20 New Chinese SUVs and Crossover 2020-2021

20 New Chinese SUVs and Crossover 2020-2021

We present to your attention a full overview of the Chinese auto industry's new products, from which you find out which Chinese SUVs and crossovers will be on sale for 2020-2021.

1. Hongqi E-HS9

Related to Chinese automotive company FAW Trademark Hongqi officially presented a cross-grade of the E-HS9 premium class. The car according to the dimensions will be competing with overall models, whose length is over 5 meters. In China, the novelty has already nicknamed local Rolls-Royce.

In the style of new items, unification with the Hongqi H9 sedan is traced. Hints in the nickname on Rolls-Royce are not accidental: the former designer of the British company Giles Taylor was engaged in the design of Sedan and Crossover.

The new cross in technical terms is an electric car. The manufacturer announced the release of two modifications: with a pair of electric motors of the return of 218 hp Each, and with electric motors of different power - 218 and 333 hp In both power versions, AKB is 92.4 kWh. Power reserve for one charging at the model up to 500 kilometers.

The emergence of a new globally crossover in different markets is expected at the end of 2020 at the beginning of 2021.

2. Wey P01

The young brand from Great Wall Motors plans to supply a new premium SUV in Europe, in the exterior of which experts immediately read the similarity with the Big Dog model from the Haval brand.

The basis of the novelt platform P71, and this will be another framework Chinese jeep 2021 release.

The exterior of the model is made in retro style:

  • Round headlights;
  • angular body;
  • wide wheeled arches;
  • massive bumper;
  • Spare wheel on the opening 5th door.

Most likely, under the hood of the novelties, there is a 2-liter turbo engine in a bundle with an 8-speed automaton.

3. HAVAL H5 (B06)

Haval is a premium car line from Great Wall. These Chinese jeeps have proven themselves as powerful, reliable and inexpensive cars that will definitely find their buyer in 2020 and 2021 in the domestic market.

Another novelty for the Russian Federation will be a model previously known as Great Wall Hover H5. Auto will receive some technical modifications, a package of luxury options and systems, as well as a new signboard Hawa.

Although in the auto show you can choose between three grams of Comfort, Premium and Premium +, the difference will be only in finishing, functionality and set of options. Under the hood in all three variations, the same power unit is a turbocharged 177-strong 2-liter gasoline engine and a 6-speed manual box.

The price of the novelty will vary from $ 14,418 (1 099,000 rubles) to $ 17,698 (1 349 000 rubles).

4. Haval H6.

The Popular SUV HAVAL H6 will also be updated in 2021. The company plans to submit the 3rd generation of the model in a new body and with improved technical characteristics.

According to the dimensions, the new Hawva H6 will be close to popular Rav4. The exterior of the novelty will form:

  • Updated radiator grille with an exclusive pattern;
  • narrow blocks of head optics;
  • The original design of the rear lights.

We will delight future owners and options such as a virtual dashboard + large touchscreen multimedia system.

Motor gamma model will include two power units:

  • 1,5-liter turbocotor with a capacity of 169 hp;
  • 2.0-liter motor with return 224 hp

The car should have been officially submitted in August 2020 in Chengdu, but whether the prime minister will be difficult to say, because the epidemiological situation in the country is also quite complicated.

5. HAVAL F7 (F7X)

Continuing a list of Chinese new products Chinese crossover 2020 in Russia - Hawa F7. In the car, everything is fine: from the appearance that youth and youth, and more age drivers, and to the salon having the most necessary for a comfortable ride anywhere.

The characteristics of the car are also its strength. It offers a choice of two engines: one and a half-liter 150 horses and two-liter - for 190. There is a choice of drive, front or complete, but the transmission will always be automatic with family transmissions.

The car is estimated at least 1.5 million.

Haval F7x

This car almost repeats the usual model F7. Differences are available only in two parameters. This modification boasts a merchant trunk type, and is also estimated at least 100 thousand more expensive.

6. Chery Tiggo 8

The Tiggo 8 model (T18) is one of the leaders of sales among Chinese SUVs and in 2020 the company plans to supply the updated version of the model in 5 and 7-note execution to Russia.

If the previous Tiggo versions and were only a copy of the popular Toyota RAV 4, then the 8-ku can no longer be accused of plagiarism - this is an absolutely independent model that combines the effectful style and high functionality.

The Chinese SUV market presents in two versions of equipment:

  • 1.5-liter 156-strong gasoline engine + 6-transmissions or robot 6- DSG;
  • 1,6-liter 197-strong gasoline motor + 7-speed robot with two clutches.

Which of the modifications will be available in our market is still unknown.

Although the model is produced in three configurations of Active, Family and Prestige, initially planning the delivery of a luxury SUV, the price of which will be about 1,699,000 rubles.

