2019 KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid - Features and functions guide (54 pages)

Model: 2019 KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid
File size: 5.09 MB
Pages: 54 pages

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Manual Description
With the Engine Start/Stop button in the ON position, press the LKA button A to turn system ON. The instrument cluster indicator will initially illuminate white. It will remain white when the vehicle is traveling less than 40 mph or the system does not detect the lane markers.

When the LKA system detects the lane markers and can assist the steering, the LKA icon will illuminate green. If the LKA detects that you are moving outside of your lane, the system may give an audible warning and display a LDW (Lane Departure Warning) alert on the instrument cluster. If the vehicle continues to move outside of the lane, the LKA will apply a slight adjustment to the steering, trying to prevent the vehicle from moving outside its lane.

Standard LKA is the operating mode by default when the LKA button is depressed to ON. To switch between modes (Standard LKA, Active LKA and Lane Departure), go to User Settings in the Instrument Cluster. All systems will operate under the following conditions: The vehicle exceeds approximately 40 mph. The LKA system recognizes both sides of the lane markers the vehicle is traveling in. The vehicle is between the lane markers.

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