2010 KIA Cee'd - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (390 pages)

Model: 2010 KIA Cee'd
File size: 20.44 MB
Pages: 390 pages

Download Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia)

Manual Description
The power windows can be or eliminated by taking the following operated for approximately 30 seconds actions. However, if lower both front windows approximately the front doors are opened, the power windows cannot be operated within the one inch. Close the window and continue pulling reversal feature, the automatic window up the power window switch for at reversal will not operate.

This will raised using the halfway position on the also ensure the longevity of the power window switch. You should second time the button is pressed the always check that all passengers and sunroof will open only whilst the button is objects are away from the sunroof before pressed. The mirrors can be adjusted movement of the mirror, do not remotely with the remote switch (if force the mirror for adjustment.

All stored driving information (except * if equipped odometer, distance to empty and instant fuel consumption) is reset if the battery is disconnected. This warning light illuminates when the tailgate is not closed securely with the ignition switch in any position. Driving with the fuel level warning light on or with the fuel level below 0” can cause the engine to misfire and damage the catalytic converter (if equipped).

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