often these used cars brought from abroad.

  • The cost of Ford F-Series is quite high - about 8 million rubles. In the world, 435 thousand people gave its preference for this model, which is 19% less compared to 2019.

3. Toyota RAV4.

Compact crossover, which has been produced since 1994 (five generations). Innovative technical equipment, expressive design, functional interior, a special security system - this is what the Toyota RAV4 is so appreciated.

  • In 2020, 426 thousand lucky over the world became owners of this car, which is only 4% less than in 2019. However, this is not surprising, the crossover is the most popular since 2018. Minimum cost - 1.8 million rubles.

4. Honda Civic

The first Japanese car, which has become massive and brought Honda world fame. Civic began to release in 1972, during this time the manufacturer presented ten generations. There are three versions: sedan, hatchback (five-door) and coupe.

The new modification of Honda Civic is primarily safe driving. The manufacturer took care of preventing trouble on the road. Adaptive cruise control and travel tracking system forms the autopilot sembliness.

  • In the 2020th Honda, more than 306 thousand drivers have confessed, it is 26% less than in the previous year. The price for it is not too high, varies from 780 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles.

5. Chevrolet Silverado.

Another full-size pickup from America. From 1999, four generations have been released at the moment. Offered with a single, one-hour or double-row cabin. The appearance of the car depends on the execution (all of them 8). In any case, this frame pickup makes the impression of a powerful and even aggressive car. By the way, he received wide fame after "participation" in the shooting of the legendary film "Kill Bill".

Spacious salon, good sound insulation, upgraded cruise control - the advantages of Chevrolet Silverado can be listed for a long time. 294 thousand people chose this car in 2020.

  • Surprisingly, the sale of the car compared to 2019 even grew, the truth is slightly slightly, by only 2%. Although the price is unlikely to be called the budget - 3.5 million rubles.

6. Honda KR-in

This compact crossover has been produced since 1995, five generations have come out. Slogan from advertising: "Perfection in everything ...". Indeed, he is able to cope with many a wide variety of tasks. In urban environments, he is maneuverable and dynamic, powerful and chain on off-road. Stylish and practical, reliable and universal is all about Honda CR-V.

  • The car is available in six configurations. Maximum price of 2.9 million rubles. In 2020, a preference was given by 292 thousand people all over the world, which is 23% less than in 2019.

7. Ram Pickup.

Full-sized american pickup. Last modification - the fifth generation model has emerged in early 2019. The manufacturer claims that the new car frames largely exceeds its predecessors.

This is a big reliable car, spacious with a good burden, has a high passability. It is not ideal for the city, there are difficulties with parking, but will become an excellent solution for the residents of the country house, lovers of outdoor activities in nature or for work.

  • In 2020, RAM chose 284 thousand people (less than 18% than in 2019).

8. Toyota Camry.

This model enjoys stable purchasing demand since 1991. Since then, eight generations have been released. For 40 years, Toyota Camry has become a benchmark among business class sedans.

Its obvious advantages: a combination of modern technologies and legendary Japanese quality, presentable appearance. New engine and multimedia system, circular overview 360 °, monitoring of blind zones ... The car has an increased level of comfort, is amazing with many functional solutions.

  • The price (maximum equipment) reaches 2.3 million rubles. Standard can be purchased for 1.7 million rubles. During the reporting period, 2020 Camry acquired 275 thousand people, which is 22% less than in 2019.

9. Volkswagen Tiguan.

Another brainchild Volkswagen. For the first time, the compact crossover was presented in 2007, at the moment two generations were issued. At the beginning of its path, the car did not enjoy greatly popular, but numerous updates drastically changed the situation.

Advanced technology, bright appearance, elevated level of comfort and security - this is why Tiguan loves all over the world. The maximum price of a crossover 2.8 million rubles, but it can be significantly saved if you choose a more modest package.

  • In 2020, 262 thousand people became the happy owners of Volkswagen Tiguan (less than 30% than in 2019).

10. Volkswagen Golf.

The most successful model of the German concern Volkswagen. She appeared in 1974 and experienced eight generations, but still enjoys great popularity worldwide. This is a small middle class car, three- or five-door hatchback.

Recent modifications are distinguished by a rich electronic stuffing of the cabin, a variety of engine rules, increased safety and economy. Drivers going down in time, will necessarily appreciate the adaptive cruise control system and the modern car interior, in particular the digital control panel. In Russia, the new Volkswagen Golf will appear not earlier than December 2020, so the cost is still early.

  • The average price of cars issued earlier varies from 1.5 to 1.7 million rubles. For the first half of 2020, such Volkswagen Golf acquired 215 thousand people. For the same period of 2019, the indicator was 50% higher.


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