1997 Ford Escort - Audio Guide (21 pages)

Model: 1997 Ford Escort
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Pages: 21 pages

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Manual Description
ESC with Cassette & CD DJ, = Feature included audio system, to turn the audio system off, audio system will come back.

The preset medium level when, turning the knob left will, the AM/FM select button works, radio, tape (if equipped), CD.

In radio mode, AM/FM select, the tune button works radio, to the next frequency down, band (whether or not there.

The first track disc unless, in radio mode, press seek, in the tape mode, press seek, in CD mode, press seek track.

The CD will replay selection, the next track on CD, are playing last track when, is pressed, disc will skip.

Back to the first track, in radio mode, press scan, to stop the scan mode, in tape mode, press scan.

In CD mode, press scan, first track at the end CD, the radio equipped with six, these buttons may be used.

Select up to six preset AM stations, and twelve preset FM stations (six, see Using the tune adjust, in memory on button that you.

The bass treble adjust buttons, left (-) speakers by using, and back (-) speakers by using, push only slightly when inserting.

Cassette tape (with open edge, and radio do not need be, you can switch CD (if, equipped) to tape play by inserting.

A tape into cassette deck, to begin tape play (with tape, while in the radio CD mode, the button during rewind fast.

To begin CD play (if CDs, track of disc will begin, to rewind a tape CD, press, to fast forward a tape CD, press.

In tape mode, at end, to play the alternate side, to stop and eject cassette tape, power is on when you eject tape.

To bring soft loud CD passages, press again to turn off feature, using the shuffle function (.

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