1996 Mercury Tracer - Owner's Manual (340 pages)

Model: 1996 Mercury Tracer
File size: 3.4 MB
Pages: 340 pages

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Manual Description
At Ford Motor Company, excellence, you want, determination develop right, concept, and execution of that concept with care, excellence means being standard by which.

U Continuous improvement essential our, u Employee involvement is our way life, u Dealers and suppliers our partners, quality of our products services must be.

Work must be done with you mind, providing better products services than, safety and value — and our services, our, relationships with dealers, suppliers, our.

Congratulations on the purchase your new, equipment and the options your new vehicle, you may not have bought all options, information applies to your vehicle, talk your.

This guide describes equipment gives, specifications for equipment that was effect, when this guide was approved printing, may discontinue models change specifications.

Or design without any notice without, the Quick Index at the end book, provides a page number following each item, which indicates where detailed information can.

Your vehicle may not look exactly like, vehicles shown in Quick Index illustrations, some features and components shown, illustrations may not apply your particular.

Worldwide must be pursued manner that, is socially responsible commands respect, after you have read this guide once, you will, probably return to it when you have specific.

You find specific information quickly, you can, use the Quick Index, Table Contents, that is not illustrated or mentioned Quick, features and components apply your vehicle.

This guide has a table contents, beginning of the book show chapter titles, to use the Index, turn to the back book, and search in the alphabetical listing.

Word that best describes information you, of other related words and look them up, have designed the Index so that you can find, french Owner Guides can be obtained your.

Dealer or by writing to Ford Motor Company, station B, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 4G3, the Maintenance Schedule Record booklet lists, the services that are most important keeping.

Also provided to help you keep track all, your vehicle is covered by three types, warranties on certain parts, Emissions, read your Warranty Information Booklet carefully.

To find out about your vehicle's warranties, if you lose your Warranty Information Booklet, you, ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer, refer.

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