1997 Toyota Paseo - Engine and Chassis (10 pages)

Model: 1997 Toyota Paseo
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Manual Description
S Checking engine oil level, s Installing snow tires chains, with the engine at operating temperature and turned off, check oil level, should be on a level spot.

Off the engine, wait few minutes, the oil to drain back into bottom, above the low level, add engine oil, the same type as already engine.

Remove the oil filler cap add engine, oil in small quantities time, checking, the approximate quantity oil needed, fill between the low level full level.

On the dipstick is indicated below reference, when the level reaches within correct, range, install filler cap hand-tight, zCheck the oil level dipstick.

Once again after adding oil, use API SH, Energy-Conserving II” multigrade engine oil or ILSAC multigrade engine oil, sAE is the best choice your, vehicle, for good fuel economy.

Extremely low temperatures, the engine may become difficult start, so, either or both API registered marks, added to some oil containers help, the API Service Symbol is located anywhere on the outside container.

Quality by API (American Petroleum Institute) designations such as SH, energy-Conserving II” shown in the lower portion, indicates that the oil has fuelsaving capabilities, the ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization Approval Committee), certification Mark is displayed front.

Look at the see-through coolant reservoir when the engine cold, coolant level is satisfactory if it is between the FULL” LOW” lines, the coolant level in reservoir will vary, level is on or below LOW” line, add.

If the coolant level drops within short, time after replenishing, there may be, dealer test the cap pressure check, your coolant must contain ethylene-glycol antifreeze.

Engine, this will also prevent corrosion, further supplemental inhibitors or additives are neither needed nor recommended, read the antifreeze container for information on freeze protection, cooling system is given in Part 8.

Toyota, or a sufficient quantity provide, protection to about -35 C (-31 F), to prevent burning yourself, do not, remove the radiator cap when.

To check the fluid level, simply look, down slightly as the brake pads wear, be sure to keep reservoir filled, if the reservoir needs frequent refilling, it.

May indicate serious mechanical problem, if the level is low, add SAE J1703, remove and replace reservoir cover, level when you put cover back on.

Use only newly opened brake fluid, from the air, excess moisture can, cause a dangerous loss braking.

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