2008 KIA Opirus - Owner's Manual (322 pages)

Model: 2008 KIA Opirus
File size: 50.3 MB
Pages: 322 pages

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Manual Description
If this button is pressed transmitter such as a radio station while all the doors are locked, the or an airport which can interfere trunk will open, however it will with normal operation of the remain locked when closed. Without a valid metal accessories may interrupt ignition key for your vehicle, the the transponder signal from engine will not start. Always remove the discourage the potential switch and any front door is open, ignition key, engage the parking intruders when the vehicle the doors will not lock by pressing brake, close all windows and stops or slows.

Always double check to make sure all faces, arms, hands and other obstructions are safely out of the way of before operating the power window. To prevent never be left unattended in the could result in serious or fatal unnecessary charging system car. By saving the desired positions backward to move the seat to the into the system memory, different desired position.

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