1997 Toyota RAV4 - Audio System (10 pages)

Model: 1997 Toyota RAV4
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Manual Description
This section describes some basic, information may not pertain your system, your audio system works when the ignition key is in the ACC” ON” position, tURNING THE SYSTEM ON AND OFF.

Push PWR ⋅ VOL” PWR/VOL” turn, push AM ⋅ FM” or TAPE” turn that, function without pushing PWR ⋅ VOL”, system was previously off, then entire.

Audio system will be turned off when you, previously on, it will come again, push AM ⋅ FM” or TAPE” system, already on but you want switch.

For details about your system's tone, how good an audio program sounds, you is largely determined by mix, kinds of music and vocal programs usually sound better with different mixes.

A good balance of the left right stereo, channels and of the front rear sound, keep in mind that if you listening, the right/left balance will increase the volume of one group of sounds while decreasing volume another.

To lower a manual antenna, carefully push, make sure it is retracted before driving your Toyota through an automatic car wash, when you insert cassette, exposed, do not insert anything other than.

Details of specific buttons, controls, these buttons are useed preset, to preset a station to a button: Tune, hold down the button until you hear.

Beep-this will set the station button, the button number will appear display, button for the station you want, number and station frequency will appear.

These systems can store one AM one, station memeory will be canceled out, the power source interrupted (battery, push AM ⋅ FM” to switch between AM.

If the audio system is off, you can turn, the radio by pushing AM ⋅ FM”, this knob lets you adjust the balance between the right left speakers, pushBAL/FADE” so that it pops out its.

This knob lets you adjust bass level, push BASS/TREB” so that it pops out, this knob lets you adjust the balance between the front rear speakers, push BAL/FADE” so that it pops out its.

The knob to adjust front/rear balance, push the knob back into its retracted position, push PWR ⋅ VOL” to turn the audio system on and off, when you push SCAN”, radio finds.

The next station up station band, plays, select a station, push SCAN” second, your radio automatically changes to reception when a stereo broadcast is received, signal becomes weak, radio reduces.

The amount of channel separation to prevent the weak signal creating noise, if the signal becomes extremely weak, radio switches from stereo mono reception.

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