5 new Ravon 2020-2021

5 new Ravon 2020-2021

Planning to acquire a modern car of the budget segment - we suggest familiarizing with the novelties, which will offer in 2020-2021 by the Uzbek company RAVON and find out what the new models of this young, fast-growing brand will be interesting to the Russian buyer.

1. Ravon Tracker

In 2020-2021, the brand also plans to release the first crossover crossover on the basis of Chevrolet Tracker.

Unlike previous models, in the first SUV, Ravon decided to even leave the recognizable name of his predecessor - Tracker.

The compact crossover will be based on the GM Gamma II platform, previously tested in Aveo models, Spark, Cobalt, etc.

As a power unit for the tracker, a 140-strong 1.8-liter gasoline atmospheric is selected, which will complement the standard 5-speed mechanics or a 6-displease automatic machine for Ravon.

The model functionality will be expanded with such options as:

  • Multimedia system MyLink with 7-inch touchscreen display;
  • regular navigation;
  • ABS, ESP and SRS systems;
  • heated mirrors and stalk;
  • climate control.

In the basic configuration, the model will be equipped with an anterior drive, but the appearance in the future of the all-wheel drive version is not excluded, for which, most likely, a more powerful power unit will be provided.

2. Ravon R2.

Modern Reincarnation Chevrolet Spark, presented in the market since 2016.

Compact urban hatchback attracts the attention of domestic motorists with economy, maneuverability and affordable price.

Under the hood of the Juro Baby hides a gasoline engine that corresponds to the Euro 5 standard in a set with a 4-speed automaton. With a volume of 1.25 liters and the capacity of 85 hp Provides a car overclocking "up to hundreds" for 12.4 s and maximum speed of about 160 km / h. The claimed consumption in the mixed cycle is 5.1 liters, which puts a novelty in a number of the most economical urban cars.

At the same time, the model 2020-2021 in the maximum configuration will delight the owner with such options as:

  • full electric circuit;
  • air conditioning;
  • 6 airbags;
  • on-board computer screen on dashboard;
  • Additional information screen on the center console;
  • Wide selection of body solutions;
  • Electric windows of windows and mirrors;
  • Parktronic;
  • 14-inch wheels.

The price of such a sitikar will start from 628,000 rubles.

Also, watch the Ravon R2 video review:

3. Ravon R3

The basis of the model - the T250 body, previously used in Chevrolet Aveo cars.

The inexpensive sedan is designed for buyers who value conservative conciseness and those who want to acquire a family roomy car at an affordable price.

Although external features do not hide the similarities with the predecessor, the designers tried to create a recognizable exterior for the new Ravon, which will be relevant and in 2020-2021. Updates touched on optics, front bumper and climbing the hood.

As a force aggregate for the sedan, a non-alternative gasoline atmospheric with a volume of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 106 hp, which will be equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 6-range automata.

The starting price of the RAVON R3 in the basic configuration is 480,000 rubles, while the charged version will cost about 580,000 rubles.

See also a video review of an inexpensive sedan from Raveon:

4. Ravon R4.

The model was obtained as a result of the Facelifting of the popular Cobalt sedan from GM.

In the budget segment, R-4 is popular and in 2020 without a doubt, will find its buyer in Russia.

R4 combines a number of advantages:

  • impressive dimensions;
  • Stylish classic exterior;
  • A spacious lounge with a 565 liter trunk;
  • Comfortable salon, but without frills;
  • Package of the most necessary features.

Under the hood R4 is a 1.5-liter 106 strong gasoline motor, as in R3. Transmissions are also identical - 5-MCPP or 6-automatic transmission.

The price of the basic configuration starts from 678,000 rubles, which promises the sedan from Ravon popularity in 2020.

We also offer to watch Ravon R4 model review:

5. Raison R5

In 2020-2021, new Raveon models will replenish the R5 sedan, which is based on the popular GM Chevrolet Cruze model.

The new car should take a niche C-class sedans. Moreover, the novelty promises to obtain a significantly advanced package of options, which will bring the Ravon to more expensive foreign analogues.

The engine gamma of the new R-5 will not differ in diversity:

A type Volume Power
Gasoline atmospheric 1.6 L. 109 hp
Gasoline atmospheric 1.8 L. 141 hp

Depending on the configuration, the power units will complement 5-MCAP or 6-automatic transmission.

Among the expected options:

  • 15-inch discs;
  • Improved security systems;
  • Modern entertainment system with touchscreen display and good acoustics;
  • Elevated driver's comfort;
  • Climate system.

According to experts, the starting price of novelties from Raveon in 2020-2021 should not exceed 650,000 rubles. Otherwise, it will be difficult for her to compete with other models of the company and with the closest competitors in the class.

About enterprise Ravon

The Ravon brand appeared in 2015 as a result of the restructuring of the major Uzbek autocontraser UzdaewooAauto, which became part of General Motors.

Ravon - derived from the phrase "Reliable Active Vehicle on Road", which means "reliable and active car on the road". The emblem of the new brand shows a helmet of Mercury, which in ancient Roman mythology was a patron of travelers.

But, despite such an original approach to rebranding, in the Ravon 2020-2021 model range you will not find new ultra-modern models and exclusive technical solutions. At this stage of its development, the company specializes in the adaptation of a number of popular models previously produced under the brands of Daewoo and Chevrolet.


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