1997 Toyota RAV4 - Owner's Manual (198 pages)

Model: 1997 Toyota RAV4
File size: 2.59 MB
Pages: 198 pages

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Manual Description
D If a service reminder indicator or warning buzzer comes 71, d If your vehicle will not start 131, d If your engine stalls while driving 134, d If your vehicle overheats 135.

D If your vehicle needs be towed 143, d Tips for driving during break- period 108, uNLEADED gasoline, Octane Rating 87 (Research Octane Number, for improved vehicle performance, the use premium unleaded.

Gasoline with an Octane Rating of 91 (Research Octane Number, fuel tank capacity: 58 L (15, aPI SH, ''Energy- Conserving II'' or ILSAC multigrade engine oil, tire information: See pages 173 through 178.

Printed in Japan 01- 9705- 00 I, power rear view mirror control switch, anti-lock brake system warning light *1, low fuel level warning light *1.

For details, see Service reminder indicators warning, if this light flashes, see Cruise control” Chapter 1-6, carry a spare key case you accidentally, lock your keys inside vehicle.

Your vehicle supplied with two, to protect things locked glovebox, when you have your vehicle parked, leave, since the side doors and back door can be.

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