2007 KIA Optima - Owner's Manual (325 pages)

Model: 2007 KIA Optima
File size: 5.23 MB
Pages: 325 pages

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Manual Description
To stop the window at the ual door window switch in opposing desired position while the window is in directions at the same time. To stop the window at the and other obstructions are safely will stop upward movement. Close each window and continue obstructions before raising any pulling up on each power window window.

Individuals taking medication helps to protect the head and neck in the that can cause drowsiness or event of a collision. The belt retractor is designed to take up excess webbing automatically and to maintain tension on the belt. The lap portion of the restrained by a restraint system the door when you close it.

Check to see if the anchors plates or tabs must be latched hold the seat in place. We strongly urge you to the air bag storage area's internal open your doors and/or windows as components immediately after an soon as possible after impact in order air bag has inflated. Working on the system could also disable the system so that the air bags would not deploy in a collision.

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