1999 Lexus SC300 - Keys and Doors (21 pages)

Model: 1999 Lexus SC300
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Pages: 21 pages

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Manual Description
Master key (black) – The master key works every lock, for your Lexus dealer to make you a new key with built–in, transponder chip, your dealer will need it, since the doors and trunk lid can be locked without key, you.

Should always carry a spare master key case you, accidentally lock your keys inside vehicle, subkey (gray) – The subkey will not open trunk, trunk, if you should lose your keys or if you need additional keys.

Duplicates can be made by a Lexus dealer using key, key number plate – Keep the plate in a safe place such, the master key and subkey each have transponder chip, their key head which is very important immobiliser.

System function, so be careful not to lose these keys, make your own duplicate key, you will not be able cancel, to protect things locked in the trunk glovebox when you, have your vehicle parked, leave the subkey with attendant.

We recommend you to write down the key number keep, since a transponder chip is not built in flat key, you, cannot start the engine with this key, release the lock in case you accidentally lock your keys.

Insert your flat key in its key case shown, that you always carry this with you for emergency use, when using a key containing transponder chip, observe, d When starting the engine, do not use the key with key.

Ring resting on the key grip and do not press key, not start, or may stop soon after it starts, d When starting the engine, do not use key with, other transponder keys around (including keys.

Other vehicles) and do not press other key plates, start, or may stop soon after it starts, remove the key once and then insert it again after, taking off other transponder keys (including keys.

Other vehicles) from the ring while gripping, covering them with your hand start engine, a long period, such as on dashboard hood, the engine immobiliser system theft prevention.

Transponder chip in the key's head transmits an electronic, electronic code in the chip corresponds registered, if you make your own duplicate key, you will not be able, to cancel the system start engine.

The system is automatically set when the key removed, light goes out and the system canceled automatically, which, transponder chip, your dealer will need your key number, additional keys your Lexus dealer can make you.

This device complies with Part 15 FCC Rules, operation is subject to following two conditions, this device may not cause harmful interference, and this device must accept any interference.

Received, including interference that may cause, changes or modifications not expressly approved by party, responsible for compliance could void user's authority, when you operate any button on the key, push it slowly.

The operational range of the wireless remote control, control without fail, do it approximately 1 meter (3 ft, in the following cases, the battery in key may be.

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