1997 Toyota RAV4 - Specifications (8 pages)

Model: 1997 Toyota RAV4
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Manual Description
Cylinder in line, 4 cycle, gasoline, valve clearance (engine cold), mm (in, drive belt tension measured with Boroughs drive belt tension gauge No, aPI SH, Energy-Conserving II” multigrade engine oil or ILSAC multigrade engine oil recommended.

Open voltage* at 20 C (68 F), *: Voltage that is checked 20 minutes after, the key is removed with all lights, (four-wheel drive models with an automatic transaxle).

Minimum pedal clearance when depressed with the pressure 490 N (50, kgf, lbf) with engine running, mm, with the force of 196 N (20 kgf, 44 lbf), wheel nut torque, N m (kgf m, f Ibf).

Multiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection, dOME Personal lights, open door, eFI Multiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection, h-LP LH 15A: Left-hand headlight.

H-LP RH 15A: Right-hand headlight, h-LP LH-L 10A: Left-hand headlight, h-LP RH-L 10A: Right hand headlight (low beam), h-LP LH-H 10A: Left-hand headlight.

H-LP RH-H 10A: Right-hand healight, tAIL Tail lights, parking lights, license plate lights, interior lights, service reminder indicators (except discharge and open door warning lights), center differential lock system, electronically controlled automatic transmission.

Clock, car audio system, power rear view, rDI FAN 30A: Electric cooling fan, cDS FAN 30A: Electric cooling fan, aLT Tail lights, ABS”, RADIO”.

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