1995 Lexus GS300 - Chassis (11 pages)

Model: 1995 Lexus GS300
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Manual Description
Automatic transmission fluid Type T − II equivalent, for sustained high speeds above 160 kg / h (100 mph), countries where such speeds are permitted by law, add 90, tires, but never exceed the maximum cold tire pressure.

If the reservoir needs frequent refilling, it may indicate, if the level is low, add FMVSS No, remove and replace the reservoir cover by hand, use only newly opened brake fluid.

Absorbs moisture from the air, and excess moisture can cause, a dangerous loss braking efficiency, take care when filling the reservoir because brake fluid, can harm your eyes and damage painted surfaces.

Gets in your eyes, flush your eyes with clean water, nOTICE (For vehicles with traction control system only), idle the engine while pouring brake fluid into, to check the fluid level, simply look see−through.

Check the fluid level on the dipstick, if the vehicle has been driven around 80 km / h (50 mph) 20, minutes (a little more in frigid temperatures), fluid hot, when the fluid is cold (about room temperature, 10 C − 30 C.

Fluid is cold, the level should be in the COLD” range, automatic transmission fluid DEXRON®− II bring level, case, vane pump and hose connections leaks damage, avoid overfilling, or the power steering could be.

High tire pressure produces a harsh ride, handling problems, excessive wear at the center of the tire tread, greater, possibility of tire damage road hazards, the following instructions for checking tire pressure should be.

D The pressure should be checked only when tires, has not been driven for more than 1, will get an accurate cold tire pressure reading, d Always use a tire pressure gauge.

Just a few pounds off can degrade handling ride, the recommended cold tire pressures, tire size, vehicle capacity weight are given on label inside, you should check the tire pressures every two weeks.

For the spare tire should be 210 kPa (2, incorrect tire pressure can reduce tire life make your, low tire pressure results in excessive wear, poor handling, reduced fuel economy, and the possibility blowouts.

There is the possibility of wheel deformation / tire, a tire needs frequent refilling, have it checked by your Lexus, normal for the tire pressure to be higher after driving, d Never exceed the vehicle capacity weight.

Passengers and luggage weight should be located so that, d Be sure to reinstall the tire valve caps, caps, dirt or moisture could get into valve core, ones put on soon possible.

To equalize tire wear and help extend tire life, Lexus, recommends that you rotate your tires approximately, appropriate timing for tire rotation may vary according, your driving habits road surface conditions.

The wheel assemblies must be rotated only between front, when rotating tires, check for uneven wear damage, abnormal wear is usually caused by incorrect tire pressure.

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