7. Chery Exeed TXL

In the fall of 2020, the sale of the premium crossover EXEED TXL starts in Russia, which will be one of the most anticipated new products from Chery.

On the size of the car will be similar to Santa Fe, although, unlike the more expensive version of Hyundai, the new CHERY SUV will be presented only in a 5-seater version.

The model planning to supply the Russian market will be equipped with a turbocharged 1,6-liter power unit with a capacity of 186 hp. The engine will be aggregated with a 7-speed getrag robot with wet clutch.

Depending on the configuration, the drive can be an front or plug-in.

In China, the price of the basic configuration starts from a position of 125,900 yuan (about 1.2 million rubles). What will be the cost of the car in the Russian Federation is still unknown.

8. Geely Icon.

In 2021, a new Chinese crossover from Geely will be released to the market, which will receive a stylish modern design in the Spirit Rover and functionality, not inferior to popular European counterparts.

Among the interesting features of the model:

  • narrow LED optics;
  • the original solution of the front bumper and the lattice;
  • Touch handles doors;
  • Creative two-color execution of the body;
  • Large wheel arches of square shape;
  • Modern multimedia system with a 12-inch touch screen.

The car will be equipped with a non-alternative pair of 177-strong 1.5 liter gasoline engine + 7-band robot.

The stylish Chinese crossover for Russia will remain in the budget price category. Lower plank price is fixed at 1,150,000 rubles.

9. Geely FY11

In 2020-2021, the market will replenish not only large Chinese jeeps, and and compact city crossovers. Thus, Geely plans to bring the updated model of the FY11 merchant crossover to the Russian market.

The model is positioned as a high-spirited car for active urban residents. The exterior of the car is made in the popular sports style today and draws attention to the presence in the palette of bright youth shades.

Among the indisputable advantages FY11:

  • 18-inch wheels;
  • great ground clearance (more than 200 mm);
  • Ergonomic salon;
  • Modern functionality with a wide package of systems and helpers;
  • Capacity.

For the basic configuration, a 177-strong gasoline engine with a volume of 1.5 liters is assumed, and for top versions - a 233-strong 2-liter power unit. Both motor will work in a 7-range robot.

Presumably the price of the novelty will vary in the preplains of 1.3-1.8 million rubles.

10. Geely SX11 Coolray

The Chinese SUV 2020-2021 will also replenish the Coolray subcompact model, which will be the first Geely car built on the BMA platform.

The model will delight connoisseurs of a stylish exterior with the effect of "haring roofs", beautiful modern optics, embossed sidewalls and large wheeled arches and off-road body kit.

The sporty dynamics of the novelty will provide a 1.5 liter 12-valve turbo engine, with a capacity of 150 hp In a pair with a 7-range robotic gearbox with a "wet" clutch.

It is worth noting that in the Chinese market, the model is also represented by a hybrid version with a power setting with a total capacity of 258 hp, but there is no information yet, whether the manufacturer has been planning to supply such modifications to the Russian market.

The starting price of the luxury configuration is 1,290,000 rubles, and the most expensive version of Flagship Sport with spectacular body kit and an additional spoiler will cost approximately 1,500,000 rubles.

11. Changan CS75 FL

If in 2020-2021 you are interested in large full-size Chinese SUVs, be sure to look at the CS75 FL model from Changan.

The manufacturer positions the car as the perfect option for everyday use, long-distance travel and the conquest of off-road. The facelifting model in 2021 will receive more dynamic design and rich equipment, while remaining the flagship of the segment of budget SUVs and crossovers.

The Russian market will present the front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive version, but the power unit will be one - a 1.8-liter 150-strong gasoline engine. Transmission, too, without alternatives - 6-speed automatic.

The price of Changan CS75 FL in 2021 will vary within 1.4-1.7 million rubles.

12. Changan CS95

The flagship 7-seater Changan crossover will also be available in Russia already in 2020 in a new body.

Many experts today accuse the company in excessive similarity with Ford Explorer and Range Rover. But that experts and European brands are evil, many domestic motorists who dream of a functional, large and powerful car, but not a financial opportunity to buy expensive SUVs, only a big plus.

Of the advantages of the proposed new items:

  • unprecedented capacity;
  • Luxury luxury furnish with high-quality materials;
  • excellent noise insulation;
  • the widest functionality and a complete package of modern systems;
  • regular four-wheel drive with reliable Borg Warner clutch;
  • Excellent off-road qualities.

Under the hood of Changan CS95, the 2021 models plan to be installed in the database of 1.5-liter, and in the top versions of the turbocharged 2-liter motor with a non-alternative 5-speed AISIN automaton.

It is expected that the price of such a luxury SUV for Russia will be below 2 million rubles, which is guaranteed to ensure increased interest in the model.

13. Changan CS35 Plus

A year later, from the moment the Changan CS35PLUS CHANGAN CS35PLUS appears on the Russian market, the Chinese brand has updated the model. A car slightly modified the exterior, and revised the list of equipment. Deliveries of updated car dealers have already begun.

