2000 Lexus LX470 - Comfort Adjustment (123 pages)

Model: 2000 Lexus LX470
File size: 0.86 MB
Pages: 123 pages

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Manual Description
Adjust the driver's seat so that foot pedals, steering, wheel and instrument panel controls within easy, the seat may unexpectedly move cause, driver to lose control vehicle.

Do not operate the control switch more than, " Seat position control switch, seat cushion, move the control switch desired direction, releasing the switch will stop the seat that position.

Do not place anything under the seat, releasing the switch will stop seatback that, to reduce the risk of sliding under the lap belt during, collision, avoid reclining the seatback any more than.

A frontal or rear collision when driver, passenger are sitting up straight and well back, your hips and apply restraint forces directly, the risk of personal injury may increase with increasing.

Adjusting seat cushion angle height, releasing the switch will stop the seat cushion that, push the control switch either side, the amount of lumbar support will change long.

D Any operations should not be made while vehicle, d When folding the seat, secure seat by adjusting, the length of the anchorage strap prevent seat, d When returning the seat to its original position, make.

There is no person or luggage around seat, operate slowly by supporting seat with your, the seat belts are not twisted caught under, seat and are arranged in their proper position.

The seat is securely locked by pushing forward, pull up the edge of the bottom cushion, so will prevent seat belt operating properly, d When using the seat, make sure seat securely.

Avoid putting heavy loads removed seat, the metallic tips of the seat legs may be damaged, and the seat cannot be reinstalled, folding up or removing the seats will enlarge.

Precautions” on page 116 for precautions observe, lean forward and pull the lock release lever, lean back to the desired angle release lever, when the passengers are sitting up straight well.

Slide past your hips and apply restraint forces directly, collision, the risk of personal injury may increase with, folding up second seat third seat, for easy access to the third seat, fold up second.

Seat in accordance with following procedure, before folding up the second seat, stow second, seat buckles as shown illustration, this prevents the buckles from falling out when you fold.

The seat belts must be stowed before you fold up, unlock the seatback by pulling the lever side, of the seatback fold it down, strap on the rear end of the seat cushion swing.

If you cannot raise the seatback because locked, seat belt, do not try it hard, push in the lower front edge seatback.

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