2011 KIA Carens - Owner's Manual (922 pages)

Model: 2011 KIA Carens
File size: 59.24 MB
Pages: 922 pages

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Manual Description
The shoulder firmly as possible, consistent with belt should be positioned midway comfort, to provide the protection over your shoulder across your for which they have been designed. There will be an audible and disconnected twice within 9 seconds "click" when the tab locks into the buckle. Using only the shoulder portion or lap portion of the belt can result in serious or fatal injuries in the event of a collision or sudden stop.

If necessary, disconnect the metal tab (1) from the anchor connector (2) by inserting a key or similar small rigid device into the release button (6) on the anchor connector (2) and allow the webbing to draw back automatically into the retractor. In certain frontal collisions, the pre-tensioner will activate and pull the seat belt into tighter contact against the occupant's body. Pre-tensioner seat belt the rear seat belt guides will help keep (if equipped) the belts from being trapped behind or under the seats.

The purpose of the pre-tensioner is to make sure that the seat belts fit tightly against the occupant's body in certain frontal collisions. If belts become dirty, they can be to its upright position after the rear cleaned by using a mild soap solution seatback has been folded down, be and warm water. Be sure that the used because they may damage and increases your chance of serious or webbing or buckle does not get weaken the fabric.

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