The SUV in the new version is characterized by a chromium décor on the door handles. The remaining improvements concern the equipment. Upgraded Multimedia System Management: You can control separate functions from the touch panel from the place of the front passenger. The panel is placed over glovemate glove. The Hi-End audio system has been updated, which received 4 speakers in the Comfort MT version and 6 speakers in the Comfort AT and Luxury options (MT and AT).

The price tag on an updated car is stacked in the range of 1179900 - 1319900 rubles.

14. Gac GS5

The GAC company declared the deadlines for the appearance of the 3rd model - the GS5 crossover. The novelty will go into car dealers in September of this year.

In the meantime, GS5 has received approval of the type of vehicle (OTTC), from which it follows that this model will be offered in Russia with a 1.5-liter 137-strong turbo engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Also, for the Russian version of GS5, an independent suspension is declared, brake force distribution systems and help with a mountain and on the descent, in addition, automatic headlights that react to the amount of precipitation and the level of illumination. The list of equipment includes cruise control, climate installation, heating and ventilation chairs, panoramic roof and rear view camera.

The cost and configuration of GS5 for the Russian market will be closer to the premiere. In China, the model is already sold - from 109.8 thousand yuan (approximately 1.1 million rubles).

To date, GAC is represented in our country with two models: the GS8 crossover and the GN8 minivan crossover, and the latter appeared in the automotive market at the end of June. Both crossover, and minivan are equipped with a 2.0-liter 190-strong unit, which is combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

15. Gac Trumpchi GS8

One of the best market representatives is this major crossover. It is impressive with his big sizes, and also boasts a formidable view. All cars are good and with a salon where you can find an excellent finish with genuine leather, wood, metals and other materials. Complements it all good multimedia and comfortable seats.

The car will be driven by a two-liter motor capable of issuing a power of 252 horsepower. In a pair, there is a machine for six gears and four-wheel drive. All this allows the car to compete with such a giant as Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

There is such a car from 1.5 to 2.4 million rubles.

16. GAC GN8.

Following the debuting not so long ago, the GS8 model, the company is in a hurry to bring a new restyled model to the Russian market - a spacious and spacious 7-seater minivan.

Along with impressive dimensions (D-5066 / W-1923 / in 1822) and a 3000 mm wheel base, a car for the Russian market will receive a powerful turbocharged engine with a volume of 2.0 l and a capacity of 190 hp .. China also features an option With a capacity of 252 hp, but in the Russian Federation not planning this modification.

The price of the novelty 2020-2021 will be slightly higher than 2 million rubles, which is higher than the cost of many Chinese jeeps, but it is much more accessible than the price tags of European minivans.

17. Jac S7 Pro

Jac also plans in 2021 the start of sales of the full-size crossover S7 in 5 and 7-seater modifications.

Provide popularity of new items should:

  • spectacular exterior with futuristic elements;
  • 18-dym wheels;
  • An exclusive head optics, which can be equipped depending on the configuration by gllangs or xenon;
  • Modern and functional interior;
  • Package of innovative options to help the driver.

In the basic version of the car will be equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo engine capacity of 174 hp + 6-st. MCPP, and in the top version - a 2-liter 190-strong motor and a robotic box with two clutches.

Without receiving popularity in Motherland, JAC S7 should be a bestseller in the Russian market in the category of full-size crossops with a price of up to 1 million rubles.

18. Jac IEV7S

Also, in the near future, a new electric crossover company JAC with a battery, with a capacity of 40 kW, with a capacity of 85 kW (116 hp) and a stroke of up to 300 km should be certified.

19. Lifan X60

Among the most inexpensive Chinese SUVs 2020 and 2021 will be Lifan X60, visually resembling RAV4. The price of the previous generation presented today in Russia's car dealers starts from 569,900 rubles.

The new generation will differ from the predecessor of only the renewed design of the radiator lattice, the "butt" exhaust system pipes and new firewalls of body elements. Significant modernization of the technical part is not foreseen.

20. Qoros 7.

The Qoros Chinese brand introduced a new model - a compact Koros 7 crossover.

Created with the participation of Chery's specialists, the Koros 7 crossover became the first novelty of the brand over the past 4 years. The basis for the car was his predecessor with the index "5". Release Qoros 7 will be organized on the production facilities of Baoneng Motor in Shenzhen, who previously belonged to Changan PSA Automobiles (Capsa). More details about the novelty promise to tell in late August, and the sales of the model should begin until the end of this year.

Qoros 7 added a little in size, but retained the overall stylist with his "relative". The length rose to 4679 mm (+79), width - up to 1897 mm (+28 mm), height - up to 1679 mm (+21 mm), and the wheelbase is increased by 10 mm and is now 2720 mm.


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