2013 KIA K2500 - Owner's Manual (275 pages)

Model: 2013 KIA K2500
File size: 25.4 MB
Pages: 275 pages

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Manual Description
If the belt is adjusted properly, a 5 releasing the parking brake, the brake system warning light should go adding oil or if oil is not available, we problem exists somewhere in the off. So you may 2 blink for approximately 6 seconds goes off in approximately 3 seconds experience an unexpected and each time you turn the ignition switch if the system is operating normally. Drive carefully to the nearest safe door is not closed securely with the location and stop your vehicle.

It is the responsibility of over 5 km/h (3 mph), the system 3 the driver to always check the may not be activated correctly. Sensor is covered with foreign 1 may not operate properly when: waves such as mechanical matter such as animal waste or devices or electronic tools. Objects which tend to absorb the 9 phones are within range of the sensor frequency such as clothes, sensor.

Green arrow indicators on the when the headlight high beams are not need to be on to use this flashing instrument panel indicate which turn switched on. Only use the fog lights when visibility is poor or unnecessary battery and generator 2 drain could occur. If dehumidified heating is desired, turn the air conditioning system (if side air or recirculated air position.

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