2017 KIA Optima - Owner's Manual (776 pages)

Model: 2017 KIA Optima
File size: 42.74 MB
Pages: 776 pages

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Manual Description
If the belt assembly after it has been worn in a ways be properly restrained in the webbing or hardware is damaged, severe impact even if damage to the es of your v rear seat. Seat positioned midway over your belts should be adjusted as firmly as shoulder across your collarbone. Both seat belt from the retractor, firmly arms should not be under or over pul the belt out and release it.

Seat belts must careful not to damage the seat belt be secured against your hips and webbing or buckle. The more webbing or buckle does not get the seatback is reclined, the greater caught or pinched in the rear seat. Bleach, dye, strong detergents or abrasives should not be used because they may damage and weaken the fabric.

The mediately starts deflating, enabling the above the glove box in a vehicle dust generated during air bag de‐ driver to maintain forward visibility and with a passenger's air bag. Seat belts help keep occupants under the pad covers in the center of never sit or lean unnecessarily in proper position to obtain maxi‐ the steering wheel , in the knee bolster close to the air bags. Additionally, the air the front seat, he or she must be the vehicle is in a crash severe bags will only deploy once.

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